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Green Detox Review

Science Based Green Detox Review (Evidence Based?)

Fitness-oriented people seem to be slurping down green smoothies left and right. There are so many green powders, pills, and potions that it can be hard to know which ones work and which ones aren’t worth the green you pay for them.

Green Detox claims to be different than many other detoxes on the market today. Just like the title says, this greens supplement is “science-based”. This powdered supplement provides consumers with 13 superfoods packed with antioxidants and other ingredients, that if the marketing is to be believed, can do wonders to your health.

The Green Detox product is easy to take as the scoops are small and take about 20 seconds to consume. It is recommended to take one each morning. Science-based Green Detox assists consumers with any nutrient deficiencies. It could also help to boost the immune system.

Whether the consumer is an athlete and looking to help their diet even more, or they are just starting their health journey, Green Detox’s manufacturer states that it is great for everyone.

This Green Detox review goes into every ingredient in the product, the results people have had, whether it’s worth purchasing, and what I personally think about this product.

Bottle with Apple Pie

Green Detox First Impressions

There are a lot of Green Detox reviews online showing how it can help people of all different sizes, ages, and health goals. Although it works to supplement a diet, it also is the solution for people that are just beginning to pay attention to their health.

As I have already mentioned, I have been researching the greens detox supplements that best suits me (you can see all the ones I have compared in this list). Having first seen adverts for this product on Facebook I was skeptical, especially the “science” angle used in the marketing.

Green Detox supplement also caters for vegans, soy-free and is gluten-free, and so this will appeal to consumers who can take neither soy nor animal products. Many products on the market today are gluten-friendly; however, until they go through rigorous testing, they can’t be labeled as truly “gluten-free.” This is a huge benefit for users that are cannot tolerate any gluten in their diets.

I received the product in the post the tub is small for a Super Green supplement and the contents was only half full!

What was disappointing when I received the product in the post (well my sister-in-law and then posted to me in Malaysia), the tub is small for a Super Green supplement. And like a few customers have discovered and reported on Amazon, the green powder was not even half full!

I haven’t counted, but it’s hard to believe there are 30 servings in the tub. If so, this makes Green Detox incredibly expensive – not the best of starts.

Tub of Green Detox

Background on Science-Based Green Detox

Many companies talk about the science behind the product and the chemists that invented it; however, readers don’t know anything about these people – not so with Green Detox, which was created by Thomas DeLauer.

Thomas DeLauer is a nutrition and business coach. He has a successful YouTube channel and a transformation story of his own. DeLauer used to weigh nearly 300 pounds. Once he applied the same principles he still believes in today, he dropped a significant amount of weight, coming in at 185 pounds today.

You may recognize DeLauer from the covers of many popular health and fitness magazines. After losing weight, he decided to share his story with others, so they could benefit from the same strategies he used to get healthy.

Thomas Delauer Before and After

He invented his Green Detox science-based product as a part of his daily detox plan. He soon started noticing a big difference and shared it with clients he was coaching. Now, it is on the market for anyone to consume. He made the Green Detox price affordable for anyone.

Thomas DeLauer’s Green Detox reviews tend to be positive, he is a charismatic guy and lives and breathes health and fitness. Consumers would appear to continue to stay on the supplement after their first experience with it. I do have concerns with the ingredients though and how this is marketed, let’s take a look at why.

Science-Based Green Detox Ingredients

Green Detox New LabelFirstly I should highlight that I found the serving size of 5g small for a Greens Supplement, which tend to have serving sizes of 8 – 12g. For a supplement on the expensive side this was disappointing.

Secondly, each serving of Green Detox contains a mix of vitamins, minerals, greens, and berries – but the most critical ingredients are in fairly low amounts!

The “Green Balance Alkalizing Blend” is a 4g collection of the main greens ingredients, so whilst we know all 11 ingredients amount to 4g we now know how much is present for each individual ingredient!

You can see on the Science-Based Green Detox label I have highlighted the Alkalizing blend.

UPDATE: Recently the label has been updated showing that now the Green Detox blend reveals the main ingredients now!

The same goes for the “Betta Berries” blend that is a tiny 200mg proprietary blend. We have no idea how much is included for any of the 11 ingredients in this berry mix. With the fact that this blend is only 200mg it’s clear there is hardly any ingredient amounts to have much if any significant effect.

Quick overview of each superfood found in Green Detox

  • Organic spirulina algae (1,000mg) – This is high in protein, antioxidants, and vitamin B.
  • Organic chlorella (1,000mg) – This protein-packed powder has chlorophyll, magnesium, and amino acids within it. It helps to reduce any chemicals, including heavy metals, in the body.
  • Organic kale (500mg) – Most people know kale is packed with many healthy nutrients. It helps support individual cells as well as liver functions.
  • Organic Kelp (500mg) – Rich in iodine and other vitamins and minerals that can help raise energy levels and boost brain function
  • Organic Spinach (500mg) – Loved by Popeye and we can see why because it’s loaded with nutrients
  • Organic Broccoli (450mg) – Great source of vitamins K and C, a good source of folate (folic acid) and also provides potassium, fiber.
  • Cranberries – These are excellent for detoxifying the body and helpful for the entire immune system.
  • Goji berries – Not only are these fruits packed with many antioxidants, but they also contain plenty of beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.
  • Pomegranate – Full of potent antioxidants, this important fruit can be found in each scoop of Green Detox.
  • Acerola – Also called a Barbados or West Indian cherry, this unusual fruit is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C, which reduces stress and boosts the immune system.
  • Açai berries – No doubt you’ve heard of these wonderful berries, which contain omega-3 fatty acids as well as antioxidants.
  • Bitter melon – This is an ingredient popular in many different cultures around the world. It is an anti-fungal, antibiotic ingredient.

How Does Science-Based Green Detox Taste?

The flavor of Green Detox may surprise users at first. Many superfood detox supplements on the market taste like drinking a cup of spinach or a mouthful of grass. Not this supplement, though. Green Detox reviews show that it tastes like apple pie.

Green Detox Serving Size Small

I liked the taste although the smell was a little off-putting!

The only concern about having a supplement that tastes that good is that there must be added sugars or synthetic ingredients to make it taste that way. It does not claim to have any sweeteners added to the product, so, unfortunately, it is not a completely pure form.

Are there any Side Effects

Since Green Detox is meant to supplement a diet rather than replace it, you won’t have to worry about the dangerous side effects of many “detox cleanses” that put you on a liquid-only diet. However, any time you introduce something new into your daily diet, your body might have unexpected reactions.

With Super Greens, there is a chance you may experience gas, bloating, stomachaches, or diarrhea when first trying Green Detox. However, as long as you are balancing the supplement out with other healthy foods, these symptoms should disappear quickly. If they remain, stop using Green Detox and consult with a medical professional.

I was fine taking this supplement first thing in the morning and didn’t feel any adverse reactions.

Science-Based Green Detox: Does It Work?

The goal of Green Detox is not to supplement your entire diet, but to fill in any holes that maybe there.

As with many of the Super Greens benefits, this supplement claims to detox your body, boost energy levels, support a healthy metabolism, improve immunity, reduce stress, and provide mental clarity.

If your diet is lacking in micronutrients then consuming Green Detox drink each day may help but it’s unlikely considering the serving size. Not having the exact ingredient amounts it’s impossible to tell if you’re consuming enough of each to provide any real benefit to your health and well-being.

In order for actual science to support the claims made by the manufacturer, we need to know the ingredient amounts used. Only then can we compare them to actual studies that back up the claims made.

Although not scientific, the reports by some consumers seem to suggest that it works for some of them.

I have only taken the Green Detox supplement drink for 7-days and so have not noticed any real change. Then again this is too short and it’s likely you will need several weeks, if not months to notice any real improvements.

Science-Based Green Detox Customer Reviews

I checked out a number of Green Detox reviews online and found a rather mixed result. Clearly, the supplement works for some people but the main negatives are the cost and amount of greens you receive in the tub (exactly my feedback).

It does what it says it will do. Pleasant taste!

“Best tasting greens on the planet with the greatest company backing it up with a solid program that gives top-notch results. I have had a great start and game plan to incorporate this detox to achieve results!

Some of the negative reviews of Green Detox didn’t pull any punches, here are a few:

The container is less than half full. There is no way that there are thirty servings. I could not believe my eyes.

This product is absolute garbage. The container itself is only 4inches tall, and only half of it is filled with powder. Half! In addition, the supposed “Apple pie flavor” is false advertisement, it does not taste remotely close to that. Overall this product is overpriced, the amount of powder they deliver is ridiculously small, and the taste they claim is false.

Money Back Guarantee / Refund Policy

The scientists behind Green Detox believe in their product. They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, so consumers should be able to order with confidence. If you are not satisfied for any reason with the product, then you can contact them via their support.

Where to Buy Science-Based Green Detox

Green Detox is available through a number of online sellers, including Amazon and SixPackAbs. You can also find it in a number of retail stores such as GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, and even Walmart.

Check out the prices and reviews on

Is Green Detox Worth Buying?

Green Detox is expensive, especially when you consider the serving size of just 5g. The daily cost of this supplement is $2.50 (USD) for ingredients that I am, not 100% confident are in enough quantities to work.

The cost of this supplement is $2.50 (USD) per day for ingredients that I am not 100% confident are in enough quantities to work.

For me this is too expensive for what you’re getting. Green Detox does not provide a lot of information about any other ingredient manufacturers may have added. Fillers are easy to hide from ingredient lists, and because it tastes like an apple, we wonder if it might contain some.

It tastes better than many Super Greens, especially if you’re into Apple Pie. When a product is hard to swallow, it is difficult to sell, and consumers will be less likely to continue using it in the long term.

Considering the choice of greens supplements on the market, for me, Detox Detox isn’t worth the price.

Science Based Green Detox FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Is Science Based Green Detox legit?

In short, yes it’s a legit greens supplement as long as you purchase from the official website or authorized dealer.

Are there any Science-Based Green Detox coupon codes?

I have checked a few times and couldn’t find a coupon code for Green Detox at the time of finishing my review.

Which one Science Based Green Detox vs Organifi?

When comparing Green Detox against Organifi I personally preferred Organifi Green Juice (you can see why in my review here) although they are fairly close. Organifi doesn’t reveal all their ingredient amounts like Green Detox but the greens serving size is slightly larger. In fact, the serving size is twice the size of Green Detox in total.

The Bottom Line

Green Detox falls very short in my opinion.

Yes, you get some good ingredients, but there is a question over whether the amounts are enough, which for me questions the “science-based” bit.

There is also no getting away from the cost of this Super Green, especially considering the size of the tub and the half-filled powder inside.

On the plus side it’s palatable (at least I found it so), more than could be said for many such supplements. So, if you have deep pockets and can forget you may not be getting enough ingredients, then this could be the product for you.

The team behind Green Detox does a great job in marketing their supplement, but once you delve into the “actual” science you find it’s more hype than substance.

Overall, science-based Green Detox is not for me. There are too many negatives for me to consider taking this as my daily super greens of choice.

Have you tried Science Based Green Detox? Let us know your experience in the comments below.
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  1. Hey stumbled across you doing research on green detox does yours have the same ingredients as green detox really intrested in the detox part? But you said there isnt alot of the promised ingredients in green detox but does yours have it and more?

  2. its delicious and works im 4’11 and 107 helps me in so many great ways and its half empty but there is exactly 30 scoops .

  3. I’m going to return mine shipment. I got it today and immediately was disappointed. One by the size and the amount in the container. The taste, is too sweet for it not to have any sugar or artificial sweeteners. Instructions are very vague! ( If you’re detoxing what do you eat what don’t you etc… is it a meal replacement? What ? Just too many holes for me.

    1. Thanks Salonika for your feedback. A very good point regarding the taste as I can’t see the ingredient breakdown for the “Apple Pie” flavoring!
      Having a proprietary blend means we don’t get to see the full breakdown of the amounts either. Too much guesswork for my liking.

  4. Hi there. I was a bit skeptical as well about the product being advertised as vegan friendly? I wanted to know of possible you had clarity on this as a fact or as a marketing ploy. Thank you for your time, I appreciate your insight on this, and hope you to hear from you soon.

    1. Hey Mike,
      Apologies for my slow reply, it got missed!
      It’s not clear if the product is 100% vegan. Let me investigate.

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