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Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro Review: All Round Nootropic Supplement?

Written by Adam

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Mind Lab Pro boxIf you’re searching for Mind Lab Pro reviews then you most likely know about nootropics and looking for a supplement to boost cognition, improve memory and focus.

This is exactly how I came across this supplement!

Since starting this blog I have been on the search for productivity hacks and changing habits to improve my life. A big part of this involves improving my brain power through better focus, concentration and memory.

If the claims are to be believed, all these cognitive conditions can be optimised using Mind Lab Pro’s universal nootropic – the one nootropic formula for all.

This brand is hard to ignore as lots of sites praise this self-claimed “universal nootropic”. I am keen to see if Mind Lab Pro is the real deal and the go to nootropic stack to give me peak mental performance!

First Impressions

A quick search online for the best nootropic supplements and you soon come across the brand Mind Lab Pro.

The branding looks the part and takes very much the medical approach in terms of white box/bottle with black and blue writing, which is fairly typical for prescription type drugs.

The official website is clean and instills confidence, unlike many of the nootropic brands online. This stand out from the crowd by moving away from the clutter and psycho babble seen in other inferior nootropic supplements – overall I have to say I really like it.

What also makes this supplement persuasive are the Mind Lab Pro stories that features professionals from Clinical Neuropsychologist, Chess player, Attorney, Professional Poker player, even a base jumper!

The team behind Mind Lab Pro are clever (maybe they really do take their own product!) using professionals from different walks of life that rely on being 100% focused and being mentally at the top of their game.

Background on Opti Nutra Limited

The company behind Mind Lab Pro is based in the United Kingdom called Opti-Nutra Limited who were founded in 2015. So, this company has been around for 4 years already. Alongside their flagship nootropic brand they also produce a range of supplements called Performance Lab.

Split into two brands called the “core range” and “sport range”, Performance Lab have a supplement for all your needs. Be it improved sleep, more energy, better vision, pre and post workout, and your every-day multivitamin.

Opti Nutra Limited have no negative reviews in the 4 years they’ve been trading!

Although we don’t know the team behind this brand there doesn’t appear to be any negative reviews about the company itself.

All their supplements are formulated in the UK but manufactured in the USA (New Jersey) where all their ingredients are sourced.

Mind Lab Pro box and capsules

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

I really like the fact that Mind Lab Pro reveals every single ingredient amount in their formula. There is no attempt to hide ingredients in exotic proprietary blends like many supplement companies on the market.

A number of the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro can be seen in my SuperGreen TONIK supplement but in slightly higher dosages (for example Bacopa Monnieri, 300mg and Rhodiola Rosea, 300mg). This is possible because my supplement is in powder form and not restricted to the smaller quantity available in capsules.

Some ingredients are best taken in capsule form though as from experience they really do taste foul, such as Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Other noteworthy ingredients in their formula include Phosphatidylserine (PS) and Maritime Pine Bark Extract.

A quick observation to make here that in 2017 the formula was adapted to remove a few ingredients and to replace with more effective ones. All based on the aim of improving the effectiveness of the Mind Lab Pro formula. I like the fact they genuinely seem to care about this and are focused on maintaining a top quality product.

What’s inside the Mind Lab Pro formula?

There are 11 ingredients in the formula that they claim are supported by research for the amounts included in the blend. There are certainly plenty of clinical studies quoted to support this claim. I check over these and comment on this a bit later on.

You can see all the ingredients in the label below.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients label

A bottle of Mind Lab Pro contains 60 capsules, with each serving size being two plant-caps vegan capsules per day.

I have an interest in nootropic ingredients as I have used some of these before, so I wanted to check out these in more detail to see how effective they can really be.

Citicoline as Cognizin® (250 mg)

cognizinCognizin® is a patented form of citicoline with clinically proven by multiple human clinical trial to have brain benefits such as better brain energy, mental performance.

Cognizin® Citicoline has been shown in human research to promote mood balance, memory, attention, focus and concentration. Long term, it may help maintain healthy brain function against age-related structural changes and mental decline.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) as Sharp PS® Green (100 mg)

phosphatidylserineAn excellent ingredient for brain health as it contains a phospholipid compound that comprises 15% of the brain’s fats.

Evidence shows that as we age PS levels in the brain decline, along with many measures of cognitive performance.

So by boosting PS levels it could be possible to enhance brain integrity along with supporting brain cell energy production by enhancing glucose metabolism.

Bacopa Monnieri (150 mg)

bacopa nootropicAn excellent and powerful ingredient Bacopa has been linked with boosting memory along with accelerating mental processing, optimize cognition under stress, and promote relaxation.

The amount in Mind Lab Pro is a little low if taking a single dose per day and would liked to have seen 300mg per serving, which is something I did with my super greens nootropic formula.

Taking four capsules of Mind Lab Pro would give you the prerequisite 300mg dosage though.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (500 mg)

lions mane mushroomThe only mushroom that has been shown to contain active nootropics and to be potent ingredient to boost cognition.

Type of Lions mane Mushroom used here is the full-spectrum which supplies all the mushroom’s active constituents, including brain-boosting hericenones and erinacines.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom to significant cognitive improvements in adults aged 50-80 with mild cognitive impairment.

Who is Mind Lab Pro For?

Pretty much anyone can take Mind Lab Pro. I mean who doesn’t want better focus and memory?

That said, the one nootropic formula for all targets students, athletes, competitors, professionals and active 55+ groups.

Any Mind Lab Pro Side Effects?

All the ingredients in the formula are safe to consume and well tolerated, so it’s very unlikely any negative side effects will be experienced. There are also no stimulants inside and so no chance of feeling wired after taking these capsules.

When taking any over the counter supplements you need to be smart though. If you’re taking any medication or have any pre-existing health condition then it’s best to check with your doctor first.

Does Mind Lab Pro Actually Work?

The effectiveness of any supplement comes down to two things, the ingredients used and their amounts. So, it’s fairly straight forward to establish if a supplement has any chance of working or not.

Big Plus: Thankfully the guys behind Mind Lab Pro fully disclose their formula and so we can make this judgement call. I talk about the significance of this in my article – are supplement companies lying to us.

The main ingredients focused on (no pun intended) are Citicoline (using the patented form Cognizin), Phosphatidylserine (PS) (patented form Sharp-PS® Green), Lions Mane Mushroom and Bacopa Monnieri.

(There are seven other ingredients but the focus is very much on these four)

It’s worth highlighting that the primary ingredients use a branded version. This means they are patented, trademarked forms of nutrients, which means they could offer over advantage over ”plain” nutrient forms.

What sets Mind Lab Pro apart from other Nootropics?

Many nootropic supplements focus on one or possibly two aspects of brain function. It could be improving focus or maybe it’s memory. Mind Lab Pro looks to boost four areas of your mental performance; Memory, Performance, Mindset and neural structure.

They argue that combining these four categories can give you 100% brain power.

This also forms the basis for their claims of helping you to “fire on all cylinders” along with excelling across all types of cognitive processing. Whether it be learning, memory and recall, strategic thinking, attention, focus, drive, motivation, concentration, creativity, mental processing speed, improved mood and relaxation.

This is illustrating in their rather fancy looking strategy chart shows.

Mind Lab Pro strategy chart

Whilst it’s very unlikely you can actually use 100% of your brain, the ingredients in the formula have been shown in separate clinical trials to optimise and boost cognition.

When Will I Notice Results Taking Mind Lab Pro?

Ultimately there is no point taking any nootropic supplement if it takes forever to work, or not at all which can be the case with inferior brands!

However you need to be realistic here, unlike the film Limitless would have you believe, you not going to be taking Mind Lab Pro and feel like a genius within minutes!

That said, taking the Mind Lab Pro capsules consistently over 1-2 weeks you should start to see results. The key here is take the recommended serving size every day!

There are also longer-term benefits to taking a supplement like this too, as Mind Lab Pro suggest taking over an extended period of time…

nourishes the brain for long-term healthy function – helping to counter brain aging while maintaining healthy brain structure and neural plasticity

Mind Lab Pro Customer Reviews

There are really no shortage of reviews from customers who have genuinely used Mind Lab Pro. The official site shows 522 customer reviews aggregated from third party review platform, yotpo.com – at the time of completed my review.

The fact they use another platform to provide the reviews gives greater confidence that these are real and not fabricated.

Here is a quick screenshot of three of the reviews taken from their website:

Mind Lab Pro reviews

How to Take Mind Lab Pro

Using Mind Lab Pro is real easy, you simply take two with food in the morning or early afternoon.

Although the usage guidelines recommend to take just one serving (2 capsules) per day, you can increase to two servings per day if required. Remember though by doing so will mean your bottle won’t last a full month.

As with all over the counter dietary supplements, this is only recommended for over 18 year olds and should be avoided if taking medication or pregnant.

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

There is a standard 60-day money-back guarantee on every purchase of Mind Lab Pro. You can try out one complete bottle and if not satisfied you can contact their support team who will provide the return information.

As is usual with most supplement money-back guarantees the shipping costs aren’t refunded.

Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is only available online through the official website and Amazon.com.

Although I would buy from the official site for better prices, as going direct saves you 10% on the recommended retail price.

What’s the Cost of Mind Lab Pro?

The price for a good quality nootropic can vary but you can expect to pay at least $50 plus for a reliable brand. For a single bottle of Mind Lab Pro the cost is $65 with shipping costing $4.95 to $12.50 depending on where you live and shipping method.

If you’re serious about giving this supplement a try then you may wish to go for the 3-month supply at $195 because you not only get free shipping but they give you another box free too!

I wasn’t able to find any Mind Lab Pro coupons and so paid for one bottle to be shipped at full price.

No shady recurring billing with this nootropic brand – just pay for what you want or need!

I was glad to know that there are no recurring billing options available, and so there would be no way I would be tricked into being re-billed each month. Many supplement companies, especially nootropic brands, use this billing model that can leave you stuck paying for bottles you don’t want.

My Verdict: Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro reviewI have to say years ago when I first became aware of Mind Lab Pro I wasn’t blown away. Mostly because I wasn’t too familiar with these types of supplements. But now that I have researched nootropic supplements I realise this is actually pretty good.

There are some great ingredients in Mind Lab Pros nootropic formula. A few ingredients I felt were a little under-dosed but this is most likely because of the restrictions of capsule size.

The other real bonus for me is that this comprehensive nootropic supplement fully discloses their ingredient amounts. This is important as you can be confident the amounts are in the right amounts to actually work.

For an all-round nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro is one of the better brands to try and will be continuing finishing my bottle this month.

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