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Texas Superfood vs SuperGreen TONIK

Texas Superfood vs supergreentonik

I’ve been getting requests for a while now, as regular Lifehacker Guy readers will know, to do comparison reviews of my own super greens brand, SuperGreen TONIK, with other superfood formulas on the market. I’ve already compared it with a variety of formulas, and this time, Texas Superfood is the competitor!

Texas Superfood is a popular superfood formula in the US, with a wide range of health and nutrition blogs recommending this formula (although this could be paid advertising). The formula contains a vast number of powerful ingredients, with a large proportion of them overlapping with the ingredients in SuperGreen TONIK.

However, although the two formulas may share some of the same ingredients, they’re incredibly different – they have different health benefits, they come in different forms, they’re sold at different prices, they taste different, etc, etc.

So, I’m going to be looking at both formulas closely, comparing them in a number of important categories, and then finally coming to a conclusion about why formula really does come out on top.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing either formula, or you’re stuck between the two, check out my full Texas Superfood vs SuperGreen TONIK comparison review below.

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What is Texas Superfood?

Texas SuperFood Original

Texas Superfood is a superfood formula containing over 50 ingredients, from grasses and greens to fruits and herbal extracts. Texas Superfood is proudly made in the US, hence the brand name, it’s non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.
The formula is available in either capsule form or powdered form.

I’ll say straight away if you do decide to purchase this formula, please choose the powdered option, as capsule supplements are rarely effective because they’re not sufficiently dosed – you can find more about that here.

The brand used to produce a formula called Texas Superfood Complete, which included a separate digestive enzyme blend. However, this formula has been out of stock for a while now, and it seems as if the brand is no longer selling it – I wonder why!

The main problem that you notice immediately with the Texas Superfood formula is that all of the ingredients exist within a proprietary blend, meaning it’s impossible to know how much of each ingredient exists within the formula, making it unknown if the formula will actually be effective or not.


  • Wide range of ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • Proprietary blends
  • Capsules version isn’t as effective
  • Slightly more expensive than other formulas on the market
  • Only available in the USA

What is SuperGreen TONIK?

Supergreen TONIK Tub and Shaker

SuperGreen TONIK is my own super greens brand, and I want to be fully transparent about that! However, I’ll be judging the formula just how I judge other ones, with no biased opinions, just straight facts.

SuperGreen TONIK contains over 15 ingredients, from greens and herbs to grasses and algae. The formula is vegan (as of 2021), dairy-free, non-GMO, sugar-free, additive-free, and made in a GMP facility in the USA.

One of the main reasons that I created SuperGreen TONIK was because I saw the lack of transparent supplement brands on the market, with so many super greens formulas lacking fully disclosed ingredients labels and not containing sufficiently dosed ingredients.

So, SuperGreen TONIK has a fully disclosed ingredients label, without a proprietary blend insight, and each ingredient within the formula is sufficiently dosed.


  • Fully disclosed ingredients label
  • 15 superfood ingredients and 18 vitamins/minerals
  • Vegan, paleo, keto friendly formula
  • 365 money-back guarantee


  • Not the cheapest on the market

Texas Superfood Vs SuperGreen TONIK Benefits

Texas Superfood

There’s a lot of information on the Texas Superfood website about the benefits of the formula as a whole, and the benefits of each ingredient within the formula, which is great to see.

Overall, the formula is supposed to increase energy levels, support physical performance, improve sleep, boost mental clarity, help regulate weight, increase the radiance of the skin and boost the mood.

As well as these overall claims, the brand has provided information about the benefits associated with each ingredient within the formula.

For example, “Apples provide whole-body benefits and are packed with nutrition that includes Vitamins C and B, iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, folate and fiber.”

It might be beneficial for the brand to provide more information about the benefits that the consumer will experience, rather than simply stating the vitamins and minerals that each ingredient contains.

SuperGreen TONIK

Similar to Texas Superfood, there’s a wide range of information about the benefits of SuperGreen TONIK as a whole and the benefits associated with each ingredient within the formula.

SuperGreen TONIK will provide the consumer with essential vitamins and minerals needed for daily optimum health, as well as increase energy levels, reduce stress levels, lower anxiety levels, boost the immune system, improve sleep quality, support mental clarity, and improve concentration.

The information about the benefits of each individual ingredient is focused on the benefits the consumer will experience, rather than simply stating the micronutrients in each ingredient like Texas Superfood does.

For example, “Chlorella is a type of algae that is a good source of several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It can improve your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, among other health benefits”.

In fact, if consumers do want to know about the micronutrients in the formula, there’s an entire, separate section on the SuperGreen TONIK site dedicated to providing information about the benefits of each vitamin and mineral within the formula.

Texas Superfood Vs SuperGreen TONIK Ingredients

Texas Superfood

Texas Superfood contains over 50 ingredients, which is a lot to pack into a 6g serving!

The problem is that it’s highly unlikely that all of these ingredients are sufficiently dosed and therefore they may not actually provide the health benefits that the brand claims they will.

However, it’s impossible to know whether or not the ingredients are sufficiently dosed because the formula is made up of proprietary blends. Proprietary blends are a nightmare because they hide important information from consumers and leave all of the power in the hands of the brand, allowing them to claim that the formula is powerful due to the ingredients within it, but not actually adding the right amount of the ingredients to it.

Nonetheless, we can take an informed guess as to whether the formula is sufficiently dosed or not. For example, some of the ingredients within the formula with recommended doses are maca, chlorella, and wheatgrass.

The combined recommended dose of these three ingredients comes to 8g, and these are only three ingredients within a 50+ ingredient, of which a recommended dose is only 6g.

Therefore, it’s highly highly unlikely, or impossible, for this formula to be sufficiently dosed. The same goes for the capsule version of this formula,

Texas Superfood Complete and Original Labels

SuperGreen TONIK

Even when first thinking about creating SuperGreen TONIK, it was of the utmost importance to me that the formula had a fully disclosed label, didn’t contain proprietary blends, and contained sufficiently dosed ingredients.

So, I focused on creating a formula that had potent ingredients and provided consumers with a wide range of health benefits, whilst ticking all of these three ‘must-haves’. That is the SuperGreen TONIK that you see today.

The amount of each ingredient is shown on the SuperGreen TONIK label, and the different types of ingredients are listed under different blends to make it easy for the consumer to distinguish between the types of ingredients, although, of course, don’t panic, these aren’t proprietary blends!

Looking at some of the ingredients within each of the blends, it’s possible to see if the ingredients within the formula are sufficiently dosed. For example, there’s 2g of spirulina per serving in the Greens Blend, and the daily recommended dose is between 1-3g, so this hits the recommended dose!

In the Nootropic Blend, there’s 500mg of ashwagandha and the recommended daily dose is between 500-600mg, so this also hits the recommended dose.

In the Immune Blend, there’s 250mg of garlic island the recommended daily dose is between 100-400mg, so this also hits the recommended dose.

So, these ingredients, and subsequently all of the other ingredients within the formula are sufficiently dosed and will therefore provide the benefits that are claimed.

Supergreen TONIK full disclosure labelling

Texas Superfood Vs SuperGreen TONIK Taste

Texas Superfood

I haven’t actually personally tasted the Texas Superfood formula, but going off other reviews on it, it tastes like an earthy greens powder. One person’s review, actually on the Texas Superfood website, states that they have to gag their way through consuming the powder.

This actually really surprises me seeing as the formula contains so many different types of fruit!

However, due to the negative reviews with regards to the taste, I’m going to go ahead and assume that Texas Superfood isn’t the tastiest supplement out there.

SuperGreen TONIK

SuperGreen TONIK is naturally sweetened with stevia extract, taking the natural grassy taste of the greens ingredients away from the formula and making it taste refreshing and pleasant.

The formula has a multitude of positive reviews concerning the taste.

Healthy Supergreen TONIK powder and glass

Texas Superfood Vs SuperGreen TONIK Cost

Texas Superfood

Texas Superfood is sold in tubs containing 30 servings of formula, or 180 capsules (still working out at 30 servings). The cost is the same for both powder and capsules, working out at $59.95 for one tub on a one time purchase. This works out at a cost per serving of $2.00.

You can save $5 if you sign up for a subscription to the formula, or you can save up to $15 by ordering multiple bottles of the formula.

The lowest cost option for Texas Superfood is $46.71 per tub, and this price is available if you choose to sign up for a subscription and purchase a family bundle (three tubs). This cost per serving would work out at $1.56.

Even at the lowest price, Texas Superfood is overpriced for what it is due to the fact that it contains proprietary blends and insufficiently dosed ingredients.

SuperGreen TONIK

SuperGreen TONIK is sold in tubs containing 30 servings of formula. One tub, on a one-time purchase, costs $87. This works out at a cost per serving of $2.90.

However, you can save money if you choose to purchase a bundle option. If you purchase a 3-month supply bundle, the cost per serving goes down to $2.46, and if you purchase the 5-month supply bundle, the cost per serving goes down to $2.13.

Although SuperGreen TONIK is slightly more expensive than Texas Superfood, it’s fairly priced for a super greens formula that has a fully disclosed label and actually contains sufficiently dosed ingredients.

Texas Superfood VS SuperGreen TONIK: Which is Better?

Honestly, I’m slightly confused as to why Texas Superfood seems to be suggested by so many pages online, as I’m left feeling underwhelmed by the formula – it contains proprietary blends, has a tiny serving size, most definitely doesn’t contain sufficiently dosed ingredients, doesn’t taste nice and it’s expensive! It’s not performed well in any category.

However, SuperGreen TONIK has actually done the opposite and performed well in each category – it has a fully disclosed label, contains sufficiently dosed ingredients, tastes nice, and it’s reasonably priced.

So obviously, SuperGreen TONIK takes the win in this comparison.

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