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MADMONQ Review: Brain Booster for Gamers

MadMONQ Brain Boosting Gaming Supplement

MADMONQ is a brain boosting supplement designed to help gamers reach the next level.

This isn’t the first time I have taken a look at an e-sports nutrition supplement, I checked out G Fuel some months ago. I wasn’t exactly blown away by these gaming powder drinks, so I was hoping that MADMONQ’s brain boosting tablets offered much more.

I am taking a look at version two of this gaming brain pill today, which has been promoted to offer next level focus & reaction times, boost energy, help memory and recovery. All of these they claim can aid your gaming performance.

Catering to the growing e-gaming community I am exciting to take a look at version two of this nootropic supplements, so let’s check out my full MADMONQ review.

MADMONQ branding version two

MADMONQ First Impressionss

A quick look at the packaging and you can’t help but be impressed. It’s very well designed and appeals to the gaming community with its dark purple and pinks.

For me this looked much better than the G Fuel products I looked at previously. In my opinion MadMONQ looks more performance oriented than the cartoon like G Fuel branding.

I took a quick peek at the formula and was really pleased to see that all the ingredients are shown. This mean’t that I could properly evaluate if this formula can really make a difference to your cognitive performance.

Background on MADMONQ

MADMONQ was founded out of love for gaming and wanting to push the boundaries of performance by offering a “no-nonsense” nutritional supplement to boost mental performance.

With the level of gaming increasing from both a tech perspective and expertise of gamers themselves, they found an opportunity to combine herbs that aim cognitive ability into a tasty tablet.

MADMONQ is a European start-up brand that’s been developed in the Czech Republic. The founder Michal is a keen gamer and has a strong personal interest in superfoods. He combined both his passions to develop MADMONQ for himself and fellow gamers.

I really enjoy reading backstories of brands like this, much better than a faceless corporation.

Fans of the brand can also shop for merchandise in their store, where T-shirts, beanies and Hoodies are also available. The MAD T-shirt looks pretty cool.

MADMONQ Ingredients

I was delighted to see that MADMONQ had revealed all their ingredients and importantly their amounts in their formula. With transparent labelling we can really delve into each ingredient and assess if the formula is any good, or just simply loaded with fillers!

Each chewable tablet contains:

Caffeine 160mg, L-Carnitine 50mg, L-Theanine 52.5mg, L-Tyrosine 130mg, Siberian Ginseng 1000mg, Bacopa Monnieri 21.2mg, Rhodiola Root Extract 10mg, Blueberry Fruit Extract 20mg, Vitamin B6 3.5mg, Vitamin B12 100mcg, and Zinc 2.5mg. Spectra Antioxidant blend (50mg) – 29 extracts of fruit, veggies and herbs.

It’s worth highlighting that each tablet is sugar free, which is great to see as many “energy formulas” can be a little too sugar heavy.

MADMONQ Version 2.0: The MADMONQ formula has improved from the first edition and now includes more and better ingredients, which is great to see. Be wary of the caffeine content though, especially if you are taking 2 tablets per day.

How to Take MADMONQ Tablets?

It’s really easy to take MADMONQ tablets you simply chew or suck one tablet 15-20 minutes before gaming.

For faster acting results then it’s suggested to chew the tablets.

Don’t get too carried away though with these tablets, as you are advised to only take a maximum of 2 tablets in one day. Be sure to take them separately though and not too late in the day as they contain caffeine.

MAD Monq chewable tablets

Any Side Effects?

There is caffeine (155mg) in each tablet and so anyone likely to be sensitive to caffeine will not tolerant this too well. Taking the maximum dosage of two tablets means you’re ingesting a fair amount of a caffeine, so you may want to limit other sources of caffeine.

So, I am talking to you fellow coffee fans out there, watch your caffeine intake with these tablets!

Does MADMONQ Actually Work?

To know if this supplement will do anything for your focus and performance we need to delve into the MADMONQ formula.

The first questions I have is whether a particular formula is strong enough and contains the proper dosage, or at least the minimum effective dosage to make any difference.


There are some interesting ingredients in the MADMONQ formula although I wasn’t too much of a fan of the amount of caffeine, mainly because I do enjoy my coffee and felt taking both would be too much.

As shown on the box, one tablet is the same as three coffees. This is not entirely true as the average cup of coffee has 95mg of caffeine and so each tablet has similar caffeine amount to 1.5 cups of coffee.

The combination of Caffeine and L-Theanine is common in supplements to counterbalance the stimulatory effects of pure caffeine. This can work to downplay the jittery type effects of caffeine, which means you’re less likely to experience negative side effects.

I would say the formula is great for a caffeine and Siberian Ginseng source with some amino acids, but it’s very low on the adaptogenic herbs.

So, I cannot ignore the inclusion of a the special blend of fruits, veggies and herbs – the Spectra Antioxidant blend (50mg). This is a trademarked proprietary blend of ingredients that has been scientifically validated to inhibit free radical production, optimize cellular metabolic activity, and increase nitric oxide levels within our bodies.

Manufactured by FutureCeuticals, Inc., I recently reviewed another supplement that contained Spectra, Ageless male max. has been shown to (if you love the science you can check out the scientific paper here).

Some of the ingredients are really underdosed in this formula.

For example, the 20mg serving of Rhodiola root extract is unlikely to do much, if actually anything. According to the research you need at least 200-300mg to experience the performance-enhancing effects (source).

The same goes for Brahmi leaf extract (Bacopa monnieri) where dosages of 300-450mg per day are required (source).

In terms of effectiveness then, I would say the formula is great for a caffeine and Siberian Ginseng source with some amino acids, but it’s very low on the adaptogenic herbs.

This is where a powder supplement offers a big advantage of tablets and capsules as you can achieve much higher dosages of the ingredients to actually be effective. And actually this is what we did with the brain nutrients in my supplement, where we included 300mg of Rhodiola root extract and 300mg Bacopa monnieri per serving.

MADMONQ Customer Reviews

I struggled to find any third party customer reviews of MADMONQ as they only stock on the official website. Not all customers on the official site give feedback but here are some:

I use Madmonq for studying and it works for me. I don’t get the negative results that come to me with coffee, my attention is improved and it tastes good.MeowDevil

It works and it tastes well. Do I need anything else? Perhaps bigger package for better price… but that’s it.Morwud

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

I struggled to find any money-back guarantee and it’s only on the terms and conditions page could I find their refund policy.

Basically, they only offer the standard returns legally required. And so, if you change your mind you have 14-days to return the product back to them (at your cost) and they will process the refund AS LONG as it’s not been opened.

Would have been nice to have seen some sort of money-back guarantee, but this is not typical for this type of product.

Where to Buy MADMONQ?

I could only find MADMONQ available on the official website here.

Is It Worth the Price?

Each bottle costs 24.95 Euros for 28 tablets, which works out to be 89 cents per tablet. But consider that if you take the suggested 2 tablets each day then one bottle is only going to last you 14 days. So, bear this in mind when chewing these each day that you may end up paying closer to 50 Euros for a months supply.

The Bottom Line

The formula has definitely improved from the first edition of MADMONQ and at this price point will suit many gamers looking for a performance increase.

Personally I would prefer MADMONQ over something like G Fuel even though you can have more ingredients in a powder. You can see this in terms of some of the ingredients in MADMONQ is underdosed (e.g. adaptogenic herbs).

If you are really keen to experience the brain focus and boosting benefits of the ingredients in MADMONQ then you may be better off going with a powder supplement that has these in larger quantities, for example, SuperGreen TONIK – a greens powder that fuels both body and mind, adding a greens powder to your diet is also better for your health.

I like the fact that the company are continually evolving their product as we can see they are offering the upgraded Madmonq 2.0. This shows a company is looking to improve and not stick with an out-of-date formula.

MADMONQ looks to be a good supplement that will suit the budget of any gamers. So, if you’re looking for that extra edge and are fine with caffeine then I would recommend checking out this egaming supplement.

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