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Energize Greens Review

Energize Greens review

I was asked by a visitor to take a look at Energize Greens, I took a quick look and was surprised at what I found and so decided to take a look at this supplement.

This greens powder claims to boosts my energy level, improve my health, alkalize my body, and boost my immune system.

My initial thoughts were not good and so I didn’t go ahead and buy this product and so should qualify this review as objective as I can be from looking at the marketing and ingredients.

Please keep this in mind as I delve into the website and ingredient profile of Energize Greens in my review.

Energize Greens supplement

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Energize Greens First Impressions

Upon seeing the website I wasn’t too impressed. There was no SSL certificate on the website, which is in place to ensure any information to and from your browser is secure.

The the home page is very light on information about the benefits and science of this greens supplement. Instead a few random images of attractive looking female bloggers who have used the product (or are ambassadors of the product).

Nothing wrong with having good looking consumers promoting the brand but I would like to know more about the substance of the brand.

There are product pages for the Energize Greens and the other two brands (Energize Reds and Perfect Green Coffee Bean – somewhat random choice of a product here I thought!). Again, there is very little substance on these pages.

Background on Holistic Labs

I struggled to find any real information about the manufacturers of Energize Greens until you delve into the privacy statement and discover they are made by Holistic Labs.

The company has some complaints on the BBB website but these are for other products they sell. I couldn’t find any related to Energize Greens in particular.

They also sell an alternative super greens formula under the name of Elixir Greens, which seems to be a cut-down formula of EnergizeGreens.

I am not sure why there are two similar greens powders from the same company, although the price is a little less.

Energize and Elixir Greens

Energize Greens Ingredients

Each 250-gram tub contains 30 servings that work out to be an 8-gram serving size per day.

Reading the websites is showing mixed information on the number of ingredients but the Energize Greens supplement label shows the full list.

Energize Greens supplement label

Energize Greens contains 25 green “superfoods” such as beta-carotene, lecithin, spirulina, chlorella, echinacea, alfalfa, along with five species of beneficial bacteria, powerful antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

I like the fact that Holistic Labs have used transparent full disclosure labeling. This way we can check that each ingredient is in sufficient amounts to have any benefit. I will go into this more below.

How Does Energize Greens Taste?

The taste is okay but certainly not the favorite tasting greens I have tried.

You will likely need to combine this with a smoothie to be able to drink this consistently.

Side Effects

As I am finding with most greens powders, most people are very unlikely to suffer from any negative side effects. If you’re not used to greens, there is a chance of mild stomach discomfort, especially if your diet is low in fiber and veggies in general.

There are no stimulants or particular large quantities of particular ingredients in Energize Greens, and so you should be fairly safe.

Of course, anyone taking medication, or have a pre-existing medical condition, or are prone to allergies to any of the ingredients within this formula would be wise to check before taking.

Does Energize Greens Actually Work?

A lot of focus goes into the choice and number of ingredients in greens powders, but I like to delve into the ingredient amounts.

It’s so crucial to have the right dosages of ingredients, I am always surprised this is overlooked by consumers and manufacturers.

Checking out the label of the main ingredients, Soy Lecithin (2 grams), Spirulina (1 gram), and Apple Pectin (670mg).

It’s so crucial to have the right dosages of ingredients, I am always surprised this is overlooked by consumers and manufacturers.

Soy Lecithin is an essential fat for cells and is found in many types of food. It’s popular for treating a range of disorders from memory, gallbladder, liver, depression, anxiety, and even skin complaints.

The dosage of Soy Lecithin is dependent on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions, and so there is not enough scientific data to provide an accurate daily dosage (WebMD).

According to Healthline a standard daily dose of spirulina is 1–3 grams, so Energize Greens has the right amount. Great work!

Spirulina powder

Looking at Apple Pectin, although most manufacturers typically recommend a daily dose of between 1,000 mg to 1,400 mg per day (Source).

The amount of Apple Pectin is way under at 670mg. You would need to take two servings to make the optimal dosage.

Many of the other ingredients whilst some good choices are in fairly low amounts that are unlikely to influence your health much. Better than not at all, but likely to be paying a high amount for low dosages.

The amounts of vitamins and minerals expressed as the recommended daily value (RDV) seem to be on the low side. For example, Vitamin A is just 6% of RDV, Vitamin C 30% of RDV. Only Vitamin E is in high amounts, equal to 333% of RDV.

There will be of course vitamins and minerals within some of the other greens, like Spirulina and Wheatgrass, etc.

But still, not exactly an overwhelming blend of Vitamins and Minerals when compared to other greens supplements on the market.

I believe there will be a benefit though especially if your daily intake of greens and/or vitamins and minerals is low, then of course any supplement here can help.

The jury is out here in terms of whether you will notice the benefits marketed by the makers of Energize Greens.

Energize Greens Customer Reviews

I found it difficult to find many reviews online for Energize Greens except the few bloggers who have likely been given the product to try and are now ambassadors of the product.

Of course, their reviews are compelling and they actively promote the brand saying how it’s convenient to take your greens in one easy drink.

Where to Buy Energize Greens?

You can buy from the official Holistic Labs website, from the separate EnergizeGreens website, I also found this on another website operated by the company called It did appear as if they were on Amazon but the profile is missing now.

Is It Worth the Price?

The price of one tub is $67 plus $6.95 shipping, there is a 5% discount if you’re willing to sign-up to the monthly subscription. A number of different bundles are available of 2 tubs ($113 + $13.90 shipping) and 4 tubs ($199.80 + $19.80 shipping) all with subscription options too.

All payments appear to be through PayPal if you don’t have an account you can still use your credit cards.

In terms of value for money then I have doubts especially considering the lack-luster formula. The fact is there are just much better alternatives on the market for this price point. For example I would consider Organifi Green Juice a better option for this price.

Just a word of warning whenever looking at auto-billing or recurring billing products be sure to check the small print. Some companies use misleading subscription terms and conditions, so make sure you know what you’re signing up to.

My Verdict

I am not blown away with Energize Greens. The website and product fail to inspire confidence in the brand and the supplement itself.

At the end of the day though, irrespective of how well the website and tub look it’s mostly about the quality and individual amounts of the ingredients. I really like the fact they use full transparency labeling this means I can assess its effectiveness even before drinking it.

It would have been nice to see a bit more of the most abundant ingredients like Spirulina, and Chlorella is on the low side too. This is often the problem with an ingredient formula that looks to include too many ingredients into what is a relatively small serving size.

To sum up, Energize Greens is okay but at this price point is up against the fairly stiff competition. For just a few dollars more you can buy much better greens powders that can deliver a more potent punch of greens.

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