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Interview with The Detox Guy

Interview with Rafael Duro

Hi Rafael, thank you for agreeing to take part in this interview with me today.

We met around 6 months ago in Penang at a party and briefly discussed how I could get back into regular exercise, after leading a sedentary life for 20-years (can read my story here).

Over a few conversations, I mentioned being unhappy with my weight gain since moving to Penang (over 6kg in 12 months!). You kindly recommended a diet plan that you use for your clients to help lose some weight.

I was impressed with the plan and lost 5kg in 28-days.

Rafael duro abs pose

1. Can you give me a brief intro about yourself?

Sure, I’m Brazilian living in Asia since 2004. My entire life was about sports, physical activities, it was something that I always liked and been involved with. This passion for training and sports throughout my childhood until high school took me to enter the University of Physical Education in Brazil to study more about and see if I could turn my passion into my work and living.

After 18 years since graduation, I went from working with clients, one a one, group training, fitness classes, to jump into the fitness business in Asia. From professional skills to an open market of business opportunities.

Traveled to many countries and worked in multiples cities with different companies to learn every possible area in the fitness business. Took me a few years to decide to get back to my passion with is transforming people’s bodies.

I took part in a pro bodybuilding competition to learn the extreme levels of training and nutrition necessary for a “stage” body. I continued to learn until today about training and nutrition, helping hundreds of people to achieve their fitness goals.

Currently, I own a Personal/Group Training Studio where the focus is to deliver results.

2. I know from experience that you’re a popular personal trainer and are fully booked up. What makes your approach different from other trainers?

Thank you. I believe it is where my focus is. My focus is on the clients, to help them to achieve their goals. To do that, deliver results, I’m willing to keep improving myself about the factors of body transformation, which most the people think it’s just nutrition and training, but along the years and experience, I understand that there is much more than that.


  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Recovering time
  • Stress management

I believe what makes me different is the willingness to dig in deep to “rescue” a client from where they are when they come and see me and to Take them where they want to be.

It’s a journey together to accomplish a specific goal, embracing the challenges together, coaching, mentoring, and “been there” for the clients.

3. I was impressed with your knowledge of training and nutrition but what inspired me was your passion. So, motivates you? What is your why?

Well, I don’t consider myself “motivated” I just feel that I have a purpose in life. The fact that I can help someone to get better, it’s fulfilling for me.

Not only to lose weight or gain muscle or achieving an amazing physique but the fact of the inside out transformation that this person would have to go through in order to achieve their desired outcome.

It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you can genuinely help and change someone’s life. I do have the “drive” to improve myself as much as I can. I also have a dream to become a millionaire, and that dream turned into a plan, and if I won’t make that happen I must be driven, doing my best every day.

My mind works very simple: I have only one life, I will do the best what I can do, be the best who I can be, help as many people as I can.

My mind works very simply: I have only one life, I will do the best what I can do, be the best who I can be, help as many people as I can, become wealthy so I can help thousands of people, take care of my family, so on …

I believe in my life’s Purpose, My “drive” and the accomplishment of the goal that I have set for myself.

4. I know you’re constantly looking to improve yourself both physically and mentally. Can you describe some of the practices that have really worked for you.

The Detox Guy playing golfSure.

Physically I train 2 to 3 times a week in the gym and on the weekends I keep myself active with my daughter playing by the beach or swimming, or cycling, doing some outdoor activities.

Nutrition is on point and sometimes I reward myself with some “delicious “ meals.

Mentally, I would say I’m very aware and concern about the environment I live in, making sure these external factors don’t disturb my vision, my health, and who I am. I do make decisions often “yes and no” kind of thing to protect my wellbeing.

I do turn off my phone on weekends to stay connected to my family and myself. I read. I don’t watch TV. I go to the beach and spend at least 30 minutes to 1 hour by myself where I reset my mind and body, which makes me feel in peace and ready to continue the journey.

5. What’s been your proudest achievement both personally and career-wise?

My proudest achievement personally was and is my self-transformation, who I have become over the years, the “driven” guy who I mentioned before. That self transformation is the biggest personal achievement of my life.

Anyone who went through this “AWAKENING” will understand what I’m saying. Living life with a purpose with unstoppable full potential through daily actions.

Living life with a purpose with unstoppable full potential through daily actions.

Career-wise is the fact of being self-employed. Freedom.

I’m not talking about the freedom of hours but the life certainty of being an entrepreneur, creating, generating, instead just doing a job and just getting paid to do it.

Freedom and Potential, if that makes sense to you?

A career that I put my work around my life, and not my life around my work.

6. Knowing you for a few months now I know you have a busy schedule, but you still manage to keep in shape. How often do you work out and for how long?

2 to 3 times a week, 45 minutes to 1 hour each time.

7. So I recently followed your 28-day Detox Diet Plan and lost 5kg. Can you tell us a bit more about the plan and why it’s so successful for your clients?

The plan is successful because it is a re-education of eating habits and it’s not a “diet” plan where people have a misconception of “cutting” food intake.

They slowly understand how their body works and realize that they can eat, actually can eat a lot, and yet still losing weight. But the main thing is that because they follow the plan for 4 weeks at least, they actually don’t eat any junk food.

What I’m saying is, that it is important to know what to eat but it’s essential or crucial to avoid harmful processed food and all the “bad stuff” that will lead people to obesity.

More than what to do, it is important to avoid what is known to be bad”Rafael Duro

The success of the plan is what you learn whilst doing it as well as the consistency of 4 weeks not eating bad stuff.

8. What are your plans for the future? What’s your vision for the next 12-24 months?

Serve more people. Help more people. Build more freedom in my life.

Continue growing and make progress each day.

Thanks Rafael. Anyone looking to get top notch fitness and nutrition advice can check out his site –
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