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Blogs Worth Following

10 Blogs Worth Following

It seems that every month I stumble across another thought-provoking work or life related blog.

I regularly share these with friends and family and so thought of putting in one place would make life easier.

So here is my list of great blogs that I follow, in no particular order:

1. James Clear

The author as you would expect is James Clear, who is an American author, entrepreneur, and photographer.

He writes exclusively on habits and human potential and chances are if you have googled anything to do with these you have stumbled across his blog.

Along with providing a huge amount of free content he offers a premium training platform called the Habits Academy – truly one of the best training products for learning to build better life and work habits.

A couple of noteworthy posts by James include:

2. Smart Blogger

Started by Jon Morrow is an incredibly engaging writer who has a very no BS approach to blogging. This site is a wealth of information for anyone looking to get into blogging.

I thoroughly recommend reading his amazing story (click here). It’s truly inspiring and makes a case for really giving yourself a kick in the arse. If you think you have it tough, believe me you’re had it easy!

He mostly writes about blogging and offers a number of paid courses at a very reasonable price. I have paid for a few.

3. Mark Manson

I recently came across this blog when looking for information on productivity and habits. The blog is really cool and has a distinct style that really is nice to see.

The author Mark Manson writes about habits, happiness, self-knowledge and relationships. If his name sounds familiar it’s because he is a best-selling author of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”.

He has a huge number of readers who like me enjoy his cutting-edge writing style that’s direct and to the point.

As is popular with many bloggers, Mark has a number of paid courses on offer. I haven’t checked any of these out but there inexpensive and could be worth checking out.

4. Financial Samurai

If you want to follow a blog about financial independence then you can learn a lot from Sam, a retired investment banker who runs this site full time.

Sam set up his personal finance blog on the aftermath of the financial crisis in 2009 after suffering losses to his portfolio. He shares his expertise and insight into how to manage money and making sense of the overly complicated finance industry.

Whilst it’s a US centric blog there are takeaways for everyone no matter where you’re from.

One of the best posts that attracted me to the site is “how to retire early and never have to work again” – I am sure a very popular post.

5. Invest Like a Boss

Set up by two online entrepreneurs, Sam Marks and Johnny FD, this blog is actually a monthly podcast.

Both an active part of the Nomad lifestyle scene, they interview a finance expert each month and give valuable insight into how they invest or financial product they have own.

The blog is aimed at anyone looking to educate themselves on financial matters in particular investing into both old and newer financial products.

So whether you’re interested in Peer to Peer lending, Vanguard funds, Forex or cryptocurrency, this is a great blog to get started on.

I have attended Johnny FD’s Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2017. Whilst the event wasn’t me, it was a great choice for anyone looking to venture into solopreneurship and freelancing to escape the dreaded 9 to 5.

6. Empire Flippers Blog

The guys behind this site have a great business model and even better ethic.

Their core business is acting as a broker between online business owners and buyers looking for either their first online business or seasoned veterans looking to expand their portfolio.

The regular blog posts offer get advice on getting the best from your online business to position it for a better sale. I really like the fact they post quarterly business reports, this not only shows their gross turnover but web traffic and a number of other KPIs – awesome!

They are active in the online market place with frequent appearances at conferences around the World. Whilst I haven’t bought or sold through them before, I know a few people who have. I have also had the pleasure of meeting them in person on a number of occasions.

7. Neil Patel’s Blog

Neil is a serial entrepreneur and a force to be reckoned with in the internet marketing space.

He is a prolific blogger, who in the past created mammoth content articles, these days he focuses more on podcasts and video.

I have seen him twice perform on stage at two internet marketing conferences, both occasions I was impressed – he is a very entertaining and knowledgeable guy.

As well as a consultancy business, he has several products and services, one a digital marketing course that outlines everything you need to get an online business up and running.

8. Backlinko

Brian Dean is an authority on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) who is trusted by big brands such as Apple, Amazon, Disney etc.

He produces great content that outline practical SEO strategies that are actionable and be used by anyone looking to grow their online business.

Brian has an international reputation and is one of the world’s most sought-after SEO expert.

I tend to dip into his blog as and when researching something and wouldn’t say I read this weekly/monthly.

9. Diggity Marketing

If you’re into online marketing via SEO then you may be familiar with the author of this blog, Matt.

He really knows his stuff and stands out amongst over SEO’s in his commitment to constantly running SEO experiments and revealing them (well maybe not all of them) on his blog.

I have met Matt a few times and he is a likeable chap, clearly business savvy and can tell he really enjoys doing what he does.

Matt has his finger on the pulse of everything SEO related and each month posts news and updates. Whilst being an active affiliate marketer, he also has a number of paid products and services.

10. Niche Hacks

Started by fellow Brit, Stuart Walker, he has become an authority on finding an online niche with which to make a profitable business.

I really like his writing style, could well be a cultural thing? He cuts through the BS of online marketing and has a very practical approach that I find very refreshing.

His team provide huge amounts of valuable information for free on their blog and also promote their NicheHacks Insider course.

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