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Is Tim Ferriss Like Marmite?

Are you a fan of tim ferriss?

That’s right, you read this right – is Tim Ferriss like Marmite?

You either love or hate him! (Brits will get this reference).

A few searches in Google and you find opinions on Tim are polarised. Although I would say most seems to like the guy.

I do and I don’t – I will reveal why, but first who is he?

Who is Tim Ferriss?

If you work online its highly likely you have heard of Tim Ferriss, and many of you may have even read his book “The Four-Hour Week”.

It’s safe to say this book has had a huge influence on online business techniques and the nomad lifestyle that has something of a cult like status many amongst working adults.

Whilst Tim is a New York Times best-selling author and has a huge following, he has his detractors that question his journey to success and his somewhat self-indulgent approach to life. You could say he is similar to Marmite! (Fellow Brits may only understand this analogy).

I have to be honest, I admire the guy but at times even I cringe when I watch or read some of his content.

The Four-Hour Work Week

4-hour work week book coverSo, it all started with “The Four-Hour Work Week” in 2007 and in the 11 years since, he has sold over million copies.

The book was such a huge seller, as it offered a way out. It sold the idea that you didn’t have to live your life 9 to 5 (well probably 8:30 – 7:30 for many) and cooped up in a faceless pod somewhere living an unhappy existence. His book advocated a lifestyle where you can work a few hours a week, because you have fully automated your business with virtual assistants, thus doing away with the need to have a shop front or office.

In his book Tim outlines his early failures when stepping out on his own setting up a few ventures, which all failed..

When he struck success with his supplement he outlines the strategy for outsourcing 99% of running the business whilst enjoying travelling and learning new skills. Spending 4 hours on Monday answering emails and delegating tasks for the week, his working week was finished – nice!

The book was updated in 2011, in fact I have recently just purchased this the new version and have read it again. Friends think I am crazy for how much money I spend on books these days!

If you haven’t read his book it’s well worth picking up a copy. Head over to your local bookstore or even check it out on

As with anything remotely successful there have been claims that Tim’s journey and information in the book is a little economical with the truth, or a fantasy at best.

Some commenters even go so far as saying that it’s a fraud or scam?

You can check these out here:

Personally, I believe that this lifestyle is indeed possible if one of these situations exist:

  1. You have done the work, created a business after months or years of hard graft and set up systems in place where you can automate a lot of the daily tasks
  2. You have accumulated enough money to have a number of passive investments that produce an income

Ultimately, my ideal work situation is to work 4-hour days Monday to Friday. This is because I believe that work on the whole shouldn’t be a chore, but you should enjoy most of what you do. If that’s the case, then why wouldn’t you want to work 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week?

Tim’s Other Books

It took a few years for Tim to write a follow up book in the form of the The 4-Hour Body (2010).

I really liked this book and followed the Slow Carb diet recommended by Tim in the book myself. In fact, this worked very well for me and I lost 4kg in 2 months allowing me to fit into my suit for my wedding.

Capitalising on his success Tim created two books in quick succession focussing on his high-profile network, producing Tools of Titans (2016) and Tribe of Mentors (2017).

I did buy Tools of Titans but to be honest haven’t finished reading it. Tribe of Mentors I haven’t purchased yet.

Tim Ferriss other books

Tim Ferriss’s Blog

I mentioned Tim’s blog before he has some amazing guests on his show. Not many people can say they have had the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robins and Jamie Foxx on his blog.

What does Tim blog about?

Each week Tim interviews someone unique and talented in their field, whether its fitness, finance, politics, Tech, productivity etc and it’s worth checking out to see the long list of well-known and incredibly bright people on his show.

If you’re a fan of the show you will be aware of the semi-regular “Random Show” podcasts between Tim and Kevin Rose (an American entrepreneur who co-founded a number of tech start-ups, such as Digg).

I used to watch his show, there are some real “Laugh Out Loud” moments but more often than not I struggled and I found myself cringing more than laughing and so I don’t watch it now.

I did check out the latest Random Show, you can see it by clicking here.

Best Bits on Tim Ferriss’s Blog

Tim Ferriss BlogA couple of standout episodes are worth mentioning here. Two of my favourites are the interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Robins – a real insight into their lives. Couple of amazing guys it has to be said.

There are a couple of 30-day challenges too that are very interesting, and erm challenging. One in particular that resonates with me is the NOBNOM challenge (See below).

This challenge inspired a number of people to give it a try and to document their progress – I am going to give this a go and have pencilled in October 2018!

The Bottom Line on Tim

Whether the originally tenants of the 4-Hour Work Week are fantasy or not, I have certainly been inspired by Tim Ferriss mostly from his original book.

Without getting into online business ventures I wouldn’t have had the ability to travel and life in some amazing places in the world. In fact, it’s unlikely I would be living and enjoying life with my family in Malaysia!

So, without sounding like I have a man crush (bromance), I have to thank Tim for giving me, the inspiration to strike out on my own and so that I didn’t have to work in a cubicle ever.

Recently I have liked his approach to testing his body and different approaches to life, it reminds me to try new things out and more importantly observe the results.

Sadly whilst I used to be an avid reader of his blog, with the truly amazing guests and frank discussions, I’ve moved on – but I will always a keep his first book on my shelf, as for me it was a life defining turning point in my digital entrepreneurs’ journey.

You can check out Tims blog here.

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