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2020 Year in Review: Health, Wealth, & Relationships

2020 year in review

What a helluva year, right?

It’s been a real test of personal health, finances, and relationships.

I stopped doing monthly updates in the latter half of this year as I was mostly repeating what I was saying each month.

Maybe this is a testament to a lack of progress, or maybe imagination, but I decided to focus on yearly and quarterly reviews.

That said, I wanted to look back on 2020 and reflect on the negatives and the positives.

Let’s take a look at how this year went by splitting events into health, relationships, business, investments, what I learned in 2021.

2020 Year in review


Overall, I can’t complain as my health in 2020 has been okay.

I didn’t contract COVID-19 that I know of. There is of course the possibility of being asymptomatic.

I managed to instill and continue some positive habits such as:

This is great but I have still rebounded with my weight.

Since I moved to Malaysia with my family in 2016, I put on 6-7 kilograms from arriving at 64 kilos and now twice rebounding to 70 kilograms.

This is the classic yo-yo dieting pattern experienced by most of us.

I can’t lie, I am gutted and hate seeing the flabby belly and moobs (not a great look on a guy – even my wife is getting a little jealous!).

So, for the first time in my life, I decided to get a health/nutrition/fitness coach.

I connected with Emil from Health Evolved on Facebook over a mutual interest in the Oura sleep tracking ring.

He is down-to-earth and super easy to chat with and his background as a medical doctor in the UK means he is more than familiar with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome than most traditional coaches.

I have literally just started working with the guys at Health Evolved this week and so will report on how well this goes next quarter.

Oh, there should be an interview with Emil from Health Evolved next month too.

Oura Ring up close


In August 2019 my powdered greens supplement, SuperGreen TONIK went live, after spending 8 months developing this brand from the ground-up.

The response has been overwhelming and has resonated with many customers looking for a transparent brand that reveals what’s inside and focuses on fewer ingredients in the right dosages.

In the first year, we managed a turnover of $300k.

The target for 2021 is to 2-3x turnover.

Importantly, this brand is one that I believe in, and take every day as part of my health routine.

Also, I actually really enjoy working on this brand.

We will be looking to continually improve the product by researching more and listening to customer feedback.

For example, the Vegan version is going live in January 2021.

Healthy Supergreen TONIK powder and glass


There have been some scary moments this year.

Investment decisions I have made were really put to the test.

To be expected, some went well and others less so.

The biggest failure was trying to bet against the S&P500 soon after the market tanked in April 2020. I ended up losing $30k with a leveraged inverse ETF in the space of a month.

On the plus side though, my investments in bullion (both Gold and Silver) and Cryptocurrency have done well and both reached all-time highs in 2020.

Stock investments dropped big time in April 2020 with some of the stocks I own still being down even with the huge gains in the market.

Bitcoin Gold 2.0?

Most of my investments are in dividend stocks and looking at the return for 2020 I still managed to get 5%.

A few growth stocks purchased are doing well at the moment; PayPal and Microsoft, are two examples.

Every month I note down my investments and savings to give an idea on paper what my net worth is.
At the end of 2020, my net worth is up 14% from the start of the year.


There has been a noticeable shift in relationships this year that has resulted in being closer to some people and more distant from others.

This has been mostly because of the polarising opinions of COVID that have exaggerated differences in world views.

But this is only part of the reason why I have experienced changes in relationships.

I used to enjoy spending more time away from my family and having fun with friends who didn’t have kids. Spending more time with my family this year due to lockdowns and a general concern over their well-being, I have realized how much I enjoy being with them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am the first to admit I enjoy time apart from my family (who doesn’t).

But now I appreciate the time with them more, and not in so much of a rush to go out with the guys as I did in 2019.

Ironically, my wife goes out with the girls socializing more than I do these days, I find joy in taking the time to chill and enjoy a meal on my own watching British comedy like Mock the Week and comedians like Jimmy Carr.

It’s very true what they say, that the older you get the less worried you are about what people think. A few years ago, I would have thought how sad, but you know what – I thoroughly enjoy having a meal out on my own most weeks.

Wife and I at a Beach Cafe

This picture still makes me laugh. My wife is not keen on having photographs online or using social media, so I replaced her face with a Chinese actress I am quite fond of, Zhang Zi Yi (you can read the full post of why my marriage works here).

Basically, I am finding that I am finding more of a balance between time with the family, alone time, and meeting with friends for coffee or meals out.

I am not missing going out getting drunk at 1 am and feeling rubbish the next day.

What I learnt in 2020

Despite what I keep telling my wife, I am not perfect 😉

But instead of beating myself up about my flaws, I am trying to embrace my imperfections.

To quote a cliche, life is not static, relationships and life changes, trying to keep hold of a particular feeling or situation indefinitely will only cause dissatisfaction.

All in all, in what has certainly been one of the most challenging years experienced, we do alright.

Roll on 2021! To better health, better wealth, giving a little more, and to living a life by our own design.

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