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Why Multivitamin Tablets Don’t Stand A Chance Against Greens Powders

Capsules and tablets vs powders

Multivitamins came onto the market in the mid 20th century, and they have been incredibly popular since, with everyone from tiny children to grown adults taking them, whether in gummy form, like syrup, or in the most commonly available, tablet form.

However, greens powders (with popularity really growing at the start of the 21st century) are the new craze, and the greens powder market is growing exponentially each year. So, it’s only natural that the question in everyone’s heads is,

“are greens powders better than multivitamins?”

This article is here to answer that!

Whether you’re someone that’s thinking about ditching your multivitamin tablets for a greens powder, you’re looking for the best type of all-round supplement to start consuming, or you’re a keen super greens drinker and want to remind yourself of the benefits of this kind of supplement, this article is for you!

So, let’s get into it and take a look at why multivitamins tablets don’t stand a chance against greens powders!

Greens powder for body inflammation

Multivitamins Are Typically Available in Tablet Form

The efficacy of any supplement you take is obviously incredibly important, otherwise, there’s no point in taking it, and unfortunately, it’s unclear if multivitamins will actually be effective.

Although multivitamins are sold in gummies and syrups for children and those that can’t swallow tablets, most of them are available in tablet or capsule form.

Multivitamin capsules are anywhere between 150mg – 600mg, meaning that they could be too small to actually be potent and contain a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals – this is definitely the case for the smaller capsules.

Multivitamins Are Synthetic

Multivitamins contain synthetic vitamins and minerals, and therefore they might not even be properly absorbed by the body. There’s actually been very little research done on whether synthetic multivitamins are actually effective and get absorbed as natural ingredients do.

In fact, some researchers actually suggest that taking synthetic multivitamins could be dangerous and actually do harm to the body, rather than benefitting it.

Realistically, the question is, why would you take something synthetic that might not benefit you and could cause you harm?

Most Multivitamins Aren’t Vegan

Although you might think that multivitamins are suitable for all, because that is how they’re marketed, most multivitamins aren’t vegan, and some aren’t even vegetarian.

Most of the vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 that feature in multivitamins are derived from animal products, and certain fillers such as glycerin can be made from animal oil.

Unless specified to be plant-based, most capsules are made from gelatin, obviously making these not suitable for vegans or vegetarians either.

Multivitamins Typically Contain Filler Ingredients

As mentioned briefly above, multivitamins tend to contain fillers. If the multivitamin is a tablet, a filler ingredient is typically necessary to bind the ingredients together and create the tablet.

However, an excess of filler ingredients is unnecessary and not beneficial. When a brand uses multiple filler ingredients, they’re simply adding them to either flavor the tablet, capsule, or gummy, or they’re using them to make it look like there are more ingredients, therefore tricking people into believing it’s more beneficial.

Recent research claims that an estimated 90% of all vitamin supplements contain manufacturing fillers.

Greens Powders Are Made From Natural Ingredients

Most greens powders (apart from the very small number of products that contain artificial sweeteners) are made from all-natural ingredients. This means that the body can easily absorb the micronutrients from whole food ingredients.

So, unlike synthetic nutrients in multivitamins that may not actually benefit the body or be fully absorbed by the body, with greens powders, the body can definitely breakdown and absorb the available nutrients.

Greens Powders Provide A Wider Range of Benefits

As well as providing the consumer with essential vitamins and minerals needed for daily optimum health, greens powders also provide the consumer with additional benefits that derive from the whole food ingredients.

For example, as long as the ingredients are sufficiently dosed, spirulina will lower cholesterol and push toxins from the body, wheatgrass will aid with digestion, and boost the immune system, kale will aid with weight loss and improve eyesight, and so on and so on.

Most Greens Powders Are Suitable For a Wide Range Of People

Although some greens powders may contain dairy, gluten, and other allergens, most of them are gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly. So, greens powders have a wider audience because they’re suitable for more people!

Obviously, you should check the label of any supplement first before you consume it, especially if you have allergens or follow a specific diet!

Greens Powders Have A Much Larger Serving Size

The serving size of a multivitamin capsule or tablet typically ranges from around 150 – 600mg, as mentioned above, which is a tiny serving size, meaning the product might not actually provide the benefits the brand claims it will.

However, greens powder serving sizes approximately range from 8g – 15g, therefore meaning there’s a lot bigger chance that the ingredients are sufficiently dosed and that the consumer is actually receiving all of the nutrients and health benefits that the brand claims they will.

Mixing SuperGreen TONIK serving size in water

Super Greens Powders Blow Multivitamins Out of The Water!

After reading this article, you’ll now understand why it’s so obvious that greens powders are better than multivitamins!

Although multivitamins still might hold an important place in some people’s hearts, if you’re someone looking for an increased intake of essential vitamins and minerals, and you’re looking for extra benefits such as increased energy levels, better digestion, and a boosted immune system, you’ll want to reach for a greens powder!

If you’re not sure which greens powder to go for, check out my round-up of the best greens powders on the market in my opinion, and take a look at some of my fully comprehensive super greens reviews.

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