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Which Superhero are you?

Which Superhero are You?

This is a little light-hearted post as I must confess, I am a fan of Superheroes. Actually, not all of them, some of the new characters on recent Netflix series are somewhat of a joke eh? (I mean Ironfist!!)

For me you cannot ever beat the classics, like Batman, Superman, and Wonder woman. Although maybe I am a fan of Wonder woman for other reasons than her superpowers 😉

And no, I DO NOT want to be Wonder Woman!

Before I start to sound like a weirdo, I should clarify that I don’t run around in lycra and a mask at night fighting crime, or for that matter sit at home dreaming of doing this!

What fascinates me though are the characteristics of Superheroes. Some of these I believe are good qualities that I am attracted too. Let me tell you why.

Wonder Woman

Superhero Characteristics I Admire

Thinking about this more, there are definite Superhero qualities I admire most, that I have attempted to achieve in my life.

Whilst some I have made some headway with most of these attributes, a few are lacking (physical strength).
My Superheros

  • Self Confidence – In owns own ability, prepared and can take action. I believe having a combination of extrovert and introvert characteristics help to be outwardly confident whilst enjoying and being comfortable with being on my own
  • Physical Strength – This needs improvement as I have gotten bit lazy and do absolutely no exercise! Part of the reason for this is due to suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from exercising too much when I was younger.
  • Focus and Willpower – Needs improvement for sure, as I can get to distracted sometimes, maybe watching Superheroes on Netflix!
  • Self-reliance – Dependent on no-one. I have had help from family and friends at times but I am proud that I have been for most of my life able to take care of myself.
  • Financial freedom – No boss and can live pretty much anywhere in the world. I achieve 99% of this by meaning able to make money online for 20 years

Now, some of these characteristics apply more to some Superheroes than others. For example, Batman is a rich businessman who applies to all of the above, in contrast, to say Superman who works at a “regular job”.

Which Superhero Would I Like To Be?

It’s an obvious choice really, it’s can only be Batman!

Bruce Wayne is a rich guy who loves gadgets, incredibly knowledgeable, and is very handy when it comes to looking after himself physically when needed.

Batman also has a dark-side and battles with his own personal demons. This resonates with me, and likely most of us. Being a superhero isn’t all spandex after all!

Batman meme

I like the fact that this superhero is human and has no mystical superpowers as such. In fact, in Justice League his reply to what superpowers he has is awesome – I’m rich!

Bruce is a self-made man who had great parents that taught him right from wrong.

He is a Symbol, an idea that ANYONE can be a hero.

If you like the superhero figures seen in here, you can check out the full range on

Which Superhero Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Year of the TigerFirstly, I should make clear straight away that I am not a firm believer in the significance of birthday and predicting behaviour or the future. But when researching about Superheroes and personality I noticed people making the comparison to Zodiac sign.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, I was born in the year of the Tiger, and reading up on this I am honest and have an adventurous spirit. Interestingly they exhibit characteristics that are “They are positive and have high beauty standards. However, they lack romance and might create a cold and unhappy family.”

I was born in the year of the Tiger, and according to the Chinese Zodiac I am honest and have an adventurous spirit.

According to Crystal Brackett on Ranker, determining which Superhero I am from my Zodiac sign shows I am indeed, Batman!

Which Superhero Am I?

The Hulk figureSearching online for which Superhero are you returns a number of Superhero Quizzes based on your personality and even your Zodiac sign. I thought it would be fun to try some of them and see which Superhero I am.

The results surprised me, only my Zodiac sign of them came up with the one Superhero I would like to be – Batman.

I did the quick Superhero quiz and discovered I was …. The Hulk!

What is quite ironic is the Superhero I apparently am most like, the Hulk, is well very green. It just so happens that I am developing my own supplement brand, a Super Green powder – a coincidence?

Of course, it is!

So, have you ever wondered which Superhero you would like to be and why?

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