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HLTH Code Complete Meal Review

HLTH CODE Shake Review

Complete Meal is a meal replacement formula from the HLTH Code brand, founded only last year in 2020.

The formula contains 27g of protein, a digestive enzyme blend, probiotics, collagen, apple cider vinegar, and omega 3 and omega 6, promising to be the most effective and healthy meal replacement formula on the market.

Complete Meal is specifically formulated to not only provide a feeling of fullness, but also boost energy levels, improve metabolism, and more!

The formula is made in the USA, gluten-free, non-GMO, and keto-friendly.

Only founded one year ago, the formula has already made waves in the meal replacement sector and has become incredibly popular, so I’m really keen to take a closer look at this formula and see if it really is as good as everyone thinks.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this formula or you’re also intrigued to take a closer look at it, check out my full HLTH Code Complete Meal review below.

Hlth Code Complete Meal review

HLTH Code Complete Meal First Impressions

The HLTH Code website is sleek, contemporary, and perfectly executed.

As well as the general aesthetic of the website, I particularly like the ‘Learn’ section of the website that showcases recipes, informative blog content, and facts about the science behind the Complete Meal product.

Looking at the Complete Meal formula itself, I’m still pleased with the overall look of the product, and although I don’t particularly like the idea of meal replacement formulas, I think I’d definitely stop and take a look at this if I saw it in a store.

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Background on HLTH Code

HLTH Code was founded in 2020 by the well-known researcher, speaker, and author, Dr. Benjamin Bikman. Bikman specializes in researching and speaking about the human metabolism and nutrition.

The brand focuses on reinventing health supplements and nutrition, and as of 2021 it exclusively produces the HLTH Code Complete Meal formula but will most likely expand in the future.

HLTH Code Complete Meal Benefits

The Complete Meal formula is marketed as the perfect meal replacement formula. The brand claims that the formula provides essential nutrients whilst also keeping you feeling satiated.

The brand doesn’t promote the benefits of the formula in the way that other brands do. Instead, the brand shows that after a week, a month, two months, and forever, you will experience different benefits from consuming the formula.

The brand claims that after one week of consuming the formula you will benefit from balanced nutrition, increased energy levels, and your food cravings will decrease.

After one month the brand claims that you will experience a better metabolism, stronger and better hair, skin, and nails, and your sleep will improve.

After two months the brand claims you will benefit from a stronger immune system and better gut health.

After this period, the brand claims consuming the formula daily will help to support overall health and fight aging.

HLTH Code Complete Meal Ingredients

The Complete Meal formula contains over 30 individual ingredients. However, all of the ingredients exist in a huge proprietary blend, meaning there’s no information about the amount of each ingredient within the formula.

This makes it impossible to work out the efficacy of the formula and also means the consumer doesn’t know how much of each ingredient they’re consuming.

However, we’ll take a look at the efficacy of the formula in much closer detail later in this review.

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients list.

Here is the complete list of the HLTH Code Complete Meal ingredients:

  • Protein Blend – Whey Protein Concentrate, Grass-Fed Collagen, Egg Whites.
  • Healthy Fats Blend – Coconut Oil Powder, Olive Oil Powder, Medium Chain Triglycerides Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Cocoa Butter Fat, Grass-Fed Ghee.
  • Digestive Enzyme Blend – Alpha and Beta Amylase, Protease I, Protease II, Lipase, Lactase Hemicellulase, Cellulase, Invertase, Diastase.
  • Other Ingredients – Natural Flavors, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, Sunflower Lecithin, Inulin, Redmond Real Salt, Xanthan Gum, Monk Fruit Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract, Lactobacillus Acidophilus.

Here is the supplement facts label:

Hlth Code Complete Meal Label

How does HLTH Code Complete Meal Taste?

Complete Meal is either available in Creamy Vanilla or Chocolate Macadamia flavor.

The formula is flavored naturally and sweetened using low-glycemic monk fruit and stevia.

However, as dextrin and maltodextrin also exist in the formula, these will also help with sweetening the formula – but clearly, the brand doesn’t want to talk too much about these ingredients as they have incredibly high glycemic indexes!

Looking at customer reviews, the taste of the formula is highly debated, with some loving the flavor, and others claiming that it tastes horrible and overly sweet.

Side Effects

HLTH Code warns that the formula shouldn’t be taken by children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The brand also states that those on medication should consult a doctor before consumption.

I would add that those with a medical condition shouldn’t consume the formula before consulting with a doctor.

Does HLTH Code Complete Meal Work?

The HLTH Code Complete Meal formula is made up of a large proprietary blend that all of the ingredients exist in, as mentioned briefly above.

This is a huge problem when it comes to working out the efficacy of the formula because it’s impossible to know how much of each ingredient exists within the formula, and therefore we can’t compare the amounts of specific ingredients with their standard recommended dose.

It’s impossible to say if the ingredients are sufficiently dosed.

The only information we know is that the formula contains 27g of protein which is actually a substantial amount of protein.

The recommended amount of protein per day is 0.36g per pound of body weight.

Therefore, for the average man, this is 56g per day and for the average woman this works out at 46g per day.

Therefore, the amount of protein in this formula is nearly half of a man’s daily.

So, this is definitely a substantial amount of protein. However, it defiantly doesn’t justify the fact that the formula’s other ingredients aren’t disclosed.

Therefore, it’s impossible to say if the ingredients are sufficiently dosed.

However, more concerning to me is the fact that the formula contains dextrin and maltodextrin, both of which have a higher glycemic index than sugar and cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

The fact that each serving of the formula also contains 400 calories is also concerning as it’s not clear where these calories are coming from.

Overall, although the amount of protein in the formula is substantial, the fact that the amounts of the formula’s other ingredients aren’t fully disclosed and the formula contains dextrin and maltodextrin is concerning.

Guy mixing protein powder

HLTH Code Complete Meal Reviews

HLTH Code Complete Meal is available on Amazon, and therefore we can take a look on there at non-biased customer reviews. Overall, the formula scores 4.4 stars out of 5 stars.

The main controversy is the formula’s taste – some love it and some can’t stand it.

Let’s take a look at a selection of customer reviews!

I really enjoyed the flavor of this complete meal replacement shake. It was filling and after taking it consecutive days in a row – I was able to notice myself having better control of my appetite and also had some weight loss success. I like that it’s keto-friendly too. I’ll probably try it again. 5-star reviewer

I started with the vanilla and found the taste a bit lacking, so I began adding a small amount of cocoa or using some cold coffee in the base liquid. Or both! Then it’s great, though it does loosen my innards up a bit. Probably the MCT oil. Now I’m ordering some of the choco+macadamia.
4-star reviewer

This tastes horrible and gave me a stomachache. 1-star reviewer

Money-Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

HLTH Code offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Where to buy HLTH Code Complete Meal?

You can buy the formula from the HLTH Code website or on Amazon.

Is It Worth The Price?

The Complete Meal formula is sold in pouches that contain 15 servings of formula, and you can either buy pouches on a one-off purchase or on a subscription.

On a one-time purchase, one pouch of Complete Meal formula costs $59.95, meaning the cost per serving works out at $4.00.

On a subscription, one pouch of Complete Meal formula costs $49.95, meaning the cost per serving works out at $3.33.

Although I completely understand that formulas containing high amounts of protein are normally slightly more expensive than superfood formulas, the price of this formula is especially high.

In addition, seeing as this formula doesn’t have a fully disclosed label, I wouldn’t say that it’s worth the price that it’s sold at.

My Final Verdict

Although HLTH Code seems like a great brand and clearly some people have seen results from consuming this formula, I personally wouldn’t purchase this formula for three main reasons.

The first being that the formula doesn’t have a fully disclosed ingredients label and therefore the efficacy of the formula is unknown.

The second being that the formula contains maltodextrin and dextrin which can cause great spikes in blood sugar levels.

The third being that the formula is much more expensive than others on the market.

If I needed a meal replacement and I was looking for a protein-heavy formula, I would simply choose a high-quality protein formula and mix it with a high-quality superfood formula.

This is my recommendation if you’re looking for a protein-rich meal replacement – a high-quality protein formula and a high-quality superfood formula mixed will most likely bring you better, healthier results!

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