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TRUWILD Wild Greens Review

Wild Greens is a superfood formula produced by the US-based brand TRUWILD. The formula contains a wide range of super-greens ingredients, as well as adaptogens, herbal extracts, and raw fiber.

The formula is marketed towards those that are active and constantly on-the-go, with the brand claiming that it will provide consumers with essential micronutrients whilst also providing specific health benefits to the body and mind.

The formula is USDA-certified organic, meaning that over 95% of the ingredients are organic, and it’s also vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

This formula and the TRUWILD brand as a whole is becoming more and more popular within the US, and in the rest of the world, so I’m really keen to take a closer look at it to see if it really is as good as it seems.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the formula, or you’re also keen to take a closer look at newly popular super greens to supplement on the market, check out my full TRUWILD Wild Greens review below.


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TRUWILD Greens First Impressions

Looking at the TRUWILD website, I instantly feel excited and intrigued. Everything from the bold branding and vibrant visuals to the informative content and linked social media accounts look spot-on.

Taking a closer look at the Wild Greens formula for the first time, I feel the same!

Everything looks clear and concise, yet still exciting and interesting. I’m definitely impressed by the product when looking at it for the first time, so hopefully, when I take a closer look at it, I’m just as impressed by what it has to offer.

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Background on TRUWILD

TRUWILD, founded in 2017 by friends and adventure-lovers Zac and Nathan, is a Californian-based brand that supplies a wide range of supplements to adventure seekers and active people.

The brand mixes natural ingredients with modern science to formulate supplements designed to boost energy levels, improve wellbeing, and support the bodies of those that are active and constantly on-the-go.

The Wild Greens formula is amongst the brand’s bestsellers, alongside the Baselayer immune-boosting formula, and the Motion Outdoor Active Fuel formula.

TRUWILD Greens Benefits

TRUWILD is really informative when it comes to telling people about the benefits associated with the Wild Greens formula. Overall, the formula is supposed to provide essential micronutrients to boost the overall health of the body and mind.

However, the formula is also supposed to support the digestive system, boost immunity, push toxins from the body, support anti-aging, increase energy levels, and improve focus. TRUWILD links the different types of ingredients with the different benefits, which is a nice touch for potential consumers that have little nutrition knowledge.

For example, “Wild Green’s PH balancing blend of spirulina, chlorella, vegetables, and greens is a delicious way to promote anti-aging, increase energy and focus, and boost immune function”.

TRUWILD Greens Ingredients

TRUWILD Wild Greens contains over 20 ingredients, most of which unfortunately exist within proprietary blends, which means the efficacy of the formula is very difficult, if not impossible, to figure out.

Nonetheless, I’ll be taking a closer look at the efficacy of this formula later on in this review. First, let’s take a look at the formula’s ingredient label!

Here is the complete list of the TRUWILD Greens ingredients:
  • Organic Fiber Complex (4,000mg) – Inulin (Artichoke Jerusalem) (Organic), Acacia Powder (Fibregum) (Organic) (Nexira).
  • Organic Wild Greens (1,250mg) – Wheatgrass Powder (Organic), Peppermint Powder (Organic), Carrot Root Powder (Organic), Alfalfa Grass Powder (Organic), Wheatgrass Powder (Organic), Barley Grass Powder (Organic), Kale Powder (Organic), Astragalus Powder (Organic), Bitter Melon Powder (Organic), Oat Grass Powder (Organic), Moringa Powder (Organic), Stevia Leaf Ext (Organic), Broccoli Powder (Organic), Chlorella Powder (Organic).
  • Organic Adaptogen Complex (150mg) – Ashwagandha Root Extract (KSM-66) (Organic), Reishi Mushroom Whole Powder Extract (Organic), Maca Root Powder (Organic).
  • Other Ingredients – Natural Cucumber Powder.

Here is the supplement facts label:


How does TRUWILD Greens Taste?

TRUWILD Wild Greens is sweetened using stevia extract and flavored using natural cucumber flavor.

Although I haven’t actually tried the formula myself, the reviews concerning the taste of the formula seem to be very varied, with some saying the formula tastes awful and offputting, while others like the natural taste of the formula!

Side Effects

The brand doesn’t provide any side effect warnings, which is fine because you most likely won’t experience any. However, the brand doesn’t state who should or shouldn’t be taking the formula, which isn’t ideal!

I would always recommend that those who are under 18, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those on medication should always consult a doctor before consuming any new supplement.

Does Healthy Delights Greens with Probiotics Work?

Unfortunately, as mentioned above briefly, the TRUWILD Wild Greens formula contains proprietary blends. All of the ingredients within the formula, apart from spirulina, exist within a proprietary blend, and therefore it’s impossible to know how much of each ingredient actually exists within the formula.

Nonetheless, we can take a look at the standard recommended doses of some of the ingredients and compare it to the proprietary blend amount to see if the blends will even possibly contain sufficiently dosed ingredients.

It’s very unlikely (if not impossible!) that all of the ingredients within the formula are sufficiently dosed.

Firstly though, let’s take a look at spirulina! There’s 2.2g of spirulina in the formula (clearly laid out and disclosed) and the standard recommended dose of spirulina is between 1-3g, so this ingredient is definitely sufficiently dosed.

However, looking at the Wild Greens blend is a different story.

The blend only totals 1.25g, and the combined recommended dose of even three of the ingredients, moringa, wheatgrass, and chlorella, equals 6.5g!

Therefore, there’s no way that this blend contains sufficiently dosed ingredients.

As a whole, it’s very unlikely (if not impossible!) that all of the ingredients within the formula are sufficiently dosed. Therefore, not all of the benefits that the brand claims the formula will provide will actually be provided to the consumer!

Adam drinking SuperGreen TONIK

TRUWILD Greens Reviews

TRUWILD Wild Greens is available on Amazon, and there are over 250 reviews of the product on there. The formula scores an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, which is a pretty impressive overall score.

So, let’s take a look at a selection of the reviews.

It’s over a month and drinking after my breakfast each morning… digestion is so much better as I suffer from IBS and knowing I am in-taking some greens that I possibly can eat greens every day is a form of body insurance. The taste is pleasant as I can drink it slowly or just gulp down…easy! Taste good! I highly recommend it as I have tried numerous superfoods in the past; this is my Top choice!
5-star reviewer

I love that the creator(s) of this product was focused on making a nutritious and quality product. My only problem is the flavor. I have to gag it down every morning just to feel good about myself. Honestly, it’s probably because I’m an overweight American and it’s just not suited to my garbage palette. This trash panda is trying to make some healthy choices! 5/5 for nutrition. 1/5 for flavor.
3-star reviewer

Awful taste, bad smell, artificial color. Nothing looks natural. 1-star reviewer

Money-Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

TRUWILD claims to have a money-back guarantee but doesn’t state how many days this guarantee is for. Furthermore, the ‘Refund Policy’ states that a refund may be considered within 30 days of returning a supplement product.

So, the money-back guarantee isn’t exactly clear!

Where to buy TRUWILD Greens?

You can buy TRUWILD Wild Greens from the TRUWILD website, Amazon, and other independent third-party supplement retailers online.

Is It Worth The Price?

The Wild Greens formula is sold in pouches that contain 20 servings of formula, and one pouch costs $25.99. Therefore, the cost per serving works out at $1.30.

Although most other brands provide discount options, there are no discount options for this formula.

The price of this formula isn’t overly expensive, but it’s also not cheap!

Due to the fact that the formula contains proprietary blends and most likely contains insufficiently dosed ingredients, I don’t think it’s worth the price that the brand sells it at.

The Bottom Line

Initially, I was really excited by the brand and the Wild Greens formula, and I have to say, honestly, I still appreciate the brand and the mission to bring supplements more into the adventure scene.

However, I’m not crazy about the Wild Greens formula, purely because the formula contains proprietary blends, and as I worked out, it most likely contains insufficiently dosed ingredients.

Personally, due to this issue, I wouldn’t purchase this formula.

I would recommend purchasing a superfood formula that has a fully disclosed label and definitely contains sufficiently dosed ingredients, because then at least you know that what you’re consuming is actually going to provide you with health benefits.

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