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Primal Greens review

Primal Harvest Primal Greens Review

I was recently asked by a blog visitor what I thought about Primal Greens from Primal Harvest. They had just bought it and did some quick research and wanted to know if I had reviewed it.

I hadn’t and so thought why not take a closer look.

There are so many greens powders on the market that I hadn’t heard of this one before.

Initially first searching for the brand in google I kept seeing another supplement Primal Plants, which I have reviewed previously, this is more well known.

For transparency purposes, I should highlight that I have yet to buy Primal Greens but wanted to review it first as I was kindly asked to.

Does Primal Greens have enough superfoods to pack a punch to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet? Read on and make an informed choice and feel free to leave comments.

Primal Greens tub

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Primal Greens First Impressions

Primal Greens promote there superfood supplement to be an all round health solution, which according them has six core benefits. These include:

Primal Greens Benefits

  • Packed with vitamins/mineral for aiding energy production
  • Natural body detox
  • Contains chlorophyll for supporting strong immune system
  • Green Tea to naturally aid in boosting your metabolic rate
  • Inclusion of Maitake, Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms can help focus and concentration
  • Amino acids to help promote health hair and nails

Some impressive claims here by the manufacturers Primal Harvest. If these greens drink supplement does all this then it could well live up to their claims of being the “ultimate superfood greens blend”.

I do have some reservations though based on initial glances at the nutritional facts on the label though. I delve into this more further down in my review.

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Background on Primal Harvest LLC

Primal Harvest LLC is based in the USA with its headquarters based in Brooklyn, New York, and has been trading since 2018.

Primal Greens is one of seven supplements that they currently manufacture. Other supplements in the range include; primal multivitamins, primal Tumeric, primal collagen, primal keto collagen, primal probiotics, and primal omega-3s.

They focus on producing supplements to support health and wellness and are advocates of the philosophy of “supplements before pharmaceuticals”.

It’s great to read that all their supplements undergo strict lab testing before and after bottling and are certified either by NSF, TGA, or UL.

Primal Greens Ingredients

The Primal Greens formula claims to be the most complete greens drink on the market but at such a tiny serving size of just 4.4 grams I have my doubts!

Other than a few vitamins and minerals there are 4 proprietary blends in the formula. Using a proprietary blend means we don’t get to see the individual ingredient amounts, this practice I really dislike and was one of the reasons I decided to create my own greens supplement.

Primal greens nutritional label

In the Superfood, antioxidant, and mushroom blend there are 37 individual ingredients in a relatively small serving size of 2.6 grams (check the label).

For so many ingredients this is surprisingly small, and so my immediate reaction is – wow they must be in such tiny amounts.

The nutrient-dense natural herbs and extracts blend is smaller at 1.2 grams and contains 12 ingredients. Again the size of the blend doesn’t give much room for each ingredient amount.

There is also a prebiotic fiber and digestive enzyme blend at 384mg, which is also is a small amount.

The last proprietary blend is a probiotic blend of three probiotics amounting to 3.5 billion CFUs. I talk about the pros and cons of probiotics in greens powders in another article.

I believe the benefits of including probiotics in a formula with so many other ingredients to be questionable. The reason being that the bioavailability of probiotics is fragile and including with many ingredients can lessen the impact to be the point of being simply label dressing – basically looks great for the label but has minimal to no impact on your gut health.

How does Primal Greens Taste?

The recommendation is to drink one or two servings of Primal Greens per day, which you can place into your favorite hot or cold beverage. A small note here, I am not sure you would want to put the serving into hot drinks as this may affect the bioavailability of some vitamins or minerals.

In terms of taste, I haven’t tried it yet but feedback looks to be good is good with one customer saying “Exactly the taste and results I’m looking for. Not too sweet not too bitter!”.

Primal Greens side effects

This greens supplement is intended for use by healthy adults over 18 years old and so if you have any pre-existing medical condition or take medication then you should consult your doctor before trying.

Otherwise, it’s unlikely you’ll suffer from any negative side effects from taking Primal Greens.

Does Primal Greens actually work?

My concern with this greens blend is the number of ingredients in the main superfood, antioxidant, and mushroom blend – 37 ingredients in total.

Considering that if the amounts were equal this would mean each ingredient is included in 70mg, which for many of these ingredients would be totally inadequate. Of course, each ingredient in the formula wouldn’t be in the same quantity, but then again we DO NOT KNOW because they are hidden in the proprietary blend.

There are some good ingredients in the blends. Some favorites include Ashwagandha root, Ginger root, etc. But these are in too small amounts to really have much effect.

There are some good ingredients in the blends….these are in too small amounts to really have much effect.

For example, the research on Ashwagandha root shows you need between 300-500mg per day to have noticeable effects (see Examine). There is DEFINITELY not going to be this amount in Primal Greens in one serving, or two servings for that matter!

20% Sugar Content

Checking over the carb/sugar content of each serving I was surprised to see that for each 4.4 gram serving of Primal Greens that 0.9 grams are sugar.

This means that 20% of each serving is sugar!!! YIKES.

Primal Greens customer reviews

I can only find customer testimonials on the official website, here are a few:

My experience has been great. My belly bloat is gone, I’ve lost over 7lbs and my Lupus brain fog is gone. I am a life long customer.

This is what you need to stay or get healthy. It has over thirty fruits and veggies for antioxidants, a mushroom blend, twelve herbs, and extracts, plus prebiotic fiber and probiotic blend. It gives you a healthy gut while it’s nourishing your body and giving you stamina.

I am pleased so far, I feel better and have more energy!

Customers have been reporting more energy since taking Primal Greens, which is great to hear!

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

There is an advertised 90-day money-back guarantee but customers will have to try the product for a certain period of time first depending on how many bottles they ordered.

So, basically, if you order 3 containers then you would only be able to apply for a refund after 3-months.

You also need to return all your containers (opened or not) and on all orders of 4 or more bottles, we can only refund the 3-bottle price. The remaining bottles will be refunded at the discounted rate.

Where to buy Primal Greens?

You can order from the official website here but I couldn’t find them on Amazon.

Is It Worth the Price?

Primal Greens is a wallet-friendly supplement that costs just $34.95 for one container and is even cheaper if buying 3 containers ($29.95) or 6 containers ($24.95) at a time.

Price-wise you would need to take more than one serving to get sufficient amounts of most of the ingredients, which would certainly push up the price as this means one container would not be lasting a month.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking to supplement your daily greens in the most cost-effective way, there are much better alternatives on the market.

In my opinion, the ingredient amounts are going to be in too small amounts to have any meaningful change. This is supported by checking with authority references on the individual ingredient amounts, which I have outlined above.

The proprietary blend is very disappointing and means we don’t know the full strength and so there effectiveness in the formula. This gives me a little doubt over the strength of the greens blend.

At the end of the day, taking Primal Greens is not likely to move the needle, and taking this daily would only have a marginal effect in filling some of your nutritional gaps. That said, Primal Harvest clearly has its fans as some of the customer feedback is really good!

For me Primal Greens just doesn’t stand out amongst its green powder peers. Competition is tough and there just wasn’t enough pros to justify me choosing this brand over other choices.

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    1. Hi,
      I have taken a look at their site and this seems to have recently been updated. There are now two sizes from looking at their site. I will update the review to reflect this, thanks for the heads up.

  1. Hi Adam, I tried athletic greens and thought I was getting enough of all the ingredients until I read your article. Does your brand have more of the mushroom, plants, and vitamins needed
    for a once a day serving?

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