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November 2018 Update

November 2018 Monthly Update

I am happy with how the Life Hacker Guy website is shaping up. Some attention to graphic design is needed and for me the content is getting there. Most importantly I am really enjoying writing and its keeping me focused and certainly more productive.

Surprisingly I am not struggling for topics to write about, who would have thought that I have so much to say! Each month I add to the list of subjects I want to write about.

I went to an SEO conference in Chiang Mai early in the month and thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only was it great to learn more about search engine optimisation and online marketing, but an amazing time networking with some inspiring people. I made some great friends, some of who I will be interviewing over the next few weeks and posting here.

So, let’s kick off with how my investments have been doing in November 2018.

Investment Portfolio Update

It’s been a rocky month with the stock market losing a lot of ground.

As was the case with my first month investment report last month, some investments went whilst others went down – unfortunately most went down. The SaxoSelect discretionary trading account is still my favourite and keeping my spirits up.

I made a couple of new investments this month, a Platinum ETF and a crowdsourced development property in the UK.

My overall performance is showing a decrease of 3% in my net worth, whilst disappointing this is not too surprising considering the market volatility last month. The reason for the decrease is due to Cryptocurrencies taking a dive and the TCM Hedge Fund losing ground.

Cryptocurrencies in Freefall?

The biggest drop in my investments last month has certainly been cryptocurrencies. I have seen 25% decline in the value of my cryptos, which inevitably have had me thinking I should have sold 6 months ago. Hindsight eh?

I keep reminding myself (more like a chant this month) that firstly this investment was and still is a punt, if it worked out well then excellent, I would go out and buy that lambo…. kidding ;).

Secondly, I was buying and investing more for 2-3 years and not looking to trade cryptos in the short term.

Even still seeing the 55% fall in my crypto holding is not great and I am certainly in negative territory now. Let’s hope we get a bounce in the next month.

Burning Lambo

TCM Liquid Alpha Program (TLAP)

The recent performance in the TCM Hedge Fund has been disappointing and seeing the second drawdown month in a row. Although I have not received the statement for November yet as they are sent out 5-10 days after month end, I have been told that this month saw a 1-2% drop.

Whilst very disappointing I am keeping the fund and seeing how performance is the next few months as to whether I need to re-evaluate my holding. So far I it’s looking like I am 8-10% down from my initial investment.

SaxoSelect Discretionary Trading Account

The October performance was truly amazing and so it was unlikely that November was going to maintain such a stellar pace. That said, it’s still in the green seeing a gain of 1% last month. The first half of November was in drawdown but the latter half made up for it with some nice performance.

I topped up my account last month with more funds and excited to see how this fair in the next few months. Overall couldn’t be happier with finding this investment – up 35% since opening the account!

SaxoSelect November Results

Art of FX – Steady Growth

There was one negative week to break the trend of 6 months of green, so we’re seeing steady growth here. In November there was a 1.08% gain, making my account up 10.27% since I opened the account back in May 2018.

I am pleased with the performance of Art of FX and have enjoyed a few conversations with Teng Su this month. In fact, I interviewed Teng last month, you can read the interview with Teng Su from Art Of FX here.

Art of FX is very much a set and forgot investment and look forward to logging in every Monday to check the previous week performance.

ArtOfFX November Update

Platinum ETF

After reading about Platinum’s historic low compared to Gold, I decided to invest in a Platinum ETF this month. I haven’t invested too much money but thought I would try my hand at trading an ETF to see if I could realise some short-term profit.

Looking at the different Platinum ETF’s available I went with Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum Shares ETF (PPLT) and used my SaxoSelect trading account to purchase at $80 USD.

My target price is $100 USD and so we will see how this goes.

CrowdLords – Property and Rental Property Crowd funding Platform

Crowdlords logoOver breakfast last week with a fellow British expat we were discussing the state of Brexit and got into property prices. I have been keen to invest in property but concerned over the affect Brexit may have on property prices and the hassle of managing a property from so far away.

Ricky mentioned a crowdfunding site he uses called to invest in UK property for 12-30 month periods. I liked the idea and got signed up and invested into a multi-occupancy development based in Birmingham.

It’s a 30-month investment with a projected annualised return of 24%. This is great if we do realise these gains in 30-months but there is a risk it won’t. The downside with this type of investment is that it’s not liquid and I will have my money tied up for the next 30-months. Also I will be liable for capital gains tax on any profit too.

I didn’t go too heavy in and so can do without the cash investment for this period.

It will be interesting to see how this goes, will update on the monthly report.

Managed UK Pension

This month I haven’t been too concerned about looking at the Managed Pension. I suspect it isn’t doing much, likely to be down considering the stock market volatility of late.

As I don’t invest any further money into this, I will most likely check in on the value every quarter.

Goal Progress for November 2018

Straight off I have to confess this has been a poor month for implementing any goals or routines (really need to read Atomic Habits again!). I made a half-assed attempt at a morning routine, which lasted only a few days despite positive experiences early on.

The biggest thing to happen this month though is the decision to create my own supplement and to document this journey here on this blog. I go into the reasons why in my post, I am mostly creating for myself but believe that I can sell this online.

If you want to get involved and check the progress, then join my Facebook group.

I have given myself 90-days to get this business off the ground and will be writing up the first part of eight articles outlining the process I am taking. I am really excited about this. This project will keep me busy for the next 3-4 months and possibly for the next few years if all goes according to plan.

November 2018 Summary

This month there has been some real progress in terms of moving forward with a real tangible business. I have taken action to get this underway and already written most of the first parts of the development of my supplement series.

My Dad arrived a few weeks ago and will be spending 3 months with us in Malaysia. This is his annual break away from the UK, with my Dad keen to escape the cold UK weather and spend it with my family in the sun.

Dad back to MalaysiaArriving the same day as my Dad was our Yamaha PS121 upright silent piano from the UK. When we moved to Malaysia, we left our piano in the UK but now we know we’re not leaving any time soon, so decided to ship it over.

It’s an amazing piano, anyone who is looking for an upright piano they can play anytime without disturbing anyone, I thoroughly recommend this one.

I bought and read a really interesting book last month, Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, the author highlights how offline we are habitual liars and its only online we reveal who we really are. This makes complete sense in that our online searches are for most anonymous and we rarely are held accountable for what we type.

Some great insights from this book that has given me ideas for how to get and more importantly use data for my new business.

Okay that’s November 2018 update finished, I look forward to writing the next one, hope to see you then, if not before!

We do not in any way claim that you can earn any money from investing, speculating or trading in any of the investments outlined above. All the information on this site is for educational purposes only. Trading & investing in some of the investments above carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. We would recommend always speaking to a professional for guidance if in doubt.
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