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30-day Beard Growing Experiment: Cool Beard or Just Weird?

I have written about growing a brand but this month it’s about growing a beard.

I am no stranger to male grooming though, as I shocked some family and friend with my shaving my balls article. This was my first stab into male grooming, maybe a wrong choice of words there!

With many people staying at home it’s almost become the norm to experiment with your look.

I have never attempted to seriously grow a beard before. Areas of my face I struggle to grow hair so I always thought a beard would look terrible.

So, I thought why not try growing a beard for the next 30-days and seeing how it turns out. What was the outcome, cool beard or just weird?

30-day Beard Growing Experiment: Cool Beard or Just Weird?

30-day Beard Transformation

Looking at the before, during, and after snapshots above, it seems that growing a beard also helps with weight loss!

I look so chubby in the first picture, it’s almost as if the picture has been squashed.

Looking through my photos I couldn’t find a recent clean-shaven picture, so this was taken the year before. I was around 5-6 kgs heavier than before I started following an intermittent fasting and the OMAD diet protocol.

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Feedback from Family and Friends

I have to admit most of it wasn’t too flattering.

Comments ranged from “are you going to Santa Claus this year?” or “are you going to be selling the big issue?”.

Positive comments did come from my wife though, she is a fan.

I did have a theory here though, it that maybe the beard makes me more unattractive to other women. Considering most Chinese women aren’t fans of beards and prefer the clean-shaven look, then possibly.

It does seem that sporting a beard does polarise opinion.

At the end of the day, with a bit of trimming I quite like it.

Verdict: Cool Beard or just Weird?

Groomed beard

Here is the end result!

With some trimming and grooming the beard is looking much better.

The verdict is out as some people like it and others don’t. The wife does and so do I so I will keep it for now.

As to whether it’s cool or just weird, neither 😉

Please do comment below with your thoughts. (Don’t be too rude though!)

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