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Daily GREEN Boost review

Daily GREEN Boost Review

Daily GREEN Boost open tubI came across Daily GREEN Boost online recently when researching barley grass juice powders and decided to take a closer look.

In contrast to most daily green formulas, this supplement focuses on just one primary ingredient Barley Grass juice powder.

It’s Grown and bottled in the USA and claims to support alkalinity, energy levels, appetite control, weight management, sleep, immune system, hair, skin, nails, digestion, and detox.

Whilst the brand is not particularly eye-catching they take a slightly different approach than other manufacturers.

I am keen to see how Daily GREEN Boost stacks up again over leading brands on the market, including my own brand. So, here is my full and honest review of this product aiming to answer if its the real deal or just a dud.

First Impressions

This greens brand is in need of some TLC (tender loving care). It looks very dated now with the official website is really poor and looks neglected.

Daily GREEN Boost websiteMy immediate thoughts are the website has been put together on a tight budget. I used to work as a web developer so I tend to notice how good a website looks and works early on. The price of getting a decent website these days can be pretty cheap so with a little work this could be a lot more persuasive and give more confidence to consumers.

With so much competition between daily greens powder supplements, you need to stand out and this website doesn’t do the product any favors.

What really stands out about this greens powder brand is the packaging. Instead of going with a plastic tub or pouch, they use amber glass bottles, which they argue has protective properties that clear glass doesn’t have (blocking out UV light to protect the powder inside). And of course, using a glass bottle can be 100% fully recycled without losing strength or quality. I can’t argue with the last point.

Using a glass bottle is indeed great for recycling although this makes it a little tricky for shipping and so not quite convinced how practical this option is!

The manufacturer appreciates the potential for breaking during shipping and so chose to use a smaller bottle size to reduce the chances.

I am not a fan of the branding and for me doesn’t inspire me with much confidence. That said, it’s what’s inside that counts in the end of the day!

Daily GREEN Boost Background

The founder of Daily Green Boost is a guy called Jamie Pounds who is super proud of the fact he is a small company without any shop front, acres of farmland, or even massive shipping facility. This I can relate to as I have gone somewhat in this direction with my greens supplement (check it out here).

By running the company like this he says means he can make his greens brand super affordable for pretty much anyone.

I have to agree here that his Daily GREEN Boost is certainly a super cheap super greens, no pun intended!

Daily GREEN Boost (DGB) is distributed in the US by Solutions for Better Health LLC based out of Florida. It’s been certified as organic by Quality Assurance International.

I am keen to jump into the ingredients to see if the cheap price is matched with a good selection of greens at the right amounts to boost health.

Daily GREEN Boost Ingredients

Daily Green Boost nutritional factsThere is only certified organic barley grass juice powder inside this formula.

Each serving of Daily Green Boost is 2 Tablespoons (11 grams) and provides a high potency of vitamins A and K, good source of vitamins B1 and C, with trace amounts of other vitamins (check out the label).

The Green Boost ticks all the boxes for being 100% Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free, non-GMO, and Kosher.

How Does Daily GREEN Boost Taste?

For full transparency here I have to say that I haven’t tried it myself and looked instead for the feedback mostly on Amazon. Taste seems to be an issue for some people looking at the customer reviews.

This is partly to be expected as greens juices often taste awful and consider that taste is incredibly subjective.

The expiration date maybe a little less than some other supplements with the manufacturer saying to check the date stamped on the label. Typically the expiration date will be at least 1 to 1.5 years from when you receive it.

Side Effects

Barley grass powder is well tolerated and as long as you stay within the recommended daily intake of 15g you should be fine. As with any supplement if you’re taking medication or have any pre-existing medical condition it’s best to consult your medical professional first.

Does Daily GREEN Boost Actually Work?

The supporting claims are fairly long and substantial from improving appetite control, improved skin and nails, improved immune system, digestion, weight management, and “detox”. All have been suggested to be health benefits of barley grass powder.

It’s true that barley grass contains a potent amount of chlorophyll and beta carotene content with a range of vitamins and minerals (vitamins B1, B2, and B12, iron, magnesium) and amino acids.

One thing is for sure, the claims of “boosting your juice” or “boosting your smoothie” are correct. My concern is actually by how much will this Green Boost REALLY boost it!

Daily GREEN Boost Customer Reviews

There are only six reviews from customers on the official website, so I went to Amazon to check the reviews there.

The Amazon feedback is really good with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 – great work!

I put a tablespoon of this in my fruit/veggie smoothies. It tastes very earthy and green, but I love greens so I don’t mind. The benefits of barley grass juice powder are pretty incredible. Can’t say that I’ve seen noticeable changes but I do feel good knowing I’m adding this to my smoothies. 5-star review

This stuff tastes terrible, so I’m careful how I mix it. I do feel a slight lift after drinking it so it must be doing something good. 4-star review

Okay I’m giving these 2 stars because it tastes terrible I threw my smoothie away because I just couldn’t drink it. The smell is so bad too.2 star review

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

If ordering from the official website there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. The only requirement according to the website is to take the daily green boost drink for 30-days and if not happy to contact them for a full refund.

I couldn’t find any other conditions, so apart from 30-days being not that long (although long enough to try the product) the money-back guarantee looks good.

Where to Buy Daily GREEN Boost?

You can buy Daily GREEN Boost from the official website and from Amazon too.

Is It Worth the Price?

To buy one tub of Daily GREEN Boost (8 oz, 227 g) costs just $29.45 and if you buy more then you get a discount. End up buying 12 or more and it will only set you back $22.95.

So, just purely looking at the cost of the tubs, this looks to be a super cheap greens powder drink.

There are only 20 servings in each tub and so this works out to be around $1.50 when taking one serving per day – compared to other super greens on the market this is on the cheaper end. (For example, my brand costs FROM $2.32 per day).

Of course, if you decide to take the recommended 1 – 3 servings per day then you will soon run out and it will cost a lot more. This makes it fairly expensive taking 2-3 servings per day.

The Bottom Line

I like the backstory of why Daily Green Boost was created, a cost-effective organic barley grass powder that can be taken by almost everyone. Jamie is offering an environmentally friendly packaging greens juice drink that’s within reach of any budget.

If you’re looking for a daily green that packs a punch though then I suspect you’ll be disappointed.

Daily GREEN Boost could be a good choice for anyone looking to supplement their diet with organic barley grass powder though.

For me this brand is not going to cut it. When compared against other leading brands, then I believe Daily Green BOOST can’t compete, even considering the price.

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