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Dr. Schulze Superfood review

Dr. Schulze Superfood Review

Superfood Plus tub“Powerful nutrition creates Powerful Health!” claims the website for Dr. Schulze, a brand which sounds – let’s be honest here – like it could be a bit ‘old and stuffy’, but which – it actually turns out – is a smartly-presented brand with a legacy of success and with its finger firmly on the alternative-health market pulse.

Consumers tend to be drawn to brands named ‘Doctor-something’, because it invokes a sense of professional, science-backed assurance, and it looks to me as if Dr. Schultz has quite the following.

But what really makes Dr. Schulze’s products so eye-catching is the blurb that goes along with the product.

I’ll explain more below in my Dr. Schulze Superfood review so you can make you’re own informed opinion.

First Impressions

As I said above, what I like about the Superfood Plus website is, firstly, it sounds like an action movie, using language like ‘powerful’, ‘blasts’, ‘high-octane’. The marketing really starts to draw you in, from the first thing you read you realize that this company means serious business in terms of your health and nutrition!

To be fair, they seem to know what they are talking about with a neat visual that shows how, dollar-for-dollar, their product packs a bigger nutritional punch than competitors. So what exactly is the big deal?

A ‘vitamin and mineral herbal concentrate’, Superfood Plus claims to provide ‘daily nutrition, increased energy, improved fitness, and weight management’. Going on to say that their blend contains over 100% of your daily needs of every vitamin and mineral, you can be sure that there are no half-measures with this product.

So, intrigued as I am, what more can I find out about the brand and the product?

Background on American Botanical Pharmacy

Dr. Schulze’s story of how he founded his brand is personal, but it has to be said, not unfamiliar. Like many founders of such companies, he was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease (a heart disease) at a young age (aged 16) and, having seen both his parents die young of heart attacks, he refused surgery and instead made it his lifelong mission to find a way to heal himself through optimal nutrition.

Thus, Schultz created his first ‘healing miracle’ on himself, by becoming vegan, exercising, and radically changing his habits. He went on to pursue a career in alternative health and has a huge string of qualifications (a doctorate in Herbology, degrees as Master Herbalist and Herbal Pharmacist, a doctorate in Natural Medicine, three degrees in Iridology and eight certifications in various styles of body therapy).

Dr. Schulze ran Natural Healing Clinics in the States, Europe, and Asia from 1970-1990 and says that he learned;

5% of what he knows from school and 95% from his clinics

He says “Superfood Plus created healing miracles and saved lives”, because, according to Schulze, most of the diseases and problems his patients present with are due to a lack of nutrition.

Dr. Schulze’s range of products includes detox programs, women- and men-specific supplements, superfood bars and meal-replacements, ‘intestinal formulas’, herbal ‘shots’, and single herb supplements such as echinacea. The range is broad and inclusive.

Alternative forms of Superfood Plus are also available (as tablets and in a kids’ formula) alongside the standard superfood powder version.

So what is actually inside Superfood Plus? Let’s take a look

Superfood Plus Ingredients

Superfood Plus ingredients labelThe ingredients listing is not perhaps as comprehensive as some competitor brands, with only 16 ingredients, but I see that as a good thing.

Focussing on fewer ingredients but in higher quantities means you could have the right dosages to make a meaningful change in your health.

Each serving is 2 tablespoons of the Superfood Plus powder that works out to be 15 grams in total. We don’t get a full breakdown of each ingredient amount apart from knowing the Vitamin and mineral amounts.

The 15 ingredients are as follows:

Wild Harvested Spirulina Algae, Organic Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella Broken-Cell Algae, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Alfalfa Grass, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Purple Dulse Seaweed, Organic Acerola Cherry, Organic Rose Hips, Palm Fruit, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Beet Root, Organic Spinach Leaf, in a base of Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Non-Fermentable Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast.

The blend is free from soy, sugar, gluten, GMOs, whey, dairy and is certified organic.

How Does Superfood Plus Taste?

As there is no added flavoring I am assuming that Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus has a generic super greens-powder taste which is to say slightly vegetal and algae-tasting.

The recommended way to drink the blend is to combine with fruit and vegetable juice, water, and a cup of fruits or vegetables. In this way, you are getting the benefits of whole fruits and veggies as well as juice and powdered ingredients.

Side Effects

If this is your first time taking a super green blend you may experience digestive issues for a short time while your system gets used to the new ingredients. This is not to say this would be the case for everyone.

Does Superfood Plus Actually Work?

Dr. Schulze doesn’t actually give you the amounts of each ingredient in each serving, which (as you will know if you read my reviews) I find a bit annoying.

When companies do this it is called a proprietary blend, and they want to avoid imitation of their product, but we all know that if you wanted to get anything examined in a lab it wouldn’t be that hard. It also, more importantly, means it’s difficult for consumers to know exactly how much they are getting from each ingredient.

Having said this, the good thing about the blend is that there are relatively few ingredients (some super greens powders have 30+ ingredients, like Athletic Greens that has 75!!), and therefore we can assume that the ingredients are in fairly high amounts per serving. A serving is 2 tablespoons (15g), so it could be that there is 1g of each ingredient in this serving, but we’ll never know.

Spirulina powder organicSpirulina is thought to have potent antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects and is recommended at a dose of between 1-8g daily for notable effects (source).

Chlorella has been studied as it is another popular ‘superfood’ ingredient, containing protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is recommended at a 6g dose daily (2g three times a day) however studies are ongoing into the provable benefits of supplementation (source).

Nutritional yeast, which is a source of protein and B-vitamins, has been used by Dr. Schultz in his clinics for years to supplement patients’ diets and has been found to have a protective effect from free-radical damage in the cells.

Unfortunately most of the studies I found to compare serving size and effects use a tablespoon, which is presumably a considerably larger serving than would be included in a scoop of Superfood Plus.

Extrapolating from my very bad maths above that in a 2 tablespoon serving you might be getting a gram of each ingredient, I would say that over time there could be an effect in that you might start to see some of the noticeable health benefits claimed on the website about Superfood Plus.

Weight loss is always a tough claim to substantiate as this of course involved numerous other factors such as exercise, willpower, and what other foods you are including in your diet. One can assume that if you simply replace a meal with a drink there may be an element of weight loss.

Superfood Plus Customer Reviews

Taking a look at the testimonials on the Superfood Plus pages of the website;

My daughter introduced SuperFood Plus to me. I started taking it in May. I was amazed at the benefits I got from it. I lost 38 lbs. I never felt better! I have so much energy and now can take care of business and grandkids.D.L

when I read the reviews with everyone saying how gross this stuff was, I just assumed they were being babies. I tried absolutely everything to eat/drink this. I tried using pineapple juice, tomato juice, even mixing it with peanut butter and sugar. I made it through maybe 3 days before I knew I had to return this.Ams, 1 star

This product can be mixed with fruit or vegetable juice. It has benefited my health. However, it is gritty.Carla, 4 stars

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Herbdoc has a 60-day money-back guarantee on products.

Where to Buy Superfood Plus?

You can buy Superfood Plus at the official online store, at Herbdoc, and on Amazon here.

Is It Worth the Price?

The cost of a 14oz tub of Superfood Plus is $48, the capsules (390ct) are $50, and the sachets (20) are $32.

There is also a Superfood-a-month Club, a subscription model which, if you join, has you receiving a 14oz powder tub (or 39ct tablets) per month for $46.

At Dr. Schultze, they do as they say, ‘fill the vat to the very top with raw herbs’, which I think is a key point here. There is very little filler, all the ingredients seem to me to be in (what would appear to be) a decent quantity, just simply down to the relatively small number of ingredients.

I’d like to know a little more about how they go about sourcing their ingredients, but as they are certified organic I already know that this brand has integrity and is using top-quality ingredients in their products.

The Bottom Line

This is a quality product. Dr. Schultz has a proven history of operating in the Natural Health sphere his whole career, and he says he gets results. The brand and integrity are impressive.

I like Superfood Plus because, despite not being totally transparent about the amount of each ingredient in the blend, they have used just a few potent herbs, fruit, and vegetable compounds so as to really deliver the most powerful nutritional hit.

If you want a product that really packs a punch, I think Superfood Plus has the potential with its large serving size.

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