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Koala Food Super Greens Review

Koala Food Super Greens, produced by online fitness sensation and actor Calum Von Moger’s brand, Staunch, is a popular super greens formula. The formula contains grasses, algae, fruit, and digestive enzymes, with the brand claiming it contains 16 servings of organic fruit and vegetables.

Although the use of organic fruit and vegetables might suggest that the formula is organic, it’s not actually certified organic. The brand hasn’t confirmed if the formula is vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free.

I’m really keen to take a closer look at this formula, to see if it’s really as good as Von Moger’s social media channels suggest, or if the popularity of this supplement is due to his personal fans. Hopefully, it’ll be as good as the fitness enthusiast CEO suggests!

Are you thinking about purchasing Koala Food Super Greens and wanting to read a comprehensive view of it first? Or perhaps you’re a regular Lifehacker Guy reader keen to take a look at a new formula? Either way, check out my Staunch Koala Food Super Greens Review below.

Koala Food Super Greens review

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Koala Food Super Greens First Impressions

I have to say, I’m not overly impressed or blown away by the Staunch website at an initial glance. The branding isn’t aesthetically pleasing, in my eyes, and there’s not a lot of informative content about the supplements on the site.

Nonetheless, there’s a wide selection of supplements on the site, as well as apparel, fitness programs and there’s even a blog! So, it is promising, even if the site doesn’t attract me initially as a potential customer.

Looking at the Koala Food Super Greens formula, I’m once again left feeling underwhelmed, unfortunately. There’s very little information about the ingredients, the benefits of the formula, how to take the formula, etc.

I’m hoping that when I take a closer look into this formula, I’m impressed by it.

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Background on Staunch

Staunch, a fitness supplement and apparel brand, was created by Australian actor, bodybuilder, and social media sensation Calum Von Moger in 2017.

The brand’s most popular supplements are the protein powder and BCAA formula, showing that Staunch really is a fitness brand, not a wellbeing brand. Nonetheless, Koala Food Super Greens is up there in popularity.

Due to Von Moger’s fandom and success and the fact that he promotes it over all of his channels, the brand is growing in popularity exponentially. However, is this success due to high-quality supplements, or because of his personal fanbase? Let’s figure it out!

Super Greens Benefits

There’s hardly any information about the Koala Food Super Greens on the Staunch website, which is a real shame. All the brand says about the formula is that it contains a combination of “16 fruits and veggies combined with digestive enzymes to ensure digestion and absorption”.

It seems strange to me that there’s information about the digestive enzymes (albeit a small amount of information), but none about the main part of the formula – the super greens!

Staunch definitely shouldn’t presume that potential customers will know what the benefits of super greens are, and it’s definitely disappointing that there’s a lack of information about benefits.

The ingredients within this formula will if sufficiently dosed, support the digestive system, boost energy levels, push toxins from the body, and support overall health.

However, without knowledge of super greens, a potential customer would be unaware of these potential benefits.

Koala Food Super Greens Ingredients

There are 20 ingredients in the Koala Food Super Greens formula, including flavoring ingredients.

Unfortunately, these ingredients exist in proprietary blends and therefore, it’s impossible to know how much of each ingredient actually exists within the formula. I’m going to take a much closer look at the proprietary blend issue later in this review, of course, but first, let’s take a look at the ingredients.

Here is the complete list of its ingredients:
  • Organic Greens Blend (4,000mg) – Organic Kale, Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Spinach, Organic Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Moringa, Organic Acacia Fiber
  • Organic Fruits Blend (1,400mg) – Organic Pineapple, Organic Freeze Dried Coconut Water Powder, Organic Acerola Cherry, Organic Pomegranate, Organic Goji Berry
  • Digestive Enzymes Complex (500mg) – Lipase (12,000 FIP/g), Bromelain (2,300 GDU/g), Protease (500.00 HUT/g), Amylase (100.00 DU/g)
  • Other Ingredients – Natural Flavors, Malic Acid, Stevia Extract

Here is the supplement facts label:

Koala Super Greens ingredients label

How does Koala super Greens Taste?

Koala Food Super Greens is available in two flavors – Apple Cinnamon and Peach Mango. Both formulas are flavored with natural flavorings and sweetened with malic acid and stevia extract.

There’s a real lack of customer reviews about this product online, but the ones that are there are positive about the taste of the formula and say that the formula mixes well.

Side Effects

Koala Food Super Greens does have a warning label – the formula is not suitable for anyone that’s under 18 years old. The brand also suggests that if you’re on prescription medication or you have an illness, you should consult your doctor before consumption. In addition, if you’re going into surgery, the consumption of this formula should be stopped two weeks in advance.

It’s great that Staunch has put warning information on this product, and all I would add is that if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid consuming this formula or consult a doctor first if you’re set on consuming it.

Does Koala Super Greens Work?

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, Koala Food Super Greens is made of proprietary blends, meaning that the formula doesn’t have a fully disclosed ingredients label. This means that it’s impossible to know how much of each ingredient exists within the formula.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t consume something unless I know what’s in it, and the same goes for amounts with supplements – I would never consume a supplement that contained an undisclosed amount of each ingredient.

Although it’s impossible to know exactly how much of each ingredient exists within the formula, it’s possible to make an informed estimation of whether the super greens ingredients are sufficiently dosed or not.

I’m not confident the formula will actually work as suggested due to the fact that the formula doesn’t have a fully disclosed ingredients label.

The Organic Greens Blend weighs 4,000mg (4g) and contains 8 ingredients.

Out of these ingredients, spirulina, wheatgrass, moringa, and chlorella have recommended doses. Combined, the recommended dose of these ingredients is 8g. So, it’s physically impossible for this blend to contain sufficiently dosed ingredients, especially seeing as there are only 4 ingredients out of the 8!

As well as this underdosed blend, another thing that concerns me about this formula is the fact that the whole ingredients within the blend only add up to 5.9g per serving, but the recommended serving size is 8.22g, meaning the flavoring ingredients make up for 2.32g of the formula per serving!

Overall, I’m not confident that the Koala Food Super Greens formula will actually work as suggested due to the fact that the formula doesn’t have a fully disclosed ingredients label.

Spirulina powder

Koala Food Super Greens Reviews

Surprisingly for a brand that is apparently so popular, there’s a real shortage of reviews of this product. There are only 6 ratings of this product on Amazon, containing only 2 full reviews, and there aren’t even any reviews of the product on the Staunch website.

So, unfortunately, there isn’t a wide range of reviews for us to take a look at!

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at the 2 reviews of the product on Amazon.

Tastes great. Blends super easily. Wish the opening of the can was a little wider.5-star review

Just got it today. I have to say for the price I am disappointed that when I opened it to see that it was halfway full.3-star review

Money-Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Staunch states that it offers a money-back guarantee, but only on unused bottles, so it’s not really a money-back guarantee! If you want to return any of the brand’s products, you will need to return them in their original condition to qualify for a refund.

Where to buy?

You can buy Koala Food Super Greens from the Staunch website and on Amazon.

Is It Worth The Price?

One tub of Koala Food Super Greens contains 30 servings of formula and costs $44. Therefore, the cost per serving of the formula works out at $1.47.

Surprisingly, unlike most supplement brands, Staunch doesn’t offer any kind of subscription option or discount if you order multiple tubs of formula. This seems a little bit of a shame, and it would be great to see the brand offering some kind of discount to potential customers, plus, it would also benefit the brand!

I would say that the cost per serving of $1.47 is probably a mid-range price for a super greens powder, but since the formula is made up of proprietary blends and most likely doesn’t contain sufficiently dosed ingredients, it’s expensive for what it is.

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, my first impressions seem to have been spot on of the Koala Food Super Greens formula, after looking more closely at it.

I simply can’t look past the fact that the formula is made up of proprietary blends and most likely doesn’t have sufficiently dosed ingredients. I also don’t appreciate the lack of reviews of the formula, especially when the brand is supposed to be so popular.

The lack of information and the mid-range cost of the formula also doesn’t impress me.

Since all of these aspects are so important to me, I wouldn’t recommend the Koala Food Super Greens formula, unfortunately. Instead, I would suggest purchasing a formula that has a fully disclosed ingredients label and contains sufficiently dosed ingredients.

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