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Texas SuperFood Review

Texas SuperFood Review

I have seen Texas SuperFood pop up online when researching what Greens superfoods to try. Whilst I was about to try this supplement I wanted to do more in-depth research first before spending so much money on it.

A number of websites recommend this Super Greens supplement, I was a little skeptical but wanted to check it out before considering buying Texas SuperFood for myself.

I have tried many Super Greens so far, but for full transparency, I should be clear that I haven’t personally tried the Texas SuperFood supplement.

So, here is my quick Texas SuperFood review so far, and based on this will decide if I should take the plunge and try it out.

First Impressions

There are also three variations of Texas SuperFood; essentials, original and complete. All are available in capsule form with the Original and Complete versions also available in powder form.

With greens products, I prefer non-capsule form as you always get far more ingredients in each serving (check out why I don’t like Super Green capsules here).

The complete version also comes with a separate tub of digestive enzymes and is 100% USDA organic certified.

Texas Superfood Power Range

What really surprised me was the fact this supplement is marketed for children too (over 12 year olds)!

Very few supplements are safe for under 18-year-olds, and so I am somewhat shocked by the advertising claims of TX Superfood. Check out can kids take Super Greens in my article.

Background on Texas Superfood

Texas SuperFood is manufactured by NPN Global Inc based in Utah in the USA and has been running since 2000. I couldn’t really find much information on the company itself although checking out the registered address for Texas SuperFood showed a large serviced office address in Utah.

The company manufactures a number of nutritional supplements from Superfoods to probiotics, brain, and joint support. The Texas SuperFood range is available in either capsule or powder options, with the standard and more expensive “complete” version.

Their social media presence is looking a little sparse in recent months.

It seems that they don’t update this very often with Facebook showing the latest posts back in August 2018, and Twitter a lack of activity since July 2018. This got me wondering, is the brand not too popular now?

The owner of Texas Superfood is Dr. Dennis Black. A quick search online and I came across an FDA warning in 2015 where he was issued a warning letter for making “unapproved new drug” claims for some of the supplements in his company.

Basically he was promoting their health supplements as drugs or cures.

Texas SuperFood Ingredients

There are 55 ingredients in the Texas SuperFood Complete supplement but we could only find 24 listed on the supplements fact label (see label below).

On the Texas SuperFood Original label ALL the ingredients are actually listed but all within a proprietary blend.

Texas Superfood Complete and Original Labels

On the official website, there is an “ingredients directory” where I counted over 60 ingredients listed with their benefits. There is a “products that contain” this ingredient section that highlights in which product this ingredient is included. Not the easiest way to identify the ingredients within a product though, as it makes more sense the have the complete list of the “supplement facts” section on the product!

The serving amount will vary depending on whether you go for Texas SuperFood powder or capsule versions. The powder version has a serving size of 6g and the capsule one you take 6 capsules (so around 3.6g per day).

The non-capsule version will of course provide more ingredient amounts, but it’s still likely to be under the required amounts.

The Original version contains a lot of organic nutrients (vegetables and fruits) although the product isn’t USDA certified organic. This means that overall less than 95% of the ingredients are organic in the Texas SuperFood Original version.

There is no breakdown of the 55 ingredients used in the formula and so there is no indication of the amounts.

Guess what, that’s because it’s another proprietary blend. Although this time there is no pseudo-scientific named blend, the ingredients are simply listed out.

The Texas SuperFood Complete range is USDA certified organic though.

On the plus side, both versions of the product are gluten, dairy, and soy-free. The capsule version of the supplement also contains vegetarian-friendly capsules.

How does Texas SuperFood Taste?

Having not personally tasted this supplement I cannot tell you for sure. Instead, though I took to the internet to check out what other people have said.

The official website highlights that the Texas SuperFood Original has a “green veggie” taste whereas the Complete version is “sweet!”.

Side Effects

No reported side effects from me as I haven’t tried this product yet.

A few customers have reported minor side effects such as; Upset stomach, Bloating, Gas, Headache, Nausea, Diarrhea, and Changes in bowel movements. Most customers seem to cope with it fine though.

Does Texas SuperFood work?

Possibly but unlikely, it’s very difficult to know for sure.

The main reason I say this is the ingredient amounts are not given and so it’s very uncertain how much you’re really getting in each serving.

The serving size is small too, with each scoop only providing 6g of nutrients. With so many ingredients provided, there is likely to be tiny amounts available, which will not be enough to do much.

Cramming so many ingredients into a tiny serving means there will no doubt be a compromise in ingredient quantity.

Cramming so many ingredients into a tiny serving means there will no doubt be a compromise in ingredient quantity. And with scarce details on the ingredients full stop, there is a question over the ingredient quality too!

Texas SuperFood Customer Reviews

There are a number of “verified” Texas SuperFood reviews on the official website, of course, these are all positive showing 4 or 5 stars out of 5.

Amazon showed over 200 customer reviews with 30% of the reviews showing a 3 star or lower rating. There was still 70% of the reviews with a 4 or 5 start though, this is encouraging!

The negative feedback mostly around not feeling like anything had changed.

Garbage didn’t do a thing. Didn’t notice anything. Joseph

I did find one very unhappy customer, who not only didn’t get on with the product itself but was less than impressed with the customer service and refund policy:

I had a horrible reaction to this product. I felt like I had the flu (intestinally) even though I took it with food. I realized it was the TX Superfood when I didn’t take it one day & started to feel better. I went back to it again & all the symptoms came roaring back. I contacted the company for a refund & they told me to try taking less & building up to the full dosage. As bad as I felt, I had no interest to try it again. As others have stated, the company is not forthcoming with refunds so their “Satisfaction Guarantee” is not true. I’d give it zero stars but that’s not an option. A very expensive non-refundable mistake. Health Foodee

In contrast, though, there are many positive reviews for Texas SuperFood:

works very well, I am sleeping great and I was not, have more energy and not napping during the day, also curbs appetite, will buy again and continue to take it. Joan.

Used a similar product (NPN Super Foods) and was happy with the uptick in energy levels. This one I think gives me a bit more energy but is also much more expensive. I do think it is a good product. Alejandro

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Every order has a 30-day money-back guarantee that starts from the date of first purchase. To qualify you to need to return the used or unused bottle back to the company to receive a refund minus shipping costs.

They provide chat support (offline when I tried), email, and telephone support options.

Where To Buy Texas SuperFood?

You can purchase all the Texas SuperFood brands directly on the official website.

There are no international shipping options though and appears you can ONLY order if you’re based in the USA. This is fairly common amongst many USA based supplement companies.

Some of the brands sold by Texas SuperFood do appear on but there doesn’t appear to be a store that is actively managed.

Is It Worth The Price?

Texas SuperFood OriginalEach tub of Texas SuperFood powder or capsule costs $63 USD, buying three tubs at once means you can save $8 per tub. There is a monthly subscription option where you can save 8% with free shipping.

The Texas SuperFood Complete range of powder or capsules costs more and is $79.95 for a single tub or $69.95 when purchasing three tubs at once. You can save $8.65 and have free shipping if you go for the monthly subscription option.

At first glance, it may seem worthwhile considering you get 55 ingredients per Texas SuperFood serving. My issue though, is that I am not confident ingredient amounts match anywhere near enough to have a noticeable effect, it could mean that I am wasting my money.

Lastly, on a per-gram cost price this is one of the most expensive Green powder supplements on the market. So, for me at this price point it would be better considering my SuperGreen TONIK powder or alternatively Green Vibrance.

The Bottom Line

So, am I now tempted to invest in buying Texas SuperFood?

On the surface, Texas SuperFood Super Greens looks okay but when you delve into the details it’s over-priced and will likely under-deliver too.

I am not impressed!

The official website looks great and looks the part, but I have concerns over the ingredient amounts and the lack of social media in the last 6-7 months (have they given up on the brand?).

This supplement isn’t cheap and with so much competition out there Texas SuperFood in my opinion doesn’t stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, giving Texas SuperFood a try means spending out $70 USD plus (including shipping) for a product that will unlikely have much, if any benefit for me.

Readers of my blog will know that I really dislike this practice of hiding the ingredient amounts. I am much more likely to try alternative brands like SuperGreen Tonik (my brand).

There are just too many uncertainties with Texas SuperFood for me. I decided against buying and will be looking at other brands that deliver a better Super Greens for better value.

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  1. It would be nice to see if you can do a review on Organifi.

    They do not have a consumer review comments set up on their web page which does not surprise me.

    I tried their product for the first time, I threw up multiple times and had issues coming both ends.

    I had to go have my mom take me to the hospital, while I am not overweight I don’t know what ingredient or the quantity of the amount that made me so violently sick. They only offered to reimburse me the money I paid for their product and I still got stuck with the $100 emergency co-pay.

    It was without a doubt something with the product. I bought the product over the phone. When I tried to talk to them the president would not respond nor the Agent of Representation.

    It just might be a rarity that this happened to me, but then who will ever know if there is not a way to know if my experience had happened to someone else.

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