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MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens Review

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MacroLife Superfoods MacroGreensI’ve been looking into super greens blends for a while now and am yet to find the brand and blend which most appeals to me. The majority of products on the market seem, to me, to be relatively expensive or disappointingly low on information around ingredients.

So I was surprised to come across MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens, which (at the outset at least) seem to be good value for money.

There are quite a few ingredients in this greens powder supplements, a trend you see in many products trying to cover all the bases. The question is will there be sufficient amounts here to have much, if any effect?

So, let’s jump in and see if MacroLife Macro Greens is a contender for me daily greens.

First Impressions

Sylia Ortiz- and Dr WagnerTaking a look at the MacroLife Naturals website I can immediately see the appeal of these products. The marketing is slick, the back-story is compelling and the founder has an established health and fitness background.

Looking at the testimonials (which this company calls ‘success stories’) I can see that people identify with the brand and many credit their product with either great gains in their health and wellbeing or weight loss. I give further detail in the ‘reviews’ section below.

Talking of testimonials – with all this research this is something I now expect companies to be transparent and upfront with. I don’t think it’s particularly honest to only include ‘success stories’ but I can see that from a marketing perspective it gives a compelling personal angle to the sale of this type of products.

Below I’ll take a closer look at Macro Greens to see how it stacks up.

Background on MacroLife Naturals

Before I embark on my Macro Greens review, let’s take a look at the company as a whole. Founded by ‘fitness guru’, entrepreneur and nutritional expert Sylvia Ortiz, and backed by Dr Edward Wagner, MacroLife Naturals have become renowned for their ‘Miracle Reds’ and ‘Macro Greens’ formulas.

Macrolife Greens and Red supplements

You may have heard of Ortiz – she pioneered the ‘Rebound’ exercise phenomenon (workouts designed around the small trampoline now seen in every gym), so she already had a name for herself in health and wellbeing.

Unsurprisingly the duo branched into wellness products and so MacroLife Naturals came into being.

Claiming that the formulation of Macro Greens helped to bring her own son back to good health (having been overweight, depressed and suffering from health issues), the company claims to now produce one of the most popular greens blends on the market.

Macro Greens Superfood Ingredients

The headline for the ingredients and their claims are as follows:

  • 38 nutrient rich superfoods
  • 18 billion probiotics
  • Richest alkaline greens formula
  • Contains 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Boosts energy and supports natural weight loss
  • Supports healthy immunity
  • Promotes gentle daily cleansing
  • Herbal antioxidants; aloe vera, ginkgo, grape seed extract
  • Voted “best tasting greens”
  • Non-GMO, vegan, gluten and dairy-free

A serving is around 1 tablespoon (9.4g) and the thirty-eight superfoods ingredients are categorised on the label under a number of proprietary blends, but I am very pleased to see that the Superfood blend is quantified into each specific ingredient. THIS ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS!

Macrogreens supplement label

The Nutrient-rich Super Food Blend (1735mg) contains Organic barley grass juice powder (1250mg), organic spirulina powder (300mg), Chlorella (cracked cell) (100mg), spinach leaf powder (83mg), Policosinol (2mg); let me say it again, this is a revelation to find so much transparency on the label!

  • The Non-Dairy Probiotic Cultures claims to contain 18 billion probiotic bacteria from five different strains of bacteria;
  • Antioxidant proprietary blend (1430mg) containing acerola, milk thistle, green tea extract, grape seed, ginkgo biloba;
  • Adaptogenic and Metabolic Herbs blend (2808mg) contains horsetail, licorice, ginger, parsley, astragalus and echinacea;
  • Fibers (1225mg) such as apple pectin;
  • Harmonizing and Support Herbs (proprietary blend – 1475mg) containing aloe vera leaf powder, beetroot powder and watercress leaf powder;
  • Digestive enzymes (proprietary blend – 200mg)

One of the claims of this particular product is that one glass contains five servings of fruits and vegetables – this isn’t unusual for a greens / vegetables powder to claim, but I do find it somewhat misleading. glass contains five servings of fruits and vegetables – this isn’t unusual for a greens / vegetables powder to claim, but I do find it somewhat misleading.

There are obviously a multitude of other ingredients in this blend, not just fruits and vegetables, and as such the veggies servings must be diluted somewhat. Can a greens blend be all things? Rich in protein, fiber, probiotics, superfoods, the list is seemingly endless!

How Does Macro Greens Superfood Taste?

They say it themselves on the tin – they’re voted the ‘best tasting greens’ so how does the taste of Macro Greens superfood stack up?

I’ve taken a look at what people say about the taste of MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens.

One reviewer claims it is:

tasty – it tastes a lot like a milder version of Athletic Greens, which is one of the best-tasting greens powders I’ve tried. It’s quite mild, and although it’s dairy-free it tastes both creamy and a little bit fruity, almost like a berry yogurt. It’s definitely one of the best tasting greens powders I’ve tried, but it’s mild enough that it can disappear into any smoothie.

Whereas another (on Amazon) only gives one star – ‘tastes terrible’.

As with most super greens blends you would need to have an idea what the expected taste would be, otherwise you could try blending it with a smoothie or into a different recipe.

The MacroLife Naturals website does suggest that you don’t blend with citrus juice (as this will eliminate the effectiveness of healthy gut bacteria, apparently).

Side Effects

This product stands apart from some other super greens blends in that it contains digestive enzymes. These may assist in digestive health, along with the probiotic blend.

There has been plenty of research on the effectiveness of probiotics, and the results are in the eye of the beholder (so to speak), but it is likely that taking bacteria is mostly effective for treating specific digestive tract issues such as diarrhoea.

To read more about this you can look online here

One reviewer (‘success story’ from the MacroLife Naturals website) claims that her ‘elimination is regular’ due to this product.

The evidence behind taking a probiotics in super greens though is by no means conclusive though!

Does Macro Greens Superfood Actually Work?

Quoted on their website as ‘completely nutritious, builds health and cleanses the system’, this is of course difficult to quantify. I suppose it would depend what you set out to achieve with the greens blend.

People seem to take these products for such a plethora of reasons, and find health benefits from all angles: from stronger hair and nails to better bowel health, weight loss, fewer migraines, increased energy, better sleep. The list is seemingly endless.

But this to me is the power of marketing. If you tell someone they will have perceived benefits if they replace something they are already eating or taking with your product, they are likely to look for results.

Macro Greens Superfoods blend seems to be a little low in quantity of ingredients, so I doubt how effective the results of taking particular ingredients would be.

For me the Macro Greens Superfoods blend seems to be a little low in quantity of ingredients, so I doubt how effective the results of taking particular ingredients would be. Perhaps that means this isn’t the blend for me. However I do have to state again how surprised I was to find the transparent labelling in this area.

Spirulina powder organicTake, for example, the Organic Barley Grass (1250mg) used in this superfoods blend. I struggled to find any information on this on my go-to science-based information site Examine. I do however find a wealth of information on which recommends taking 15g per day for an effect on lowering cholesterol.

The next most-potent ingredient in the Macro Greens Superfoods blend is spirulina (300mg) which has a decent write up on but again recommends between 1-8g intake per day for health benefits.

So, the fact is the two main ingredients in this supplement are well below the recommended serving amount to be effective.

Macro Greens Superfood Customer Reviews

As I have mentioned there are plenty of ‘success stories’ to read on the MacroLife Naturals About Us pages. I’ve also taken a look at the reviews on Amazon just to make sure I have a balanced view of the products – this is important as I don’t feel the MacroLife website is the most honest and impartial place to go and look for reviews.

There are 658 reviews of MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens Superfood 30 oz on Amazon at the time of writing, and 549 are positive reviews. A sample of these are below;

Excellent quality – very good value

The absolute best green drink I’ve ever had

Tried hard to work with the taste of this … can’t do full dose

Love most of the ingredients but this has a strong stevia flavor which I don’t care for

Just as an aside there is a live issue at the moment with products which may (or may not) contain lead. Many of the comments and reviews on Amazon are concerned with this, and an area of the MacroLife Naturals website deals with some of these concerns. I won’t go into it but you can read more here.

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

I tried to find information on any money back or returns policy on the MacroLife Naturals website, but I had to do a little digging. Firstly there is no drop-down menu so I entered it into the search box and no results were found.

So I assume there is no such guarantee otherwise they would be promoting it! This is very poor and somewhat surprising when I haven’t seen a daily green supplement that doesn’t support their product by a guarantee – I am thinking of Yuri Energy Greens here and their 365 day guarantee!

Where to Buy Macro Greens Superfood?

Macro Greens are available on the MacroLife Naturals website and also at

If you buy through the MacroLife Naturals website and participate in the Club MacroLife frequent buyer scheme you benefit from 30% discount plus free shipping.

Is It Worth the Price?

This is a relatively inexpensive product at $49.50 USD for 30 servings (10 oz) on the MacroLife Naturals website, with the added benefit that you can purchase a full 90-day supply ($114.95 USD for 30 oz).

It’s unlikely you would need to reorder very frequently and that to me is a bonus. There are also individual servings and a 6-servings (2 oz) tub available on the MacroLife Naturals site which I find appealing if you wanted to try without buying a full tub.

On Amazon the price is around $60 USD for the 30 oz tub.

Macro Greens doesn’t include as much of the most potent ingredients as I would like to see in my super greens formulation

I like the fact that you know (a little more about) what is inside the tin due to the ingredients listing, but having said that Macro Greens doesn’t include as much of the most potent ingredients as I would like to see in my super greens formulation.

The Bottom Line

As with many of the products available on the market the use of proprietary blends is a little disappointing, however they have chosen to specify how much of each ingredient in the Superfoods blend is included, and this is a definite plus point.

Too many companies choose not to do this, and I find it frustrating and disappointing. In fact I can’t believe that people part with their money so willingly to buy products which are unclear about their ingredients.

If you want to take a super greens powder every day the overall appeal of this product seems to be the taste, value for money and the strength of claims and testimonials available on (the MacroLife Naturals) site.

I, however, will continue to search for a product which ticks more boxes for me, and I will update as I go.

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JAY - a couple of months ago

I liked your review and was not looking for a super super food and this seemed to fit the bill for me. I bought the green & reds and alternate days with it. I got quite an alert hit out of the reds but not the green, almost a little bit much at first so I alternate days and drink it now over the space of a day until my system gets used to all the new ingredients I haven t had before. It is easy to drink, add it to fruit drink if you like. Highly recommend it , good price for the amount you get. thanks again for your review it was very balanced.

    Life Hacker Guy - a couple of months ago

    Thanks Jay for the feedback – good to get recommendations on how to take these products!


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