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Best Greens Powder for Inflammation

Whether you suffer from chronic inflammation or you suffer from a condition that causes inflammation, such as arthritis or endometriosis, greens powders can help to reduce inflammation, therefore reducing painful symptoms and reducing the likelihood of illnesses in the first place.

A lot of greens powders contain powerful ingredients that aid with reducing inflammation, so it might be difficult to find the best of the bunch. But don’t worry, that’s exactly why this article is here!

I’m going to be sharing a selection of the best greens powders for inflammation, answer some of the most common questions about greens powders and inflammation, and tell you about why keeping low inflammation levels is so important.

5 Best Anti-Inflammatory Greens Powders

You should keep acute and chronic inflammation in check, so here are some of the most effective greens powders that can provide potent anti-inflammatory for your body.

1 Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens – Aquatic greens + fiber

Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens

Transparent Labs is one of the most popular supplement brands in the US, and the Prebiotic Greens formula is one of its best-selling products. The Prebiotic Greens formula only contains 10 ingredients, including the flavoring ingredients.

The greens within the formula are algae greens (spirulina and chlorella), and the rest of the ingredients are rich in prebiotic fiber (banana flour, Jerusalem artichoke, acacia, and chicory root).

The Algae greens in the formula provide the consumer which antioxidants and an array of vitamins and minerals, pushing toxins from the body, protecting the cells from radical damage, increasing energy levels, and boosting the immune system.

The prebiotic fibers improve digestion, regulate bowel movements, increase the healthy flora of the gut, and reduce inflammation. This reduction of inflammation isn’t just within the gut, but it’s overall the entire body.

In addition, the formula tastes pleasant (you can even get the formula in Peach Mango flavor) and it has a fully disclosed ingredients label.


  • Prebiotic fiber reduces inflammation
  • Fully disclosed ingredients label
  • Affordable


  • Not the biggest range of ingredients

2 SuperGreen TONIK – Optimally Dosed Formula

Supergreen TONIK Tub and Shaker

SuperGreen TONIK is my own super greens brand, which is important for me to say, because I value transparency so highly, as you’ll see soon once we look into the formula’s ingredients list!

The SuperGreen TONIK formula is the world’s first 7-in-1 formula, containing a wide range of super greens, grasses, roots, and herbal extracts. The formula enhances energy levels, increases mental clarity, aids sleep, boosts the immune system, and reduces anxiety levels, as well as each individual ingredient providing specific health benefits.

The entire formula as a whole reduces inflammation, especially due to the presence of certain ingredients within the formula. These ingredients are moringa, spirulina, ashwagandha, and bacopa leaves.

The formula has a fully disclosed ingredients label, with every ingredient and the amount of each ingredient being shown, and of course, each ingredient is sufficiently dosed! The formula tastes great too by including just natural sweetener and mint.

The only downside to the formula might be that it’s slightly more expensive than other formulas when buying just one tub. However, the cheaper formulas normally do contain proprietary blends.


  • A wide selection of ingredients that reduce inflammation
  • Fully disclosed label
  • Sufficiently dosed ingredients
  • 365-day money-back guarantee


  • Single tubs slightly more expensive than other formulas
  • No pre/probiotics


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See how this brand compares to other products:

3 Garden Of Life Perfect Food – Good all round formula

Garden Of Life Perfect Food Review

Garden of Life Perfect Food is a raw, organic superfood formula containing greens, sprouts, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a variety of protein. The formula is also USDA certified organic.

All of the ingredients in this formula exist within three proprietary blends – Organic Raw Protein & Greens Blend, Organic Flavor Blend, and Raw Probiotic & Enzyme Blend.

The Raw Protein & Greens Blend ingredients provide the consumer with essential nutrients needed for optimum overall health, as well as increase energy levels, boost the metabolism, aid with building muscle, and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

The Raw Probiotic & Enzyme Blend supports the digestive system, could increase the healthy flora of the gut, reduces bloating, and reduces inflammation both within the digestive system and the body overall.

As great as these health benefits are, due to the potent ingredients, all of the ingredients in this formula exist within proprietary blends and therefore it’s impossible to know if the ingredients are sufficiently dosed.

Nonetheless, the formula tastes pleasant (available in unsweetened, sweetened, pr chocolate flavor), and the cost is cheaper than other formulas in this article, with a cost per serving of around $1.90.


  • Variety of ingredients, including probiotics, digestive enzymes, and protein
  • Tastes good and opinion of chocolate flavor
  • USDA certified organic


  • Made up of proprietary blends
  • Question over dosing

4 Organifi Green Juice – USDA Certified Greens

Organifi Green Juice New Look

Organifi Green juice was developed by Drew Canole and his team and is one of the most popular powdered greens brands on the market. There has leveraged the success of this brand to produce other brands, such as their Red Juice, Gold Tea, and proteins.

The Organifi formula contains proprietary blends of greens, herbal and root extracts, and a prebiotic powder. Although the ingredients are a good choice we don’t get see the actual weights used and so it’s not clear have effective the formula could be.

The price of the formula is a little more expensive than other formulas, but not quite as expensive as others on this list, with a cost per serving of around $2.30.


  • Potent ingredients
  • USDA certified organic
  • An array of positive customer reviews


  • Made from proprietary blends
  • Taste not the best

See how this brand compares to other products:

5 Detox Organics Daily Superfood – Popular USDA certified formula

Detox Organics daily superfood pouches

Detox Organics is a USA based supplement brand that is marketed mostly towards consumers looking for a superfood powder for weight loss.

The Detox Organics Daily Superfood formula contains super greens, grasses, root extracts, and fruits, all of which are USDA certified.

All of these ingredients exist within three proprietary blends – Detox and Cleansing Blend, Alkalize and Energizing Blend, and a Digestive Support Blend.

The Detox Blend is rich in antioxidants that protect cells from radical damage, push toxins from the body, and reduce inflammation in the body overall.

The Alkalize and Energizing Blend contains leafy greens and algae greens, providing a range of essential vitamins and minerals, increasing energy levels, increasing endurance, and also reducing inflammation in the body overall.

The Digestive Support Blend contains grasses, super greens, and algae greens, supporting the digestive system, regulating bowel movements, increasing the healthy flora in the gut, and reducing inflammation and bloating.

Although the formula has impressive ingredients and the brand claims that it provides a wide range of health benefits, the ingredients do exist within proprietary blends, so it’s unclear if each ingredient is sufficiently dosed, or if the consumer will actually drive health benefits from consuming the formula.

The formula is also a little more expensive than other formulas on the market, with a cost per serving of around $2.


  • Variety of ingredients reducing inflammation
  • Wide range of superfood ingredients
  • Tasty chocolate flavor


  • Made up of proprietary blends
  • Slightly more expensive than other formulas on the market

What Is Inflammation In The Body?

Inflammation happens because the body is trying to protect the immune system from damage, and illness. The body has an inflammatory response when it senses an attack of the immune system, such as a viral infection, a bacterial infection, or even a cut, or a wound.

There are two different types of inflammation – acute inflammation and chronic inflammation.

Acute inflammation is a quick response to an attack of the immune system. The inflammation will typically only last a few hours or days and will be associated with pain and heat.

Chronic inflammation is a long-term kind of inflammation that can be caused by never fully recovering from acute inflammation, a continuously bad diet, an autoimmune illness, and inflammatory diseases. If chronic inflammation isn’t addressed, it can cause damage to healthy cells and create more illness.

Although acute inflammation isn’t a problem, chronic inflammation can lead to a variety of serious illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer.

Chronic inflammation

What as the Symptoms of Inflammation?

The symptoms of acute inflammation are easier to spot especially if you’re healthy, these could be simply swelling, soreness, or pain.

The issue is with chronic inflammation as they can often be overlooked and ignored and sometimes mistaken for other issues.

So, if you have any of these common symptoms of chronic inflammation that last for a few months or years you may need to get checked out.

Common Systems of Chronic Inflammation

  • fatigue
  • fever
  • mouth sores
  • rashes
  • abdominal pain
  • chest pain

Source: Healthline

What Causes Inflammation In The Body?

A variety of things can cause inflammation in the body, including having a diet that lacks nutrients and anti-inflammatory foods.

Inflammation can also occur from infection, injury, and autoimmune conditions, as well as eating certain foods.

To avoid inflammation, you need to have a healthy, balanced diet that’s rich in anti-inflammatory foods, avoiding large amounts of sugar, dairy, and carbs.

Why Does Inflammation Cause Damage?

Acute inflammation doesn’t actually cause damage to the body, in fact, it protects the immune system from damage!

However, if acute inflammation continues and progresses to chronic inflammation, this will cause damage to the body.

Chronic inflammation doesn’t only put stress on the entire body and make existing illnesses and symptoms worse, but it can attack healthy cells and organs in the body, causing new illnesses.

How Can Greens Powders Help With Inflammation?

The majority of the ingredients in greens powders are anti-inflammatory ingredients. For example, most greens powders contain leafy greens, algae greens, and some powders contain ingredients such as probiotics and fruit too.

The majority of super greens ingredients are packed with antioxidants, protecting cells from radical damage and pushing toxins from the body.

Super greens, including probiotics, have high fiber content and support the digestive system, regulate bowel movements, and reduce bloating.

Healthy Supergreen TONIK powder and glass

The Bottom Line

Although inflammation might occur in the body from time to time to protect from illness, and help the body heal, it’s important to maintain a diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals, as well as consume anti-inflammatory ingredients to keep chronic inflammation at bay.

Everyone can benefit from consuming a super greens formula daily, because greens powders are a quick and easy way to ensure that you’re receiving essential vitamins and minerals to boost overall wellbeing, as well as receive specific health benefits, such as a reduction in inflammation.

I consume a greens powder every day to keep my body as strong as possible, it’s one of the reasons I developed my own brand to contain exactly what you need each day, in the right dosages.

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