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Synergy Super Greens Review

Synergy Naturals Super Greens Review

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Synergy Super Greens tubOn a recent trip back to the UK I came across Synergy Natural Super Greens in my local supermarket (Tesco I think).

The brand looked a little wacky with the design on the bottle, a bit of departure from the approach seen with many super greens supplements.

So, I decided to buy it to give this one a try – the cost was really good too!

Although from the outside many products seem to have similar ingredients and formulations, they can be marketed so differently, but Synergy greens appear to be aimed at your average person. Someone like me, who is just too busy with everyday life to think about fixing their nutritional intake and eating a broad range of foods.

I got back home to Malaysia and popped open Synergy Naturals Super Greens and mixed with water to see how good this greens powder tasted. Is this is a contender for my daily greens powder?

First Impressions

When I first came across Synergy Natural and I was interested in their online tag-line “The Original Supergreens Company”. I’m not exactly sure how they can claim this and so, intrigued as I was, I looked a little more closely.

What I immediately like about the company from the off is their commitment to reaching a broad range of customers with their pricing. They aim to be affordable while at the same time not compromising on their ingredient quality. Therefore their Synergy Natural Super Green powder is priced at the lower end of the scale of products available on the market.

There is also a range of single-ingredient powders (Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass), should you feel that you are a ‘fan’ of a specific ingredient and wish to add this to your diet.

Background on Synergy Natural

As I’ve already mentioned Synergy Natural have a value-driven approach to their formulation of super green and other wholefoods supplements. They also aim to be “about humanity and morality; care and compassion; being good and fair. Our organisation strives to do the right thing.”

Wow. I like a company that makes this kind of statement. So how did they come about and how are they claiming to be the first and original super greens company?

[Synergy] are aiming to help customers by contributing towards achieving their 5-a-day in an affordable way.

From the ‘about us’ section of their site I discover that the Synergy Spirulina brand was established in 1993, and they also tell us where their Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley and Wheat Grass is grown. They tell us some more about their values and how, as a company, they aim to treat their growers, employees and customers. But other than that I wasn’t really able to ascertain much.

No real story about the founders. No real history about their products.

That’s a bit disappointing.

But never-mind. It needn’t really affect what I can find out about their products. As you’ll find out below they are aiming to help customers by contributing towards achieving their 5-a-day in an affordable way.

I like a company that offers what they believe in to those who are perhaps more cost-conscious, so I look into the detail of their Synergy Natural Super Green powder.

Synergy Natural Super Greens Ingredients

Synergy Super Greens labelA ‘synergistic blend of Nature’s most nutrient dense green superfoods’ Synergy Natural Super Greens contains Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass.

For me this is a positive.

Just a small number of ingredients should mean that I’m going to know exactly how much I’m getting, right?

Wait, but this isn’t an amount, this is a percentage per serving.

Oh dear, I’m disappointed again.

So essentially, although they tell us what is in each serving, they don’t tell us how much (as an amount). A recommended portion is 1-2 heaped teaspoons (so 5-10 grams) but as they haven’t broken the ingredients down in weight I really don’t know how much of each ingredient I get in a portion.

Here are the ingredients of Synergy Super Greens:
Spirulina (33%), Barley Grass leaf powder (25%), Wheat Grass leaf powder (25%), Chlorella (16%), Stevia extract (

How Does Synergy Natural Super Greens Taste?

Because Synergy Natural greens includes stevia, the formulation should still taste like the ingredients but with a slightly sweeter taste for palatability. I’ve taken a look at some reviews to see what people think of it.

A reviewer (on the Synergy Natural site) says it is a ‘light taste’ although they do say that they mix with a smoothie. I am not sure what “light taste” really means though!

Feedback mostly is good though with some loving the taste and others commenting its one of the better taster products on the market.

One thing to take into account is whether reviewers are already used to the taste of super greens supplements and blends. To a first-time user the taste can often be unpleasant, so it’s recommended that this product (and others) are added to juice or a smoothie.

Side Effects

There may be some side effect to taking this product for the first time as your digestion may not be used to the ingredients.

Does Synergy Natural Super Greens Actually Work?

From weight-loss to improved energy, the customer reviews seem to be crediting this product with a wide variety of effects that I’m not sure can be really verified. As with all supplements the other factors would have to be taken into account – other dietary efforts, other lifestyle amendments.

But here are a few endorsements for Synergy Natural Super Greens and the perceived improvements people have seen since taking it:

I am in love with the new product… I feel confident my children and I are now not missing out on any nutrients or minerals in our diets that our bodies need and I no longer waste my money on multi-vitamins that are poorly absorbed by the body anyway

I have had CFS and other health issues for years… I noticed the difference from day one. I just felt cleaner, lighter, less acidic, less toxic, and my energy levels and health improved a little more each day. I have put my friends on it and they notice the difference too and wouldn’t be without it. We all say if we have over done it with food, or stress or have a headache, or are just run down in general, we grab an extra heaped spoon of Synergy Natural’s greens and we are fine again

Synergy Natural Super Greens Customer Reviews

The product pages of the Synergy Natural site contains short reviews of each product and there is also a more in-depth Testimonials area. You can see a short excerpt from this area above.

On amazon there are about 90 reviews (at the time of writing this review). 71 are positive reviews, with 63 percent giving 5 stars.

A 5-star reviewer says;

Incredible stuff. Wait for 4 days for the energy to kick in then. All of you a sudden you will feel incredible.

Whereas a one-star reviewer says;

I am sure it is very healthy, but it tastes really bad, a waste of money I am afraid as I cannot stand the taste

Another goes into detail with;

I read very closely the ingredients, and was happy with the listing, however I really don’t know what is actually in it cause it taste so artificially sweetened, like they’ve used a synthetic sweeter, I know its says stevia, but it really does not taste natural at all!!! In addition instead of feeling you full of energy, I feel LOW from using it, like the same effect I have when I have eaten refined sugar but worse. I am really unhappy with it and disappointed as I was really looking forward to it.

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

I wasn’t able to find any money back guarantee on the site.

Where to Buy Synergy Natural Super Greens?

You can buy the full range of products (including Super Greens) at the Synergy Natural site. Synergy Natural also carry a range of individual powders (such as Spirulina and Chlorella).

Amazon sellers also stock a range of the products.

Is It Worth the Price?

The Synergy Natural site carries a 100g tub of powder for $18.85 (AUD). You can also buy a kilo (1000g) for $124.95 (AUD). They also have 200g and 500g tubs. This is a relatively low-cost product, compared to others available.

Amazon retailers have it at a similar price, and it’s a good-value product for what it is if you are looking for a basic greens powder.

…more affordable product than many, the jury is out on whether the ingredients are in a potent enough form to really provide value for money.

Although this is a more affordable product than many, the jury is out on whether the ingredients are in a potent enough form to really provide value for money. The fact that I really can’t tell how much I’m getting of each ingredient in a serving means this doesn’t stack up against other products (which may actually be more expensive).

Other producers may also use a proprietary blend, but include a whole variety of other ingredients alongside, and at a higher end of the price spectrum you might feel that more ingredients means more value for money.

Just as an aside, with Synergy Natural you can also buy the Super Greens in tablet form, although reviewers seem to agree that you need to take a lot of tablets to see any health benefits. Check out my information on why super green capsules may not be a good idea.

The Bottom Line

Synergy Greens tubThe basic principle of Super Greens is that you can get a quick-fix to any dietary gaps you may have, leading to a one-a-day portion of nutrition at your fingertips.

This is a pretty easy sell in my opinion. But if you have specific ingredients you would like to be included (spirulina, for example), then it stands to reason that you’d want to know what was in each serving of such a product.

The Synergy Natural Super Greens is a good product. It gives a serving of the basic four super green ingredients in this one blend. But I’m finding it hard to set it apart from the competition.

It’s a good-value product from the perspective of basic price, but it doesn’t give me the powerful serving I want. Other products like Nested Naturals have a huge amount of ingredients in their tub, and although I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, you may think that you’re therefore getting better value for money from a big tub with loads going on inside.

When it comes to supplements we should keep in mind it’s not the number of ingredients that matters, but the quantities that count. This is why I like green powder alternative SuperGreen TONIK – this is a supplement I developed as I was wanted to take a daily greens that had the minimum effective dosage in each daily serving.

I’ve looked at the reviews and what they say about their own product. I think it would be a good, basic-level product to take if you wanted to include greens in your diet. But with the proportions in the blend I can’t say that I’m getting all of the big-hitters I want to get into my diet.

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