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August 2019 Monthly Update

August 2019 Monthly Update

Written by Adam

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It’s that time of the month again when I take a quick look back over the previous month. I look at how money I have invested is doing and how productive I have been with my personal goals.

With the markets being very choppy and uncertainty for the near future with the major economies I considered buying property in Malaysia as a family home. The case for buying over renting is not too persuasive. Renting is cheaper compared to the purchase prices and it would lock money up that I would prefer to have liquid.

I have discussed the benefits of buying rental property in the UK before, but with Brexit looking there could be some “bargains” on the horizon.

So, lets kick off with how my investments have been doing in August 2019.

Investment Portfolio Update

Last month I started to get a little risk averse with my share allocation and so sold Vanguard VTI shares and sold all the Brown Advisory Ethical Selection shares.

I am now preferring to hold more cash until the uncertainly becomes clearer.

The ups and downs saw my net worth drop around 1.5% from last month.

Let’s start with the investment good news and then the downright bad news!

SaxoSelect Go Trading Account

With the USA and China trade-war and Brexit (don’t get me started on that!) the market uncertainty prompted me to sell my Vanguard VTI shares when they hit 146 USD per share. This made a net 10% profit, so can’t complain there.

I sold all my Brown Advisory Ethical Selection shares to realise a profit of 2.5%.

My Singaporean banking shares purchased two months are down 2-4% each, but I received dividend payments for DBS Bank and UOB of around 5%.

Ascott Residences Trust is still up around 9.5% from when I first purchased the shares. They also declared a dividend last month of 5.69% and so happy with that.

Overall August saw an increase in 2% return from the shares I hold in my SaxoSelect account.


Bitcoin was fairly steady for the start of August, it dropped mid-month and then the last few days the priced dropped significantly.

So, it was a fairly volatile month for Bitcoin seeing price highs of $12k down to the current $9.5k. This of course impacted my crypto holding seeing an overall drop of 20%.

Art of FX – Steady Growth

Last month saw some great gains from the Art of FX team with the month showing an increase of 2.23%.

So, my account is up 24% from when I first invested in April 2018.

Gold – More gains

Gold has been bullish again this month with the uncertainty in the market.

I am seeing a nice profit from my gold bullion storage of 20% increase. Of course, I am keeping hold of the gold for time being as it’s a great hedge against the uncertainty of the market.

I use BullionStar that’s located in Singapore for physical gold storage.

Goal Progress for August 2019

The main personal focus of the month has been the second month of my 90-day fat-belly challenge I started on the 1st July. So, I won’t go too much into this as I will be posted a full update on this in the next day or two.

Learning more Chinese has been terrible, and I have made little attempt to instil any habit to learn new words. A few times hanging out with Chinese friends I have tried to learn a few more words but it’s very lazy approach.

August 2019 Summary

Fine dining with the Dutchies in Malaysia

I have got to meet a great group of expats since living in Malaysia but one thing is rather strange. So many of them seem to be dutch!

The picture above is a recent night out with three dutch guys. These guys are all online entrepreneurs doing different things online. It seems rare for me to hangout with fellow Brits, which I don’t mind at all – it’s great to have the diversity of friends similar to life in London.

I am getting some nice sales of my SuperGreen TONIK supplement now and starting to think of improvements to the business. The main focus over the next month will be to look at ways to systemise what I do in the business in order to get staff to help.

I am keen to tackle some other habits this month and will be looking to reduce my shopping habits this month. There will be a more detailed post on what this is about later this week, so check this space.

So, until next time, have an awesome month and see you soon.

* We do not in any way claim that you can earn any money from investing, speculating or trading in any of the investments outlined above. All the information on this site is for educational purposes only. Trading & investing in some of the investments above carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. We would recommend always speaking to a professional for guidance if in doubt.

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