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Organifi Green Juice vs Green Vibrance

Organifi Green Juice and Green Vibrance are two of the most popular super greens formulas on the market, so you might be confused between which one you should purchase.

Every super greens formula is unique and has its pros and cons, so comparing formulas is essential if you’re going to make sure you’re purchasing the best one for you.

If you’re not sure what to look for whilst you’re scrolling online or you’re unsure how to properly compare super greens formulas, there’s no need to panic because that’s exactly why this article, and my knowledge, are here to help!

In this article, I’m going to be comparing Organifi Green Juice and Green Vibrance, two of the most popular super greens formulas on the market. I’ll be taking a look at the most important factors and then finally coming to a decision about which one takes the win!

So, get ready to dive into a completely comprehensive comparison of Organifi Green Juice Vs Green Vibrance.

What Is Organifi Green Juice?

My Organifi green juice review

Organifi Green Juice, by Organifi, is a superfood formula that’s supposed to aid with detoxing the body, increase immunity, and aid with weight loss.

Organifi, founded in 2014, is a US-based brand founded by Drew Canole. The brand has been incredibly successful from the outset, with Canole drumming up personal popularity via Youtube before founding his brand.

With half a million subscribers on Youtube, the brand has gained a cult-like following due to people resonating with and appreciating Drew Canole.

The Organifi Green Juice is the brand’s single best-seller, so I’m really keen to see if it’s actually as good as the reviews say it is, or if Youtube popularity has driven people towards a product that isn’t actually the best.

Before we start looking at the formula and comparing it to Green Vibrance, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the formula as a whole.


  • 10 potent super greens ingredients
  • USDA certified organic, vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and soy-free
  • Popular with athletes, celebrities, and influencers


  • Made using proprietary blends (no fully disclosed list of ingredients)
  • Expensive for what it is

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What Is Green Vibrance?

Tasting Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance, created by the nearly 30-year-old company Vibrant Health, is a super greens formula containing over 70 powerful ingredients.

Since the brand was founded in 1992, Green Vibrance has been the best seller across the entire brand, and it’s been given an array of impressive awards for its excellence.

Unlike Organifi Green Juice, Vibrant Health has made sure that Green Vibrance has a fully disclosed list of ingredients, meaning the consumer knows exactly how much of each ingredient resides within the formula.

I’m really excited to be comparing two formulas that are both so incredibly popular, but so different.

However, before we start comparing the formulas closely, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Green Vibrance as a whole.


  • Contains 11 potent ingredients
  • Pleasant taste


  • Made using proprietary blends (no fully disclosed list of ingredients)
  • Not a lot of nutritional value

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Organifi Green Juice Vs. Green Vibrance Benefits

Organifi Green Juice

There’s an array of information on the Organifi website as a whole, and it’s really nice to see that the brand has made an effort to be informative.

Therefore, there’s a lot of information about the Organifi Green Juice health benefits.

Overall, the brand claims that the formula will help to detox the body, boost the immune system, and help to burn fat and therefore aid weight loss.

In addition to providing information about the health benefits of this formula overall, Organifi has also added the health benefits information about each specific ingredient.

For example, “Moringa – Contains all the essential amino acids –which is essential for a strong, working immune system”.

I really appreciate that Organifi has gone to the extra effort to present specific health benefits to potential customers. However, as the formula is made up of proprietary blends, there may not be sufficient quantities of each ingredient, meaning they might not actually provide health benefits.

However, let’s not dive into that just yet – we’re looking into that in more detail next!

Green Vibrance

The team behind Vibrant Health is clear about the fact they want Green Vibrance to be seen as a super greens formula that provides whole-body wellness.

The formula is supposed to provide benefits for the four pillars of wellness – circulation, digestion, nutrition, and immunity.
This does seem a little vague, but not to panic – the brand also claims that Green Vibrance will increase energy levels, help the body function at optimum capacity, boost the immune system and provide specific benefits from individual ingredients.

Although Vibrant Health hasn’t shown the health benefits of every single ingredient in the way that Organifi has, the brand does highlight three of the most powerful ingredients.

These ingredients are wheatgrass, spirulina, and the 25 billion CFU probiotics. For example, the brand says that “ wheatgrass helps increase red blood cell count and helps detoxify, alkalize, build the immune system, and offers dense nutrition.”.

Organifi Green Juice Vs Green Vibrance Ingredients

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice contains only 10 ingredients. The formula is USDA certified organic, meaning 95% or more of the ingredients are organic. It’s also gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and keto-friendly.

Although there are only 10 ingredients, all of the ingredients are potent super greens, such as moringa, chlorella, and wheatgrass, so that’s no problem.

However, there’s one very real, very big problem with this formula – all of the ingredients exist within proprietary blends.

If you read my reviews regularly, you’ll know exactly how much I hate proprietary blends! Proprietary blends make it impossible for the consumer to see how much of each ingredient is within the formula, therefore not knowing how much of any particular ingredient they’re consuming.

It also makes it impossible for us, as consumers, to know if the formula will actually work and provide the health benefits that the brand claims.

Overall, ingredients labels that aren’t fully disclosed are a massive no from me, and you wouldn’t find me taking a formula that was made up of proprietary blends.

Organifi Green Juice ingredients label

Green Vibrance

The Green Vibrance formula contains a wide range of ingredients, with everything from the basic super greens ingredients and probiotics to enzymes and adaptogen herbs. In total, the formula contains over 70 ingredients.

Although the formula as a whole isn’t USDA certified organic, a lot of the ingredients are certified organic. The formula is also gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly.

The biggest difference between the Organifi Green Juice and Green Vibrance is that Green Vibrance has a fully disclosed ingredients label.

This means that unlike Organifi Green Juice consumers, people that consume Green Vibrance know exactly what they’re consuming. It also means that we can figure out whether the formula’s ingredients actually meet daily recommended dosages and if the formula will actually provide health benefits.
So, let’s take a look…

I find it useful to take a look at spirulina because it’s an ingredient that exists in pretty much every super greens formula.

So, in this formula, there’s 600mg of spirulina. The daily recommended amount of spirulina sits between 1-3g.

Therefore, even to reach the minimum recommended amount for this ingredient, you will need to take two servings of Green Vibrance.

This is similar for a lot of the ingredients within this formula which seems quite disappointing.

However, I still prefer this ingredients label to the Organifi Green Juice one, because if you’re consuming Green Vibrance, you’re aware of how much you’re consuming and therefore you can ensure that you’re meeting daily recommended dosages if that’s what you want to do.

Green Vibrance Nutritional Label

Organifi Green Juice Vs Green Vibrance Taste

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice contains an array of flavoring ingredients to cover up the natural grassy taste of the super greens ingredients.

The brand uses a real mix – organic lemon powder, organic orange flavor, organic spearmint flavor, organic mint flavor, and organic Luo Han Guo ( monk fruit extract).

Obviously, these ingredients do help to cover up the natural taste of the formula, but I have to say that I think choosing either the citrus flavors or the mint flavors would have worked better.

The formula is palatable, but there’s no real defining flavor to it, and the taste of greens does still come through slightly.

Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance is available in original flavor, chocolate coconut flavor, and matcha tea flavor.

Although you might expect the original flavor to be unflavoured, it contains Vanifolia natural flavor.

The chocolate coconut flavor uses natural caramel chocolate coconut flavoring, cocoa powder, and Vanifolia natural flavoring. It also contains monk fruit extract to sweeten it naturally.

Finally, the matcha tea flavor contains monk fruit extract to sweeten it and natural vanilla flavoring and Vanifolia to flavor it.

However, it doesn’t actually really matter which flavor you choose, because each one tastes good. The original flavor obviously tastes more natural and grassy, but it’s still refreshing and pleasant.

Organifi Green Juice Vs Green Vibrance Cost

Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice formula is sold in 279g tubs, containing 30 servings. One tub costs $69.95 on the Organifi website, which works out at a cost per serving of $2.33.

This is actually a quite expensive cost per serving for a formula that contains proprietary blends, in comparison with other formulas on the market.

The brand does give the customers the chance to save money on this product if they choose to subscribe. If you sign up for a subscription, you save 26%, and therefore one tub costs $59.46, with the cost per serving working out at $1.98.

Although you can save a hefty 26% by signing up for a subscription, making the formula much more of a reasonable price, the original price is pretty expensive. To be honest, if this formula had a fully disclosed ingredients label, I wouldn’t say it was expensive.

However, due to the fact this formula is made up of proprietary blends, it’s expensive for what it is. You can actually find formulas with fully disclosed ingredients labels, for the same price point, or lower – such as Green Vibrance!

Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance tubs are available in an array of sizes, from 15 day serving tubs to 83-day servings tubs. To make it easier to compare the formulas, I’ve chosen to take a look at the 337.8g tub containing 30 servings.

One 30 servings tub costs $56.00, which works out at a cost per serving of $1.86.

However, you can save 20% if you choose to subscribe to the formula, meaning a tub would cost $44.80 and the cost per serving would work out at $1.49.

Regardless of whether you choose to subscribe to the formula or you pay the one-off price, this formula is obviously cheaper than the Organifi Green Juice, and it has a fully disclosed ingredients label.

Organifi Green Juice Vs Green Vibrance: Which is Better?

Pretty much everything about these formulas, apart from the fact that they’re both popular, is different, and it’s been an interesting comparison.

Although the taste of Green Vibrance might not be quite as nice as Organifi Green Juice, and the Vibrant Health website might not have an extensive list of every ingredient’s specific health benefits, I see a clear winner.

Green Vibrance takes the win for me mainly due to the fact it doesn’t contain proprietary blends and has a fully disclosed ingredients label. However, it also beats Organifi Green Juice on price, ingredient quantity and it’s been around 22 years longer and is still top of its game.

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