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Interview with Grega Gostincar from Your Inception

Hey Grega,

I have been a fan of your biohacking website Your Inception for some time and regularly read your articles and reviews on nootropics supplements.

With your extensive experience in the supplement field, I was keen to have you look at my super greens powder. I was very happy with your feedback, where you gave us a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and recommend to visitors to your site.

We recently connected online I thought it would be great to get to know you more, how you first got started researching nootropics and a bit behind the scenes of your site.

So, let’s find out a bit more about you Grega, let’s jump straight into this with my first question.

Grega Gostincar YourInception


1. Can you give us a little background information where were you born, and first went to school, education, and early work career?

Sure thing, Adam. It’s great to finally “meet,” even if it is just a virtual meeting. So yes, I was born and raised in Slovenia, a small central European country, where I finished high-school and did a Bachelor’s in Economics.

Then I moved to Switzerland for a while to study Management. From there I went to Sweden to one of the prestigious universities (Lund University), where I finished a Master’s in Entrepreneurship.

I launched my first business there (a Bluetooth tracker for skis), which almost failed, but then the company moved into the e-bike market and it is now growing like crazy. After that, I started researching nootropics, I started learning about optimizing my health and performance, so I came across biohacking…and that’s where it all really began.

2. You’re known as a Lifehacker & productivity expert, what first triggered your interest in this area?

When I was studying in Sweden and simultaneously launching my first business, I was working about 80-85 hours per week, which was crazy (and stupid).

So I started searching for “natural” ways to boost my productivity and cognition, improve my sleep, etc. That’s how I came across biohacking, lifehacking, nootropics, smart drugs, etc.

3. You first founded YourInception in 2015, what gave you the idea to set this website up? Can you give us an idea of the team that you have built behind this brand?

Actually, I wanted to use Your Inception as my private blog, where I’d share my crazy biohacking experiments. However, through the years of testing and experimenting with supplements, I got a relatively big following, so I decided to build a recognized and trustworthy brand in this field.

But the idea came from the early beginnings because I can still remember how many sites, forums, and blogs I had to read to found useful (and honest) information about nootropic supplements. Back then, most info out there was fake, scam, or simply paid…well, today is not much better anyway.

Your Inception Logo

Regarding the YI team – we currently have three full-time people working on Your Inception and about 5-7 partners that help us with research, testing, design, website, etc. We build quite a pleasant working environment here.

4. I really liked the fact that you’re one of the few research and review sites that actually try out the product. You get to see up close the brand and understand it’s potential for biohacking the body. Could you go through your process for reviewing supplements?

That’s true, I never wanted to run a typical “affiliate site” – I always wanted more. So in the past years, we tested way over 100+ nootropic supplements. During those years, we created different evaluation factors that helped us understand the supplements better.

I never wanted to run a typical “affiliate site” – I always wanted more… we tested way over 100+ nootropic supplements

So we were tweaking those factors until we developed a relatively simple, but an effective formula, which makes our evaluation process very objective.

Here you can actually read the whole process here.

5. Do you regularly use supplements or particular productivity hacks? Over the years what biohacking and productivity information have had the most profound change in your life?

Sure, I take about 4-5 different supplements daily, which helps me stay healthy, productive, and sane. Or so I wish to believe 🙂

When it comes to biohacking and productivity, it’s really hard to point to a few hacks that impact my performance the most. If you really want me to pick a few, it’s probably optimizing my sleep, eating a whole-food plant-based diet, meditating daily, taking nootropic supplements, and taking cold showers.

I believe it’s the basics that usually have the most significant impact – they help you go from a 50% performance to 99,7%. To get from there to 99,9% is an entirely different process then.

6. There is a lot of misinformation online with supplements and some quite obscure biohacking practices. Are there any productivity hacks that you have tried that have failed and you believe is complete rubbish?

I am sure there are plenty, but it’s kind of hard to know which are the ones that are complete rubbish. The problem that if something works for you, it might not work for me, but it doesn’t mean it’s rubbish – it just doesn’t work for me.

For example, there is a thing called The 5 AM Club – a group of entrepreneurs who wake up at 5 AM, do a workout, and finish most of their tasks until lunch. While I like the idea, it simply doesn’t work for me – I would actually call it rubbish after learning about the importance of sleep and different “sleep types of people.” But it seems that a minority of people strive on that, so yes, I guess it works for them.

Another one would be a carnivore diet – based on all the science I read about healthy eating, this is probably the stupidest idea I ever heard – especially if you want to live a long and healthy life.

7. I have a keen interest in supplements too, having produced a greens superfood powder (SuperGreen TONIK). Have you tried many brands and what’s been your experience with super greens?

Sure thing, I tried most of the popular products, including yours. In general, I like the idea, but most products that I tried to have an average taste.

Actually, many are undrinkable.

So they kind of a miss the point…why would anyone spend $50-100 per month for greens that taste pretty much the same as those you make in your own blender at home?

But there are a few (including SuperGreen TONIK) that honestly taste quite well, and I think they have really great potential. They provide lots of benefits, so I see a huge (and growing) market for them.

SuperGreen TONIK YourInception

8. I see from your YouTube channel that you’re doing more video these days. What’s encouraged you to focus on more videos?

There were a few reasons.

Firstly, for whatever reason, people loved my videos, which encouraged me to do more and more videos.

Secondly, trust is higher if people can actually see you trying different supplements.

And thirdly, it’s because of Google unstable rankings…as you know as well 🙂

9. What’s next for your Grega personally and for your site? How do you see this growing over the next year or so?

To be totally honest with you, I don’t know. At this very moment, we are just doing some strategic planning and some brainstorming to come up with goals for 2021.

I am sure we will continue doing more and more reviews, but let’s see where this leads us. I’m excited, and I think that’s what matters the most anyway. 🙂

Thanks, Grega, for taking the time today for this interview. I recommend taking a look at Grega’s website for one of the best resources for nootropic information and reviews –
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