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Immuneti Supplement Review

Immuneti Review – 6 in 1 Immune Supplement Formula

Immuneti Advanced Immune Defense has been released at the perfect time just when concern with the effectiveness of our immune system is at its highest.

This supplement contains ingredients shown to support your overall health and immune system, and so could theoretically provide some protection from everyday flu and colds.

The real question I have though is just how good is the Immuneti formula? And is taking this brand better than a multivitamin or a poor substitute for the power of a greens powder?

So read on to see if this new immune support is the answer to keeping well this year with my Immuneti review.

Immuneti bottle

Immuneti First Impressions

The branding of Immuneti looks great and reminds me of another supplement I reviewed last year, Goli Gummies.

Both brands are using the same Shopify website design, similar pricing, same privacy policy, both support VitaminAngels, and the same creative design ideas.

What is different is the company addresses, as Goli is based in West Hollywood, whereas Immuneti shows an address in Montreal, Canada.

To me, they look like the same people behind the brand, but in any case, both look great, and when you have a winning formula why change it?

The brand has managed to get great exposure in the media and has been featured on CNN, ABC network, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the Food Network. These guys know what they’re doing and have the budget to match!

Background on Immuneti Nutrition Inc

The brand is new having been launched in March 2020.

There are already several brand ambassadors that rave about the supplement. Professional athlete and Miss Universe, Tim & Demi, also by Maria Menounos who is an actress and Television personality, and former model Molly Sims.

Most impressive though for me is the endorsement from Venus Williams, 7-time Grand Slam champion and 4-time Olympic Gold Medallist.

According to the website, the supplement has been formulated by Dr. Amy Shah, M.D, a double board-certified medical doctor and wellness expert who specializes in food allergies, hormones, and gut health.

Immuneti Ingredients

Although marketed as a 6 in 1 comprehensive immune support there are actually 7 ingredients in the formula.

The ingredients listed: Vitamin C ( 330mg ), Vitamin D3 ( 25mcg ), Zinc ( 11mg ), Elderberry Fruit Extract ( 370mg ), Garlic Bulb Extract ( 200mg ), Echinacea Purple plant extract ( 200mg ), and Black pepper extract ( 5mg ).

The last ingredient in the formula (Black pepper extract) is to add the absorption of the other nutrients and is often added to supplements for this very purpose.

Immuneti supplements fact label

A big focus is made out of the serving equivalent of each ingredient in everyday foods.

For example.

  • Vitamin C than 4.5 oranges
  • Zinc than 18 large eggs
  • Antioxidant value than 3,300 blueberries
  • Fiber than 3 cups of prepared oatmeal
  • Polyphenols than 15 cups of green tea

This is a very effective technique, but it’s worth keeping in mind all the food used in the comparison is based on nutrition data from food sources to the herbal extracts in the formula. As such, most multivitamin supplements could make the same claim.

I have seen this approach used with 8 Greens tablets when illustrating the nutrient content in each of their effervescent tablets.

How to take Immuneti?

The recommended serving size is two vegetarian capsules per day and so each tub contains a 30-days supply. There are further guidelines on when is best to take the capsules.

Any Side Effects

There are unlikely to be any side effects from taking Immuneti as the ingredients are in reasonable dosages.

There have been some cases where Echinacea has triggered side effects in people with allergies to flowers.

Does Immuneti work?

Anyone into their nutrients will recognize most, if not all, the ingredients in this supplement.

Echinacea and Garlic bulb are known for their immune-boosting properties and the reason why I include this in my “immune blend” in my greens powder supplement (check it out here).

To understand if the formula is effective we can look at the dosages of the ingredients.

Examine outlines the dosages for Echinacea used in studies are between 900-1500mg per day – this is 5-8 times the serving size used in Immuneti!

Echinacea immune boosting plants

Studies on Elderberry Fruit Extract have shown health benefits from consuming various amounts depending on whether it’s in liquid or extract form.

Although taking 900mg Elderberry Fruit Extract per day has been shown to be beneficial for reducing the severity of sickness (Source).

..formula is not what I would call “advanced” as it contains two vitamins and a mineral with four other ingredients in fairly low quantities.

To me, the formula is not what I would call “advanced” as it contains two vitamins and a mineral with four other ingredients in fairly low quantities.

Furthermore, you can get a much more cost-effective multi-vitamin that would have these and more inside.

The bottom line is can Immuneti protect you from sickness, possibly if your diet is very poor and you don’t get your micronutrients. Otherwise, you may not notice much difference!

Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials on the official site are of course all glowing reports of how great it is. I like to look at third-party reviews where possible, and so I headed over to Amazon.

On Amazon, Immuneti has a very good 4.4 out of 5 rating from 250 reviews so far.

Here is a broad selection of reviews from happy and those less impressed with the product.

I LOVE that this combines multiple powerhouse supplements into a single, easy to take the pill! I’ve been taking Immuneti for a couple of weeks and have noticed that my residual allergy congestion and eye irritation have completely disappeared AND my quality of sleep has improved.5-star reviewer

I have been taking this supplement for well over a month. No appreciable difference in energy, mood, or known or unknown build-up to my immune system. Can’t say one way or the other if it is effective for others, but I have seen no noticeable benefit for myself.3-star reviewer

I didn’t receive the product as shown. The product I ordered said it contained 330mg Vitamin C and 25mcg Vitamin D3. The product I actually received had no Vitamin D3 at all and only 180mg Vitamin C. I don’t want to have to return this product but I want what I was supposed to get! And I’m afraid to reorder!1 star reviewer

From reading over many of the Amazon reviews it seems the product may be slightly different compared to the official website.

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Each purchase is supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee where they ask you to give them a call for a “hassle-free” refund. The number to call is 1-877-221-1547 for the Immuneti Nutrition customer service team.

I struggled to find any information on the website as to the conditions behind the guarantee.

Where to Buy Immuneti?

You buy Immuneti direct from the official website or from their Amazon store.

Is It Worth The Price?

Each bottle of Immuneti costs $29 for 60 vegetarian capsules and although there are 1, 3, or 5 bottle bundles available with discounts on offer for the multi-tub purchases – just $15 per bottle when buying the 5 bottle bundle.

The big plus is the free worldwide shipping.

At $15 a bottle, these are okay priced, that said there are multi-vitamins on the market that would be similarly priced if not cheaper offering similar ingredient profile.

The Bottom Line

Immuneti is a great looking brand and contains all the marketing ingredients to be a success. The price is very affordable too!

The big plus is that this supplement contains proper proven ingredients and not filled with junk and fillers. Each of the ingredients in the formula has shown health benefits when consumed in the right dosage.

But, it is on this point that I am disappointed with Immuneti.

The fact is that even though the ingredients are a good choice they are too low amounts and as such may not work as well as suggested.

This is a common trend with many over the counter supplements, at least here we get to see exactly what’s inside and the formula isn’t hidden in a proprietary blend!

Taking Immuneti is certainly better than nothing if your diet is poor. But, considering the question of effectiveness I am more inclined to look into alternatives that contain the full proper dosages of each ingredient.

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