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Detox Organics Chocolate Superfood Reviews

Detox Organics is a nutritional greens powder supplement with what appears to have many satisfied customers and great reviews. As with all these types of supplements it is claimed with just one scoop, consumers will soon be on their way to a healthier and stronger version of themselves.

When I first saw this supplement, I thought I was looking at a dieting product. The emphasis seems to be on fat loss along with eliminating bloating, easing digestion, and increasing energy levels. Users have certainly claimed it’s changed their life.

Detox Organics is not a meal replacement though; it should simply be added to your regular, nutritious meals. By having a healthy diet throughout the day, adding Detox Organics to it is claimed to make you even healthier.

Looking at the official website clearly this superfood supplement is aimed at woman, although looking at the Detox Organics customers some men are fans too.

I have to admit I wasn’t sure this superfood powder supplement was really for me. But, the number of positive reviews though made me keen to give it a try, so here is my Detox Organics review.

Detox Organics daily superfood pouches

Detox Organics First Impressions

In order to get the benefits of any Greens powder supplement, it’s important to drink it every single day. I like to take it first thing in the morning as part of my wake-up routine. Taking it as soon as you wake up in the morning can be a great way to kickstart your day.

For added benefits, you can have two Detox Organics shakes per day, although that is not necessary. Depending on how your body is responding to it, some people seem to take it two times daily. However, once-daily is the minimum recommended amount.

Detox Organics Daily superfood packaging update

It’s worth noting having two servings per day could work out expensive in the long run as one tub will only last 15 days, which means you will need two tubs per month.

The powder is very easy to mix and can be consumed in a shake or by itself. The simplest way is to mix it with water, which is delicious since it has a chocolate taste. Other options for mixers are almond milk or coconut milk.

The simplest way is to mix it with water, which is delicious since it has a chocolate taste.

I prefer to try and take Super Greens just with cold water for ease and avoid mixing with other drinks. This is also a great way to see how palatable it is. Unlike most Super Greens this powder is not green as much as more brownish in color, this is because of the chocolate flavoring.

Do the results of Detox Organics’ results speak for themselves, or is this another green supplement over-promising and under-delivering?

Update on Detox Organics Daily Superfood Packaging

I was checking the website recently and can see they have updated the packaging and now supply Detox Organics in black pouches and have ditched the use of tubs. The new Detox Organics pouches are definitely a big improvement over the tubs, also they are more eco-friendly. Good job guys!

Background on Detox Organics

The official website has no information as to who is behind the company, only knowing that they are based in Scottsdale, Arizona in the USA. All we could find is a brief page on Better Business Bureau (BBB) that’s showing they have been in business since 2015 and have 3 complaints in total.

Doing some basic research online I can only see the company website being live since January 2017 suggesting the company hasn’t been trading too long. There are no negative reports online about the brand with most of the reviews being on Amazon.

Detox Organics are very active on social media mostly Instagram and Facebook. With lots of great pictures of the tubs with customers and brand ambassadors sprinkled with the odd motivational message.

The Detox Organics company offers an ambassador program where you can promote the product and receive a commission for each sale. This is a common way for supplement companies to spread your brand at a low cost as they only pay out upon receiving sales.

Whilst this can be a great way to gain exposure to the product, consumers need to be wary of overzealous marketing in order to get a commission.

Detox Organics Ingredients

Each scoop of Detox Organics is 16.4g in size, 130 calories per serving, and includes 25 Organic superfoods, and is certified USDA organic.

I did a quick calculation and adding the ingredient amounts together for each blend and the remaining nutrients come to approximately 8g. This means the remaining 8g in the serving is either the chocolate flavoring or filler or both!

Detox Organics Supplement Label (Updated January 2021)

Label Updated January 2021

So, whilst initially, I was impressed with the 16g serving it seems that the actual active ingredient amount is only 1/2 of the amount. Sounds less impressive now eh? Having 25 ingredients in an 8g serving size means the amounts aren’t going to be high.

This leads to the issue all too common with Superfood supplements and in fact, most supplements are hiding of ingredient amounts in proprietary blends (see the label and highlighted bits in red).

There are three blends used in Detox Organics are Detox and Cleansing blend (1.7g), Alkalizing Blend (2.5g), and Digestive Support Blend (3.6g).

The actual active ingredient amount in each serving is 8g and not 16g, which means the 25 ingredient amounts are likely to be low.

The source of the chocolate flavoring is Organic Cocoa Powder but we don’t have any further information on this.

On a positive note, the manufacturers chose organic products as well as non-GMO ingredients, which are also “gluten-friendly”, which is always something to keep in mind if you are gluten intolerant. With that said, it is not gluten-free.

Want to know EXACTLY what you’re taking?

Looking for a greens superfood supplement that fully discloses all their ingredients with no hidden proprietary blends? Then check out my super greens supplement here.

How Does Detox Organics Taste?

Mixing a scoop of Detox Organics with water and you have what looks like a chocolate drink. For me, this was a little off-putting as I am not a fan of chocolate drinks, even though I love chocolate (I know strange!).

Detox Organics Taste

The taste was pretty good although a little sweet, which is fine for me but may not suit everyone. From reading feedback from other customers mixing with unsweetened chocolate almond milk works well, but I didn’t try this.

Considering most other Super Green drinks on the market today have a grassy taste, this supplement tasted good and I could see myself drinking this daily. Many consumers won’t just endure the taste of these greens – they will enjoy it. This is one of the things Detox Organics is most proud of.

Detox Organics does not have any added artificial flavors or sweeteners. Many supplements and detox products add sugars to help them taste or smell better.

Side Effects

The Detox Organics side effects that you experience will depend on the state of your previous diet.

It’s possible to experience mild gastrointestinal effects such as effects like gas, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. Some people have skin breakouts or intense cravings for unhealthy foods. Others experience headaches, brain “fog,” fatigue, headaches, low energy, or irritability.

Consuming Detox Organics for 7-days straight I was fine without any gastrointestinal side effects.

Does Detox Organics Work?

The Detox Organics ingredients have been selected to alkalize, detox, and energize your body in what they say is a 3 phase plant-based supplement. Key benefits also include boosting your immune system, removing harmful toxins, promoting fat loss, eliminating bloating, and easing digestion.

This all sounds great but I am not too confident how well Detox Organics actually works.

Does Detox Organics superfood work?

For starters, it’s unlikely there are sufficient ingredient amounts in one serving size to support 100% of the claims made by the manufacturers. This is because they use a number of proprietary blends, a common practice by companies who wish to hide the individual ingredient amounts.

To be fair, some but certainly not all, of the ingredients may be sufficient but it’s impossible to know for sure.

.it’s unlikely there are sufficient ingredient amounts in one serving size to support 100% the claims made by the manufacturers

The claim is that this is the first detox product of this kind, making it a powerful detox supplement. Whilst there are customers who feel this works for them, there is no science supporting the claims made by the manufacturer.

Detox Organics claims that each scoop contains the equivalent health benefits of 10 lbs of superfoods and vegetables. Again, how they come to this conclusion is not explained and so I am not too convinced but such vague statements.

Detox Organics Customer Reviews

According to the official website over 250,000 people have purchased and tried Detox Organics, that’s a lot of people. With so many customers they must be doing something right eh?

The focus on the official website is customer testimonials with many of them showing before and after pictures. A few of these are fairly impressive to be fair.

Here are some Detox Organics chocolate superfood reviews from real customers.

I absolutely love this product takes away all my bloating and it even helps with my mood! I have so much more energy and confidence now that I drink this every day

Not only do I LOVE the taste, but I love how regular it has helped me and my bloat is so minimal. I love drinking this first in the morning or in the evening after dinner for a little snack. It tastes delicious. I really look forward to it each day!!!!

Not all feedback is positive though and customers on Amazon had this to say about the taste and stomach upset:

Was very excited to try this. By the 3rd day had stomach pain and discomfort. Stopped and the GI upset went away. If you tend to have a gentle stomach, I would not recommend using this. 24-36 hours of awful GI distress not worth the $68 price.

I enjoyed the taste of it, but it did not work to ease my digestion or make me any less bloated. I was more bloated after consuming this every day.

Money Back Guarantee / Refund Policy

The manufacturer of Detox Organics is so sure customers will enjoy their product that they have a money-back guarantee. If the purchaser is not satisfied, they will receive a full refund within 60 days as long as you haven’t opened the tub.

The home page says “just send us the empty tub we’ll give you your money back within 60 days” but digging into the FAQ it says “We cannot take opened containers back, it’s unsanitary.” This means if you open any tubs you won’t qualify for a full refund.

The 60-day money-back guarantee only applies to unopened tubs. If you don’t like the taste or the experience you’re out of pocket!

If you have opened the tub though they do not offer a refund. In which case, you cannot try the product and receive a refund – which means if you don’t like the taste or the experience you’re out of luck!

Where to Buy Detox Organics

You can buy this product straight from the manufacturer’s website in a variety of tub sizes. It’s also available at retail stores like The Vitamin Shoppe, you can also buy Detox Organics from

Is Detox Organics Worth It?

You may be thinking it sounds too good to be true. Weight loss and better health? As well as a healthy chocolate drink? Well, it comes at a cost though, and this works out to be around $2 USD per serving.

So, depending on if you take one or two servings per day, consuming Detox Organics may end up costing your $60 – $120 per month. Fairly expensive for a tasty chocolate drink where you’re not sure exactly the ingredients in it eh?

To be more confident of consuming enough ingredients you’ll most likely need to have two servings per day. This makes this a very expensive supplement to take on a regular basis.

This is the issue I have with Detox Organics, the too common issue of using proprietary blends for the most important ingredients in the supplement. As discussed in the ingredients section above, the active ingredient amounts in one serving are likely to be insufficient. This means paying a premium price for a supplement containing too few amounts.

To be more confident of consuming enough ingredients to work you’ll most likely need to have two servings per day – this makes this a very expensive supplement to take on a regular basis.

The Bottom Line

My Detox Organics SachetAre you ready to purchase Detox Organics after reading this review?

Although juicing is a great way to increase the number of vegetables you consume, it takes a lot of time and supplies to do properly. Detox Organics takes the workout and time commitment out, while still benefiting from so many healthy ingredients. Unless you spill the powder, there is no cleanup time.

Detox Organics do great in marketing their supplement, hitting all the pain points, and making it taste like chocolate too! On top of this, it’s one of the few Super Greens that has 100% USDA organic ingredients, so will suit many consumers.

Well, I would suggest considering the downsides to buying Detox Organics if you’re looking for a health supplement backed by science. Already discussed is the crucial fact that most of the ingredient amounts aren’t revealed.

Maybe this supplement should be called Super Browns, although I suspect the name won’t catch on as it’s not the most appealing name 😉

If you’re looking for a low-calorie, tasty chocolate drink that contains a range of Superfoods and doesn’t mind the cost, then buy Detox Organics as this could be the supplement for you.

For me, I prefer a non-chocolate tasting Super Greens and one where I can be confident I know 100% what’s in it. I won’t be choosing Detox Organics as my daily greens supplement.

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  1. Extremely disappointed with this company’s customer service ! ..
    Back in September I ordered the 3 pack of this product. When I went to pick it up from the post office is was wrapped in a plastic bag and the contents were everywhere! I asked for a full refund but for some reason they gave me a partial refund which I havent even seen happen on my credit card but they claim it was sent. Ive been fighting with them for a week about this. They refuse to give me the full amount. So much for money back guaranteed. So I lose out on 100 bucks ? Great ..
    So I reached out asking if they could just forget the refund and send me the product. There is no way I’m going to lose out on that money. Its ridiculous.
    They claim the refund was processed and now no response . I am so mad !
    WORST COMPANY EVER !!! Just stealing peoples money during a pandemic.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I would have thought a full refund would have been applicable in such a situation! This is poor form on the companies side.

  2. Hey
    There label has change, does this explain more of how there serving portion is laid out? I notice you said before it was actually 8grams. The lable has change since you reviewed it. As well the “”guy”” who made it is in the videos now..
    Serving Size 16.44 grams
    calories 130
    Total Fat 1g
    Total Carbs 9g
    Dietary Fiber 4g
    Total Sugars 1g
    Protein 4g

    Detox Cleans 1.7g
    Energizing Blend 2.5
    Digestive 3.6
    Orgainc Stevia 50mg

    1. Thanks Jeff. It can be hard to stop on top of brands that update their formula over top, so thank you for the heads up.
      I have gone and updated the label and the nutrient information.
      Have you tried Detox Organics?
      Would be great to get your feedback.

  3. I have taken this for 2 weeks so far. I make it as a shake with Cashew milk and fruit. I started enjoying the taste by the 4th day. My IBS symptoms have seemed to disappear. I have eaten Mexican food twice so far and no running to bathroom. That is a miracle. I also got labs after my two weeks and everything went to normal range. My cholesterol dropped 20 points I was shocked. I am eager to keep drinking my shake to see what other health changes happen. So far I am a fan. Thanks.

  4. I am a huge skeptic. When I first saw all the positive reviews I figured that it all sounded to good to be true. I decided to give it a try anyway. Much to my surprise, it really works! I have more energy, my digestion has improved, I am sleeping better, and it tastes great! I use it twice a day. It’s very expensive, but it’s worth it for me to feel healthy.

  5. They were recommending this in a fitness challenge I joined so I gave it a go.

    I really love it! The taste is great & I weirdly crave it. It gives me a lot of energy & it definitely helps w/ my dieting. I crave sugar less. I’ve lost fat but I workout/eat well too.

    I also just got a blood test back & my cholesterol has dropped drastically! (I became vegan recently so that’s probably part of it)

    I usually take it twice a day but it’s so damn expensive so I don’t know how long I’ll be able to afford it.

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Thanks for your feedback. That’s great news that this supplement seems to work for you. As you highlight, taking twice per day will definitely work out expensive though.

  6. This shit works don’t listen to this guy maybe listen to the 98% positive reviews from thousands of people. My shitter has never felt better!!

    1. Thanks Rudy for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your feedback but would say it could have been more persuasive without the swearing 😉
      As I am saying in all my reviews, this is my personal opinion and is based on, in most cases my own experience with the product, alongside scientific evidence available to anyone wishing to find out online.
      If this product works for you then fine, please continue to take it and wish you all the best Rudy.
      Cheers Adam

  7. My thanks for this hands-on and in depth review. Was looking for a real, non sponsored, non robot pump review and finally found one. Will not be purchasing this either, sketch factor is high. I’ll stick to VegeGreens for now til I can find a better alternative.

  8. Hi Adam, I want to thank you for writing such a detailed review. I read reviews a lot and I have to say the way you break things down to understand is great! I will not be purchasing this product after your review. Could you suggest something similar without the high $$? I would really appreciate any info you may have.

    1. Thanks Joy for the feedback. So far, out of the Super Greens I have tried I like Athletic Greens and Green Vibrance the best. Both have their pros and cons.

      Athletic greens for me has a great taste but it’s expensive and their latest ingredient profile contains proprietary blends. This brand is expensive though as you can see in my Athletic greens review.

      Green Vibrance has a good taste too, is fully transparent with their ingredients but to get adequate amounts would need to take 2-3 servings per day. So, if you’re determined to ensure you receive the most effective serving this works out more expensive than Athletic greens. Check out my Green vibrance review too for more information.

      Hope this helps!

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