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G Fuel Energy Formula Review

G Fuel review

So I should explain from the outset that I am not a gamer. I came across G Fuel from Gamma Labs when researching another product and was some what struck by the branding and the concept of esports nutrition.

The idea is simple, when gaming you need to have energy, be focused, fast reaction times and hydrated when playing what could be for hours at a time.

This is where products like G Fuel come in by providing what hopefully is a tasting energy drink to keep you at the top of your game (literally).

So, what are my thoughts on G Fuel? Does this energy formula really deliver the goods or is it a dud? Check out my honest G Fuel review of two of their popular tubs inspired by influencers PewDiePie and Daequan.

GFuel Energy Formula Drinks

What is G Fuel?

G Fuel is a popular energy drink mix brand developed and sold by Gamma Labs, who are based in New York. Their energy formula is popular with gamers and is the official drink for esports.

I have to say the branding for G Fuel is stunning.

The tubs really do look awesome. In fact, the tubs look just as good holding them as they do on the website – this is rare!

It’s an exciting brand from Gamma Labs and I can see why it’s popular in the US esports market.

I went ahead and purchased two tubs of G Fuel that are “inspired” by two well-known influencers, PewDiePie and Daequan. Now I should point out I had only heard of PewDiePie before and not of Daequan, but that didn’t matter for the purpose of this review.

If you’re researching this brand then it’s likely you’re familiar with these guys!

GFuel Energy formula powder drinks

Background on G Fuel Brand

G Fuel was founded in 2004 by the current CEO Cliff Morgan and is based in New York.

They were one of the first esports nutrition brands on the market. Their G Fuel energy drink has been popularised by co-branding with online influencers and gaming clans, most notably Dr. Disrespect and PewDiePie.

Our original goal was to create a 100% clean, natural, and healthy alternative to sugar-loaded Energy Drinks.

G Fuel has received some criticism as the brand is aimed at youngsters. In 2016 they received negative press due to a 10-year old boy getting sick and had to be hospitalized after taking G Fuel. In fairness to the company, the brand is marketed to over 18 year-olds and is not suitable for children.

Gamma Labs, the company that owns G Fuel, settled a $118,500 lawsuit with California’s Environmental Research Center over lead contamination in their G Fuel products (source).

What are the G Fuel ingredients?

Looking at both tubs of G Fuel the formula is the same with only the flavor affecting the ingredients. This makes my job of outlining the ingredients easier as I can simply refer to one set of ingredients.

The energy formula is fortified with vitamins (C + E + B12 + B6), contains amino acids and antioxidants. Although I have not that convinced the antioxidant part of the formula is going to do much, other than looking good on the label. I will explain this a bit later.

You will notice that according to the G Fuel label there are three proprietary blends or “complexes” as they like to call them. Within these complexes we don’t get to see a breakdown of each ingredient amount within the Energy, Focus and Antioxidant blends.

For many consumers, this is probably not a concern, but it’s worth knowing that you have to rely on the G Fuel to supply sufficient ingredients to actually be effective.

So, here are the list of ingredients in the G Fuel energy formula:

  • Energy Complex (1.85g)
    • Taurine, l-citrulline malate, Caffeine (150mg), glucuronolactone, n acetyl carnitine HCI
  • Focus Complex (1.2g)
    • L-Tyrosine, Choline Bitartarine, NALT, Adenosine-5 triphosphate Disodium
  • Antioxidant Complex (163.5mg) (TINY portion!)
    • Pomegranate fruit extract, pineapple fruit powder, Apple fruit powder, orange fruit powder, blueberry fruit powder, grape seed, grapefruit powder, plum fruit, raspberry fruit, strawberry fruit, walermelon fruit, lemon fruit powder, lime fruit powder, melon fruit, sour cherry, papaya fruit, peach fruit, pyrus communis fruit powder

The main selling point of G Fuel over traditional energy drinks is the fact they have ZERO sugar.

The main selling point of G Fuel over traditional energy drinks is the fact they have ZERO sugar.

The downside of traditional energy drinks like Red Bull is the amount of sugar typically seen in these carbonated drinks. There are no concerns here as these are low-calorie sugar-free energy drinks.

G Fuel PewDiePie Energy Formula Review

GFuel PewDiePie inspired energy formulaThis tub is co-branded with the well-known Swedish YouTube influencer PewDiePie (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg).

The flavor is Lingonberry, which are small red berries that taste similar to cranberries and are regarded as a superfruit.

Although flavored when opening the tub there was no distinctive smell or lingonberries, not that I am sure what they actually smell like. I was sort of expecting at least some smell.

The powder is white too, which I thought was disappointing considering how colorful the outside tub was.

When mixed with water the fluid turns a rather striking red color, which you can see in the picture below in the “best G Fuel flavor” section.

G Fuel DubMelon Energy Formula Review

GFuel Dubmelon Flavor energy formulaThis tub by G Fuel is not branded and thought it would be good to compare this against the Pewds G Fuel brand.

As the tub states, this is DubMelon flavor, and similar to the tub above had white powder inside with no distinctive smell.

Opening the tubs felt lackluster considering the bold branding.

The color of DubMelon G Fuel when mixed is more pinkish than red and looks less striking as PewDiePie G Fuel powder.

Are there any G Fuel side effects?

Considering the target market for G Fuel is teenagers and those in the 20’s safety and side effects are top of the list for concerns.

I never experienced any side effects from taking G Fuel on the few occasions I drank it.

There is caffeine in the formula (140mg per serving) and so if you’re very sensitive to this stimulant you may have unwanted side effects like jittery etc. But if like me you drink coffee or used to energy drinks like Red Bull it’s unlikely.

How to take G Fuel

How to take G FuelI found G Fuel a little more tricker to take than most powder supplements delivered in tubs. The reason is the rather funny serving spoon that’s included in each tub.

I have never seen this style spoon before. You can see in the picture that it has a funnel at the top, presumably to help guide the powder into a shaker.

But, this made it slowly to scoop the powder into my glass before I mixed it.

I was trying out the tubs and for these each serving is 7g and is measured with the scoop that’s included inside the tub. Each tub contains 40 servings, which should be enough for one-month depending on usage.

What is the Best G Fuel Flavor?

Checking the G Fuel range of energy drinks I found out they now have over 20 unique flavors for you to choose from.

As they highlight, the taste is very unique. What I may like you could find disgusting and vice versa. G Fuel has enough flavors to satisfy even the fussiest of gamers.

So, what G Fuel did I like best from Dubmelon mint to the PewDiePie inspired tub (that actually was cherry flavored)?

I have to admit I wasn’t a big fan of either of the G Fuel tub flavors that I tried. They tasted very artificial to me with quite a sharp taste. I am not sure that I could drink much of these.

I actually slightly preferred the lingonberries flavor of the PewDiePie G Fuel.

The taste was more distinctive and stronger than the Dubmelon mint flavor that seemed a little diluted. There are of course many other flavors to try.

G Fuel taste testing

Does G Fuel Energy Formula work?

I was disappointed that not all the ingredient amounts are available. But in contrast to many supplement brands the important parts of the formula don’t appear to be overload with so many ingredients and so should be in decent quantities.

So for example, the energy and focus complexes are where the magic is going to happen.

The Energy blend contains five ingredients in a 1.2g serving amount, and the Focus blend has 4 ingredients in a 1.7g serving amount. It’s a legal requirement for the most prominent ingredient to be listed first so we know that there is likely to be a significant amount of Taurine and L-Tyrosine in the formula.

This is a good sign and one that I believe gives some credibility to G Fuel and their energy formulas.

On top of this, we’re getting a good mix of B vitamins that are crucial for the energy production and release processes in the body.

All in all, I am pretty happy with the Energy and Focus complexes.

the antioxidant complex is a waste of time and is only window dressing to make the supplement look better.

On to the “antioxidant complex”, which is a long-list of 18 fruit powders mixed into a tiny (and I mean tiny) 163.5mg blend. There will be so little of these fruits in this proprietary blend that I struggle to see what benefit, if any, these will have.

In my opinion, including the antioxidant complex is a waste of time and is only window dressing to make the supplement look better.

I would be interested to be informed differently with evidence from any study suggesting otherwise.

G Fuel Reviews

I went checking for reviews of G Fuel from actual customers. The most obvious place to check was their Amazon shop where they have a few hundred reviews on their products.

I picked a few reviews from their products from satisfied and unhappy customers.

This is the first G-Fuel I’ve ever bought and I taste exactly the way a blackberry is supposed to taste. Plus it looks great in my Red on Black on Black Dr. Disrespect G-Fuel Shaker Cup. Helps you to be able to maintain the energy you have without making you feel shaky and gross. 5 star reviewer

The only flavor that doesn’t leave a powdery texture after shaking, tastes pretty good for gfuel standards.3 star reviewer

Pros: Tastes good, great energy, crash isn’t anywhere near as rough as conventional energy drinks. CONS, OH GOD THE CONS: If you’re looking for a sneaky laxative that will turn your bowel movements a radioactive green color and leave your stomach grumbling all day, all you need to do is drink one scoop of Black on Blackberry mixed with 16oz of sweet sweet purified water.2 star reviewer

Where to buy G Fuel

You can buy G Fuel from the official website and other online retailers.

I found that the prices on Amazon can be competitive and if your an Amazon prime member benefit from free and super fast shipping.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Checking their terms and conditions refunds are only possible when ordered from the official website and if unopened. Unfortunately, they can’t take back open product simply because GFUEL is consumable and could have been tampered with after opening.

So, effectively then there is no money-back guarantee and it’s only a refund policy in effect.

My G Fuel Verdict

Would I take this product? If I was 20 years younger and into gaming, so I probably would.

The price is okay and the taste is good.

Some of the ingredients are simply window dressing and I don’t believe they will do much, I am very much thinking of the “antioxidant complex” here.

The use of proprietary blends is a negative for me, as I mention in all my supplement reviews, as we don’t get to evaluate the amount of each ingredient amount. That said, both the energy and focus complexes are in good sizes and so believe they have sufficient amounts inside.

Overall, a strong brand that ticks most of the things I look for within a supplement. If only I was 20 years younger and into gaming!

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  1. You mentioned that their is not sufficent amounts of ingredients for it to be effective. I was wondering if you could provide me with a list of how much of each ingredient would be needed for it to be effective. I am trying to figure out what some of the best brands are and also trying to start my own powdered gaming drink company and this would be a great help!
    Cheers, Oli.

  2. Meh. I like the product and have been taking it pretty much daily. Usually 2 servings a day and on days I don’t work usually 1 serving. I don’t drink it for gaming, I just drink it when I’m going to my parents or I’m at work. It’s 88 cents a serving and if you get in on their BOGO sales, well 44 cents then. Maybe you need to try more flavors. There’s at least 2 or more you would favorite.

    1. Thanks Brian for the comment, good to get feedback from people taking it daily. I noticed they released a few new flavors (Spicy Demon’ade, Castro’s Guava and French Vanilla Iced Coffee). The French Vanilla Iced Coffee one sounds particularly nice!
      Good point on the BOGO deals making it really cheap.
      I would like to know the breakdown of the ingredient amounts though, to be sure getting the right amounts, to me this is super important.

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