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Why Take a Super Greens Supplement?

Years ago, I would randomly go on a health mission, I would visit my local supplement store and purchase 2-3 months’ supply of multivitamins. What would happen after that is that after a few months of taking them I forgot to go back to the store and buy more because the store wasn’t around the corner and then a few months later the cycle would start again?

I am the first to admit, this is far from ideal! If I am wanting to invest in my own health, especially considering I’ve been immune suppressed since I was 20, this is certainly not the way to do it!

This mostly happens for me and no doubt many others, because life gets in the way and that I was never too sure if I really needed to take a multivitamin or not. Thinking about it it’s probably down that the fact that, I don’t experience any real change day to day taking a multivitamin, and so I questioned its effectiveness.

Super Greens first grabbed my attention for the supposedly long-term health benefits experienced on a daily basis. If you visited my site before you’ll likely know that I have been searching for a Super Greens supplement to take. And because I couldn’t find the right product for me I decide to create my own supplement from scratch. This may sound a bit drastic, but as a solopreneur, I understood that if it worked for me then it would work for other people as well!

In this article I will explore why I am keen to take a Super Greens supplement and why this could make sense for you too.

Tasting greens powder

Why Was I Looking for a Super Greens Supplement?

In the past my diet has been very poor and sporadically I would go on a health spree. Since moving to Malaysia where the food is simply amazing, but not always the healthiest. I found that I wasn’t eating enough fruit and veggies and this might go on for a few days and sometimes even longer.

Instead of convenience and I’ll admit to being lazy, I will opt for eating out and having easy to prepare food. Which then means I am not eating enough fruit and veggies each day.

Taking a daily greens supplement was to be my “nutritional insurance”, and would ensure that I am consuming more than enough of the required micro and macro nutrients.

Taking a daily greens supplement was to be my “nutritional insurance”, and would ensure that I am consuming more than enough of the required micro and macronutrients.

Many of the best greens powders include ingredients that can help with energy levels as well, something that I have suffered from for over 20 years now.

Linked to my feelings of low energy is my incredibly poor immune system – in fact, close friends joke with me saying I only seem to have one white blood cell that speeds around my body fighting germs!

Additionally, my energy levels, have often meant I struggled with brain fog and maintaining concentration.

Brain focus and energy

And so, when I was looking at ingredients that can help with improving my productivity and mental performance (so-called nootropic ingredients). I found that many Super Greens supplements and many nootropics supplements simply didn’t cut it.

Many of these supplements tended to also use proprietary blends or have just didn’t have enough ingredients to perform well as they should. So I thought why not combine science-backed nootropic ingredients into a Super Greens powder.

Taking this a step further, I decided to include immune-supporting and stress-reducing ingredients as well, making my Super Green a comprehensive “all in one green” powder supplement.

The end goal = no need to take multiple supplements each day, but just to take one all in one supplement!

Are Super Greens Really Better than Multivitamins?

I have read and written about the benefits of taking green powders, they are reported to be far better than multivitamins for numerous reasons.

Firstly, they have more than your basic set of vitamins and minerals but are packed full of antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients.

Your typical green powder has a much larger serving size (mostly 6-20g daily scoop servings) than your average multivitamin, this means you can fit a lot more ingredients inside. Compare this to swallowing a few capsules found in your popular multivitamin brand!

Your typical green powder has a much larger serving size (mostly 6-20g daily scoop servings) than your average multivitamin, this means you can fit a lot more ingredients inside.

Multi vitamins

Even though you get far more bulk, don’t worry they are all generally low-calorie (10g serving is typically around 40 calories), making them ideal for getting your nutrients without excess calories.

Just like multivitamins though, green powder supplements aren’t a replacement for a healthy, well-balanced diet. Moreover, they are not designed to be meal replacement shakes.

Why Should we use Greens Powder Supplements?

It’s interesting to think if I really need to take a green powder supplement at all, or have I been persuaded by the marketing hype?

The fact is you don’t wake up thinking, yep I need to get me some Super Greens today.

Typically, you don’t rush to your local supplement store to pick up a tub to fix an immediate problem or issue you may have.

Unlike many other performance supplements such as proteins, there is not a single or clear purpose for taking a Super Green powder. For example, many frustrated dieters may look at diet supplements for fat loss although some green powders aid weight loss too!

Super Green supplements have been popularised recently more by the ingredients used, for example, Spirulina or Matcha. And therefore, many people recognize these ingredients and think of the convenience of taking all your vitamins and macro and micronutrients one go, so exactly like me!

Supergreen TONIk and vegetables

Are Super Greens the Real Deal?

My guess is you want me to say a definite Yes or even a No here, unfortunately, it really does depend on the brand you pick.

Like any supplements, Super Greens are ONLY as good as their ingredients, served in the right quantities, and from a reputable source.

With this in mind, I say this throughout my site, you should only choose supplements that fully disclose their ingredients, you deserve transparent labeling that can support their claims with proper science.

Check my article on why I believe many supplement companies are lying to us.

Of course, if you don’t take the supplement consistently then you’ll unlikely to experience the benefits of a good greens supplement- It’s not just about picking the right super greens brand, but on you taking it daily alongside a healthy, balanced diet.

My reasons for wanting to take a Super Greens supplement:

  • Convenience, easy to prepare daily drink
  • Nutritional insurance, all my required micronutrients in one hit
  • Boost my energy levels and so reduce fatigue
  • Improved mental clarity and so increased productivity
  • Manage stress levels (being a parent this is essential!)

Have you ever considered taking a Super Greens supplement? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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