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ONNIT New Mood Review – Can this bottle give you a smile?

I was going to start out with an opening comment like “if you haven’t heard of Onnit then where have you been?” until I remembered there was a time when I hadn’t heard of Onnit either!

Ok, it may be one of the original names in supplements and nootropics, but it might not be the first and only you have heard of.

I have written a few reviews about their products already (you can check out my Alpha Brain and Earth Grown Nutrients reviews later) and therefore wanted to take a look at Onnit New Mood, a ‘relaxation’ supplement (as opposed to a nootropic or brain-function product) which claims to help the body’s ability to boost serotonin – the ‘happy hormone’.

I have tried a number of ONNIT supplements, but let’s find out a little more before we go on to look at New Mood itself.

ONNIT New Mood supplement


ONNIT New Mood First Impressions

New Mood is intended to be taken as part of a supplement regime that would support the body and mind through the various stresses and strains of your daily routine.

Intended to support the body’s hormonal response (specifically the creation of serotonin), the idea of this particular supplement is actually quite unique in this way, I’m not sure I’ve come across a particular product designed in such a way to aid with the hormonal release before.

“A bottle of smiles” is the tagline, but what really can it do, and is it all it is claiming to be?

Can we believe the hype that this brand has built around its products and the multitudes of adoring fans and testimonials? I am a fan of the brand and even though I didn’t personally try ONNIT New Mood, I have tried many of their brands (check out my order I placed earlier this year below)

Onnit supplements from US to Malaysia

Background on ONNIT

As I mentioned above I’ve written a few pieces already on the Onnit products – Alpha Brain and Earth-Grown Nutrients, but if you haven’t had a chance to look over them, here is a little about the brand Onnit, what they stand for, and who is behind the brand.

The founder of Onnit, Aubrey Marcus, is an entrepreneur, author, and fitness guru. He calls himself the Human Optimizer and founded Onnit as an outlet for his desire to create products that aim to enable normal people (not just athletes or scientists) to reach their performance potential.

Hence Onnit carries formulations that are based on nootropic and holistic principles, aiming for peak wellness of body and mind in their customers. Marcus is a vocal public figure, podcast broadcaster, and author of the best-selling title ‘Own the Day, Own your Life’.

Aubrey Marcus ONNIT CEO

Aubrey Marcus has an ‘I’ve been there too’ approach so is actually pretty compelling for us everyday folk and you find yourself really wanting to get on board with the whole brand and their story. Onnit products all come with a Quality Promise (carefully sourced ingredients and rigorously tested).

There is even an Onnit Academy where you can gain certifications in order to promote the Onnit fitness lifestyle. They also sell fitness equipment and branded lifestyle goods.

So, back to New Mood. What is this product and why should we be considering it for mood enhancement? What can it actually do for us?

What Ingredients are inside ONNIT New Mood?

New Mood appears to be a carefully selected formulation of vitamins and minerals along with herbal extracts. The disappointing part for me is that the herbal blend is proprietary so I’m not sure how much of each ingredient I’ll be getting in each dose.

They have been more transparent with the vitamins and minerals amounts, I’ll go into further detail below.

So, what’s inside the New Mood formula?

  • Vitamin D (D3 Cholecalciferol) – 25mcg
  • Niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate) – 30mg
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) – 20mg
  • Magnesium (Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate) – 40mg
  • Onnit Tranquility blend – 450mg
    • Valerian root extract
    • Chamomile flower
    • Lemon balm
    • Jujube seed
    • L-Tryptophan – 400mg
    • 5-Hydroxytryptophan – 150mg

Are There Any ONNIT New Mood Side Effects?

Unless you have a pre-existing sensitivity to any of the ingredients it doesn’t appear that New Mood would elicit too many unwanted side effects.

If you found that valerian made you particularly sleepy it wouldn’t be advisable to take this prior to drive or operating machinery. It’s also important not to take any mood-support supplements alongside prescribed medicines without checking first with your medical practitioner.

I would also point out that anything which affects the brain’s ability to synthesize a hormone should be considered with great caution – unless prescribed for a medical reason. I go into further detail below.

Does ONNIT New Mood Actually Work?

The amounts of each ingredient in this product are what I will look closely to see what the suggested dosage is and what Onnit has used to create the improvements in the mood they claim.

Vitamin D3 is usually supplemented at a dose of around 1000 IU per day (this is the measurement for fat-soluble compounds and is the equivalent of 25mcg). It should be taken with fat such as fish oil.

Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate is one of the best absorbed forms of magnesium and is found to have various physiological benefits at doses of around 200-400mg.

The research into vitamin B6 supplementation is ongoing with few results showing that supplementation has any effect.

Valerian RootValerian root has been traditionally taken for its sedative effects. It is not clear how much is included in the Onnit New Mood formulation.

Chamomile contains a flavonoid (apigenin) which is also found in Bacopa Monnieri and is thought to have a calming effect – causing sedation.

Lemon balm is similarly categorized as a sedative but also thought to have effects on cognition. Jujube similarly has been used in traditional (specifically Chinese) medicine to treat anxiety by utilizing its sedative effects.

L-Tryptophan and 5-Hydroxytryptophan are essential in the synthesis of serotonin. In this way they could be seen as essential supplements for mood enhancement, often used to help in the treatment of depression. However, researchers warn that supplementation may affect the brain’s ability to synthesize serotonin.

5-HTP is usually taken in a dose of 300-500mg daily – New Mood contains 150mg in a 2-capsule serving, which is lower than the research suggests.

ONNIT New Mood Customer Reviews

Some people who have bought Onnit New Mood credit it with effects such as helping with Seasonal Affective Disorder, aiding sleep, and performing better at work. Others say it has negative effects and doesn’t help with the mood at all.

I’ll give a cross-section of the 350 reviews on Amazon for Onnit New Mood:

Daily stress, mood and sleep support supplement5 stars

It does work, but at a cost3 stars

No noticeable effect1 star

How to Take ONNIT New Mood

You are advised to take two capsules per day.

Any Money Back Guarantee?

All Onnit products carry the Keep It money-back guarantee – available up to 90 days after the first-time purchase of the product.

Where to Buy ONNIT New Mood

You can buy Onnit New Mood online from the official ONNIT website or on Amazon.

What’s the Cost of ONNIT New Mood?

A one-time-only purchase costs $59.90 (for 60 capsules), their subscribe-and-save model costs $50.92. This is a relatively affordable product at a cost of roughly $2 per day, but that does presuppose that you are not taking any other products for mood support (or nootropics, or super greens, or just multivitamins!).

This specific mood-support supplement doesn’t offer full spectrum vitamins so that is something to consider when evaluating its worth.

ONNIT New Mood

My Verdict: ONNIT New Mood

As with most of the Onnit range, you can be sure that the ingredients are well-sourced, tested, and legitimate. The one thing that disappoints me about this usually-transparent brand is that they have used a proprietary blend in their herbal formulation, so I can’t do my own research and establish whether or not the potent plant ingredients are in the correct amounts to have any real effect.

Similarly with the vitamins, although Onnit has given the amounts, I’m not 100% certain, having looked up the daily suggested dosage, whether they have got the amounts correct in this formula. The reviews all seem to be glowing, which is hardly surprising with a brand as popular as Onnit, so I would definitely say proceed with caution.

I’m not sold on the use of tryptophan (the precursor to serotonin) as a supplement, my concern being that anything that works on the basis of boosting serotonin levels only jeopardizes your brain’s ability to produce this hormone on its own is a big risk. Be absolutely certain that you have exhausted all avenues before taking this type of supplement.

For me this Onnit product is useful for some, but I would rather take a broader-spectrum product that ensures more of my nutritional needs are met in order to boost my mood.


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