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December 2019 Monthly Update – Happy New Year!

Singapore airport Jewel shopping mall

It’s that time of the month again when I take a quick look back over the previous month. I look at how money I have invested is doing and how productive I have been with my personal goals.

This month has literally flown by mostly because it’s been a busy one for both work and family life. I have flown to Bangkok twice and celebrated Christmas in Singapore with my family.

I can’t believe it’s 2020 already. I did a post last week where I recapped what I learnt in 2019, work and personal life is going well and pumped for the year ahead.

So, let’s kick off with how my investments have been doing in December 2019.

Investment Portfolio Update

I decided not to invest in physical property yet (and maybe not for a few years) and still focus on the REITS in Singapore and Canada. These are pretty much set and forget. No need to manage tenants or have a managing agent to sort out repairs.

With the shares I have purchased doing well and recent upswing in cryptocurrency prices I saw my net worth was up around 1% from last month.

SaxoSelect Go Trading Account

I topped up some stocks this month with purchasing some more British American Tabaco Plc and decided to buy Diageo Plc.

I have heard good things about both stocks from multiple sources. One from an informal entrepreneur presentation by expats who invest in the market and also online from investors who pick them to be performers for 2020.

The irony isn’t lost with the fact that I stopped drinking 6-months ago and decide to buy one of the world’s largest producers of spirits and beers 😉

Personally, I like the fact that they are solid dividend plays and solid enough to weather any downturns in 2020.

Is the market due for a crash in 2020 – who knows, probably no one until it happens right?

I am focusing on mostly stocks that produce a solid dividend and then re-investing for the time being, whilst we don’t need this for income.

I currently hold a portfolio of 14 stocks within my SaxoSelect account ranging from REITS, banks, and couple of technology stocks. All but 3 stocks are currently showing gains. Of course these are unrealised unless I decide to sell them.


I am not really sure what to make of Crypto these days. Although I check the Bitcoin prices a few times per week it doesn’t actually make any real difference as I am not trading cryptocurrencies.

I have basically purchased Bitcoin and ETH as a hedge that one day that will increase like the 2017 spike.

On balance I believe the prices will go up, but I have no fancy charts to support this. It could well be investment bias at play.

Looking over my cryptocurrency holdings I am definitely down, most likely in the region of 5-10% at the current prices. So, it’s not too bad considering, but that’s only because the last week of December saw a price rise.

Let’s see what 2020 has in store for Bitcoin, eh?

Art of FX – Steady Growth

Performance gains have slowed the last few months seeing ½ percent gains each month. It’s okay and as long as I keep seeing green will be happy.

Since starting my account with Art of FX I have seen 25% gain in 19 months.

Gold – On the up

Gold has picked up last month with prices seeing over $1500 per ounce.

I haven’t changed my position and still hold physical gold in Singapore with Bullion Star.

You can even visit their retail shop, which is pretty cool actually. I imagine with Chinese New Year just around the corner that they will be busy.

Goal Progress for December 2019

Going into December I knew it was going to be more difficult sticking to a routine considering the three trips abroad and the festive season thrown in. That said, I managed to stick to my intermittent fasting routine on most days.

I have written about this in the past, I find it super easy with the 18/6 meal pattern and find this keeps my weight fairly constant even with travelling.

This is exactly what I have been looking for, a way to stop my weight gain without following rigid diet schedules and counting calories. Following such plans is not fun and fails in the long term.

Sleep has been on the agenda this month too.

I have looked to increase my average time asleep to around 7-hours per night last month. It helped with my kids being off school as I could get up around 7 – 7:30am instead of the usual 6:30am wake up time.

When school starts next week, I will be prioritising sleep by simply getting into bed earlier.

Sounds incredibly easy, eh?

The thing is, it’s just too easy to stay up later either watching Netflix or working. So, instead I am going to focus on reading before bed than streaming programmes or working.

December 2019 Summary

Neon Countdown Bangkok 2019 event

We enjoyed a family trip to Singapore over Christmas and met some colleagues who live there (Check out my interview with Gabriel Sim and Sam). I really enjoyed the trip although with two young kids it can be very tiring.

Even though we were staying next to Clarke Quay, where there are lots of bars and restaurants, after putting the kids to bed we stayed in the serviced apartment to relax and catch up with work.

The big news from December is going to see Armin Van Buuren (Dutch DJ) in Bangkok for two days leading up to the New Year.

I really do have to shout out to the wife for first letting me know about the event and secondly suggesting that I go. How amazing is that?

After a number of trips during the last few months, the last thing I thought would happen is another trip away, and to Thailand too!

My wife knows I have been a fan of Armin for 10 plus years now and listen to his music every week (most days in the office). I have even in the past produced my own dance music (see my about page). I have never had the opportunity to see him at a festival “live” and so I was super excited to have the opportunity to go.

It does seem very strange, even surreal to be in Bangkok typing this update, when my family is in Malaysia. I won’t see them for three days over New Year and will be alone.

I will be making a post on seeing Armin van Buuren in Bangkok later next week.

So, have hope you had an amazing New Year celebration and here is to 2020.

* We do not in any way claim that you can earn any money from investing, speculating or trading in any of the investments outlined above. All the information on this site is for educational purposes only. Trading & investing in some of the investments above carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. We would recommend always speaking to a professional for guidance if in doubt.
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