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Genius Joy Nootropic pill review

Genius Joy Review – Feel Great Nootropic Pills?

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Genius Joy tubGenius Joy breathes a refreshing change in the crowded nootropic supplement market. They produce a range of supplements that they claim can optimize everything in your life.

Promising an emphasis on science over profit margins, I am keen to learn more about the ingredients they use in this supplement.

What makes me especially keen on this brand is the fact they NEVER use non-proprietary formulas, and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. In fact most of their formulas tend to use patented and trademarked ingredients – more on this later.

With very promising reviews shown on Amazon, I have high hopes for this nootropic supplement. Does it live up to the promise though? Let’s delve into Genius Joy in my honest review.

First Impressions

Now first off Genius Joy isn’t meant to be your all round nootropic supplement that lifts your productivity to another level (if the marketing around the best nootropic pills ares to be believed).

Genius Joy is marketed as;

.. effective all natural serotonin mood boosting supplement to provide temporary relief from anxiety and mood swings

It’s hard not to like the Genius Brand, there is no fluff and pseudo-science. You can tell they are passionate about their mission of producing decent, good quality supplements in a range of areas from beauty, weight loss, nootropics, pre and post workout, and general health and wellness. I didn’t’ see a greens powder supplement though!

Genius Brand supplements

The Genius Brand stock both supplements and apparel – both of which reinforce the companies aim of optimizing brand and muscle.

Background on Genius Brand

Genius Joy Brand LogoAfter you have seen numerous supplements they can begin to look all too similar. When I came across the Genius Brand I was pleasantly surprised. These guys actually look like they care about the science and standing out from the crowd.

I like the approach this company take, focusing on how to make the best version of you. I do this with my super greens supplement, where I use the tagline “you, but better”.

The Genius Brand is the brain child of Robert Oliver, the acting the CEO. I like the fact you get to see the man behind the brand as with so many supplement brands you have no idea!

If you want to know more about Rob Oliver the CEO of Genius Brand, I recommend taking a listen of this podcast by Mike.

Genius Joy Ingredients

If you have read any of my other reviews, you know the biggest thing I look for is a full list of the ingredients. This means EVERY single ingredient and its amounts are listed on the label.

I am really happy to see that Genius Joy’s ingredient label does just that – you can see what’s inside! Very few companies do this, and is one of the reasons I like alternative nootropic brand, Mind Lab Pro (check out my review here).

You can see from the ingredient label below that I took from the bottle, there are a total of 14 ingredients of which 50 percent of these are B and D vitamins inside each veggie capsule. The rest of the ingredients in the formula a mixture of adaptogens, antioxidants, and stimulants.

Genius Joy supplement facts label

There are some of the usual suspects when it comes to nootropic ingredients, but there are some interesting ingredient choices too.

S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) Tosylate Disulfate (As Adomix) is a patented form of a popular ingredient found in supplement formulas looking to enhance cognition, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (or NALT for short). NALT has been shown to numerous benefits including reducing brain fog and Genius Joy contains a good dosage of 350mg per serving.

Tyrosine has been shown to be extremely effective at reducing anxiety and promoting a calm, clear mind during times of acute mental and physical stress.

rhodiola nootropicRhodiola5Plus Rhodiola Rosea is a patented form of Rhodiola Rosea. This is one of the go to ingredients seen in many nootropic supplements ( I have this one in my supplement too in the same dosage ! ), for good reasons – it’s an effective way to reduce stress and promote calm clear-headedness.

Most formulas include 100mg as the standard dosage, but Genius Joy have 300mg, which means you get a good, safe amount that can have a big effect on helping you handle and perform under stress!

Red Panax Ginseng has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its health giving properties. It’s inclusion here is for promoting blood flow and so nutrients to your brain. Whilst there is research advocating the benefits of Panax Ginseng its effectiveness here is questionable, it basically more for wellness.

One ingredient I hadn’t heard of before was listed as HTPurity Griffonia Simplicifolia. When I researched this I realised this West African shrub is one of the largest sources of 5-HTP, an amino acid which helps convert to serotonin – the feel good hormone.

According to Examine (my go to supplement ingredient resource) the lowest effective dosage of Griffonia simplicifolia extract is between 275-450mg depending on body weight.

So, as Genius Joy uses a 98% pure extract you should be getting enough 5-HTP to enjoy the full effects of this ingredient – great news!

The benefits of caffeine for focus and alertness is well known, but there is no supporting evidence with this ingredient here, so maybe not a good choice here.

Despite the fancy name, NeuroFactor Coffea Arabica, is just your everyday coffee bean extract. I rarely see caffeine based ingredients in nootropic supplements, although it’s a popular ingredient in many supplements, mostly diet and weight loss products. The benefits of caffeine for focus and alertness is well known, but there is no supporting evidence with this ingredient here.

L-Theanine is seen in many nootropic supplements as can help promote relaxation and focus, and when combined with caffeine reduces the potential of experiencing jittery effects and the dreaded caffeine crash. Trials with L-Theanine range from 50mg to 250mg dosage and so the 100mg used here should give some benefit.

How to Take Genius Joy?

The recommendation by Genius Brand is to start slowly at first taking one on an empty stomach in the morning. If you feel okay after this then take another capsule just before lunchtime.

They suggest doing this pattern for a few days to assess your tolerance and then if “comfortable” to double the dosage to two capsules upon waking and two capsules prior to lunch.

As with all dietary supplement recommendations do not take more than the suggested dosage each day.

Stacking Genius Supplements

There are four suggestions for stacking Genius Joy with other supplements in the Genius Brand range. They suggest the following Genius stacks:

  • Added Stress Relief and Mood Enhancement: Consume two capsules of Genius Joy with one capsule of Genius Mushrooms up to two times per day.
  • Increased Energy, Productivity, and Focus: Consume one serving of Genius Joy with one serving of Genius BCAA.
  • Cognitively Demanding Activities: Consume two capsules (½ serving) of Genius Joy with one serving of Genius Consciousness.
  • Smooth, Long-Lasting Energy and Mood Support: Consume one serving of Genius Caffeine with two capsules of Genius Joy upon waking.

Whilst it’s good to know what options are available for you Genius Joy stack, it could significantly increase your monthly cost.

Side Effects

It should be safe for most people to take Genius Joy. That said the company does suggest not taking the recommended dosage straight away, and to test your tolerance over the first 3-4 days of taking it.

This is sound advice, as supplements can cause different results and in the rare case side effects like stomach discomfort. There is caffeine in the formula too and so anyone particular sensitive may wish to take it easy or avoid completely.

Does Genius Joy Actually Work?

The big question is can Genius Joy help to unlock the genius in you?

If the Amazon reviews are to be believed then it would appear so, but I wanted to delve into the ingredients and see how the science stacks up.

Genius Joy Customer Reviews

The Amazon reviews are over whelming positive with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from a whopping 3,299 reviews at the time of writing my post.

Most are 5 stars (79%) with 1 stars being less than 10% of the customer ratings.

This is very promising.

Here is a selection of customer feedback.

I’m officially feeling good. I’m not doing cartwheels down the street or anything, I’m just feeling good. I’m clearly being much more present and engaged and I can see this happening with myself because I’m pretty self aware.5 star Amazon review

I do feel better and less stressed even though it has only been a couple of days. Another big plus is that there is no gelatin in the capsules.5 star amazon review

I really like the Genius branding! The products are clear cut, and you know exactly what you’re getting. However, I’ve now been using Genius Joy for about a month and I can honestly say that I have not noticed really anything different in my psyche or cognitive function.3 star amazon review

Took this product for a month, followed the instructions as instructed but I didn’t noticed any change in mood/anxiety levels. It was just a waste of $50.00. Not worthy.1 star amazon review

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

There is a 90-day money-back guarantee available on all the supplements when purchased through the official website. So, be sure to check the returns policy if you purchase on Amazon or another distributor.

Where to Buy Genius Joy?

There are a number of places to buy Genius Joy. The most obvious place is the via the official website, you can also buy Genius Joy from Amazon.

Is Genius Joy Worth the Price?

I am always a little puzzled why some brands include less than a full month’s supply. Genius Joy does this as well, including only 25 servings in each tub. Whilst it may not be a deal breaker it does mean of course that you need more one tub to last a full month, which ends up costing you more.

Better More Affordable Option? With one tub of Genius Joy costing $59.99, the actual daily cost works out to be $2.40 more than some of the other nootropics brands I like, such as my recommended go to nootropic Mind Lab Pro. At $2 per day for a similar, if not better formula, then I am still inclined to recommended Mind Lab Pro.

That said the difference is not that huge a mere 40 cents per day.

I should mention a really cool thing the Genius guys do is to have the option of buying one-off samples of some of the range, including Genius Joy Sample. At $2 this is a great way to give it a try to see if this works for you!

The Bottom Line

There is a lot to like about Genius Joy and the company behind it, Genius Brand – they seem like a very reputable brand, one that you could trust. I really like what they are doing.

But company aside, how do I rate their nootropic supplement, Genius Joy?

This nootropic supplement is not all-rounder like others on the market but is aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, and less so cognitive performance.

Now this is the kicker for me as if you’re looking for reducing stress and anxiety then I would suggest my greens supplement for the ingredients in my formula can provide the same effect, and more.

Considering the limitations of Genius Joy on its own (and not combined with other Genius brands) then it would probably be better to look at alternatives. Going for my greens brand containing a dedicated nootropic blend, or alternative nootropic supplement, Mind Lab Pro, makes more sense.

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