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Ora Organic Super Greens Powder Review

Ora Organic Greens is a superfood formula full of over 20 vegetables, fruits, and superfoods. Ora is well known for only using natural ingredients in all of their products and making sure everything they produce is aligned with Ayurvedic practices.

Ora claims that this superfood formula will boost the immune system, reduce levels of oxidative stress, detox the body, improve digestion, and increase overall health.

The Organic Greens formula is USDA certified organic, which means over 95% of the ingredients within it are organic. It’s also vegetarian and vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO.

I’m keen to take a closer look at this formula that seems at first glance like it has it all, so let’s dive into my full Ora Organic Greens review below.

Ora Organic Super Greens review

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Ora Organic Greens First Impressions

The first thing that has to be said is that Ora has incredible branding, from the website design to the supplement bottles themselves. Every aspect of the brand screams professional and sleek.

Although the Ora Organic Greens is one of the most popular supplements produced by the brand, they offer a wide range of health and wellbeing products, from hormone balancing formula to vitamin and mineral tablets.

The Organic Greens formula is also named ‘easy being green’ which I think is some really simple but effective marketing, immediately telling the consumer exactly how easy they will make it to get your greens.

So, kudos to the Ora branding and marketing team, it all looks impressive so far.

Background on Ora Organics

Ora Organic was founded in 2014 and is well known for appearing on Shark Tank in February 2017. Although the brand didn’t get a shark to invest in them, they have still been incredibly successful since.

Based in San Diego, California, and founded by Will Smelko and Ron Chang, Ora produces exclusively plant-based supplements.

Each product is also USDA certified organic, hence the brand’s name.

The other part of the brand’s name, “Ora” means “be well” in Maori and is what the brand claims its products will help people to do.

"Ora" means "be well" in Maori

Ora Organic Greens Ingredients

The recommended serving size of Ora Organic Greens is 8g, and the formula contains 25 ingredients, all of which are USDA certified organic and plant-based.

All of the ingredients are divided into three proprietary blends, which seems such a shame for a brand with such promise, but we’ll look more into that later. The three blends are the Organic Alkalising Grass Blend (4.8g), the Organic Alkalising Greens Blend (1.66g), and the Organic Digestive Adaptogens and Prebiotics Blend (1.05g).

Although there are proprietary blends within the formula, the brand does have a substantial list featuring a number of various vitamins and minerals. The amounts of Vitamin A, C, K, Calcium, Iron, and Sodium in the formula are displayed.

  • Organic Alkalising Grass Blend (4.8g) – Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder, Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder, Organic Oat Grass Powder.
  • Organic Alkalising Greens Blend (1.66g) – Organic Spinach, Organic Kale, Organic Broccoli, Organic Cabbage, Organic Dandelion Leaf, Organic Parsley, Organic Cilantro, Organic Celery, Organic Green Bell Pepper, Organic Leek, Organic Chlorella, Organic Spirulina, Organic Dulse, Organic Sea Kelp.
  • Organic Digestive Adaptogens and Prebiotics Blend (1.05g) – Organic Tapioca Starch Oligosaccharides, Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Triphala.

As well as being USDA certified organic, Ora Organic Greens is also dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Ora Organic super greens label

How does Ora Organic Greens Taste?

Co-founder Ron Chang is a professionally trained chef, and something that’s incredibly important to the brand is the taste of each and every supplement they produce.

Ora Organic Greens comes exclusively in Citrus flavor, and the formula really does taste great. The citrus flavor isn’t overpowering in any way, which is where other brands can go wrong with flavored products, but it simply adds a refreshing factor to the formula.

The flavorings used are natural lemon flavor, natural orange flavor, organic monk fruit, and organic lemon juice powder.

Side Effects

There aren’t any warnings on the Ora Organic Greens formula, and it shouldn’t cause any side effects. The brand has ensured this product is free from an array of allergens and is therefore suitable for a wide range of people. However, it’s always best to check the ingredients label closely if you do have any allergies, as that would be the only reason side effects may occur.

Does Ora Organic Greens Work?

This formula is packed full of impressive organic, superfood ingredients that should bring the consumer a wide range of health benefits. However, the big problem with this product is the fact that it contains proprietary blends.

With proprietary blends, we as the consumer can’t see how much of each ingredient actually resides in the mix. Therefore, we can’t check that we are consuming the correct dosage of certain ingredients for health benefits to be apparent.

With proprietary blends… we can’t check that we are consuming the correct dosage of certain ingredients to be certain it works.

As a consumer, we have to put faith in the brand that they are providing us with the correct amount of each ingredient. However, it seems unlikely and concerning when even the Vitamin C amount that is listed is so low.

For example, according to Mayo Clinic, adults should be consuming between the lower limit of 65-90mg per day of Vitamin C. The vitamin C content in one serving of the Organic Greens formula is 8mg.

It’s very questionable whether the Ora Organic Greens would actually work, due to the lack of information about each ingredient, which seems a real shame when everything else seems so spot on.

Ora Organic Greens Reviews

Having a look at Amazon for third party reviews of the formula, it has an overall rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars, with reviews from over 200 consumers.

The majority of people are really impressed by the taste and texture of the formula, but interestingly the majority of negative reviews are concerning the taste and texture – so it’s a mixed bag!

Let’s take a look selection of the reviews:

the color is intense but it smells AMAZING! Like super fresh deep greens! It also tastes amazing ! Green powders usually freak me out but this stuff is LEGIT. I’m super impressed. You can actually SMELL how fresh and clean this product is! It also tastes great! Blends really easy ! I seriously stirred it with a fork for like 2 seconds and it was completely smooth! No gross powder taste OR after-taste! I’m really impressed with this brand.5-star review

I like the ingredients and the taste. But there’s something in this product that bothers my stomach and feel unsettled. I thought it was just me but I had other family members try and they felt the same thing. 3-star review

This is one of the worst I’ve had to endure… I have tried so many ways to make this tolerable and it makes me gag every time. Disappointing because I love my other ora products. 1-star review

The formula also has reviews on the Ora website. There are 413 reviews and overall it rates 4.7 stars out of 5.

Money-Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Ora has a 60-day return policy on all of their products, but strangely they don’t advertise this anywhere on their site, and you have to check out their FAQ’s to find this information.

Where to buy Ora Organic Greens?

Ora Organic Greens can be purchased on the Ora website and on Amazon.

Some Ora products are also available in US high street stores such as Vitamin Shoppe.

Is It Worth The Price?

A tub of Ora Organic Greens from the Ora website costs $27.99. This works out at a cost per serving of $0.93.If you choose to sign up for a subscription, you can save 20% ($19.03), which works out at a cost per serving of $0.63.

This is incredibly cheap for such a high-quality product, albeit with proprietary blends. The fact that all of the ingredients are organic and plant-based is exceptional for this price.

When it comes to shipping, Ora ship to the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. In the US, there is a shipping fee of $8.95 if the order is under $100, and over $!00 is free.

For shipping outside the US, Canada ranges from $9.95 to $14.95, and the UK and Australia range from $9.95 to $19.95.

These shipping costs still make the total cost very reasonable.

My Verdict

Ora Organics is an incredibly impressive brand, and the fact that all of its products are both organic and vegan is a great win, for both the environment and the consumer. The Organic Greens formula contains some powerful ingredients, is very reasonably priced and tastes good.

However, the proprietary blends that are used in the formula seem disappointing and this lets the product down.

Overall, this is a great product for you if you’re on a budget, you have special dietary requirements, or you’re set on con summing organic foods. It has to be said though, there are other formulas out there that are also plant-based, organic and don’t use proprietary blends – take a look around first.

The ingredients within the formula are powerful and the fact the majority of them are organic is a bonus.

The brand is also trustworthy and clearly well run. However, it’s disappointing that the formula contains proprietary blends, and there are better brands out there that showcase each ingredient within their formulas.

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