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Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens Review

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When I first came across Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens powder drink it was a refreshing change from other Super Greens, let me tell you why.

There is a less-is-more approach taken by this brand with no extensive ingredient list as is seen in most other super greens drinks. Instead, the focus is on several key ingredients known to have real health benefits.

There is a lot to like about Yuri Energy Greens but unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks that are too big to ignore.

Let’s delve into the detail of this Energy Greens superfood supplement and give it the full LifeHacker Guy review.

Yuri Energy Greens

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Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens First Impressions

It’s hard not to be impressed with Yuri Elkaim and his green supplement.

All too often with supplement companies, you know nothing about the owners and why they create the business, but in this case, instead of a faceless corporation, you get to know about the founder of Energy Greens, Yuri Elkaim.

Yuri’s background is fascinating and worth spending a few minutes reading – check out his ‘about’ page “from Soccer to Bed to No Hair On My Head (My Unusual Journey)”.

His health struggles form a major part of the background for his interest in nutrition and developing Energy Greens. I can relate to this as I have struggled – and still do – with poor health since my late teens from doing too much exercise training for triathlons.

I should briefly add that I shave my head and it’s not related to any health condition like Yuri!

Yuri Elkhaim Profile

Background on Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens

Energy Greens is manufactured by Total Wellness Consulting, Inc based in Ontario, Canada.

The founder Yuri Elkaim is a registered holistic nutritionist, New York Times best-selling author of several books and is passionate about healthy eating and all things nutrition. He has written a lot of content on his blog ( around diet, weight loss, health, and fitness.

Yuri has been blogging for over 11 years now, since 2008 when he used to write about health and fitness. He became well known after writing numerous best-selling books in 2014.

He has a number of products that include; TotalWellnessCleanse, MyTreadmillTrainer, and Yuri Elkhaim’s Super Nutrition Academy (SNA).

Yuri Elkhaim books

Yuri Energy Greens through the years

Yuri Energy Greens supplement has changed a little since first being released. Although the core ingredients have remained the container has been improved and looks a lot better.

Yuri Energy Greens through the years

Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens Ingredients

In stark contrast to most Green powders, Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens only contains 8 ingredients in its superfood blend. There is no supplementing with extra products to make this brand seem better value for the money.

Let’s take a quick look at the ingredients in Energy Greens:

  • Spirulina – nutrient-dense with 8 essential amino acids, chlorophyll, the essential fatty acid GLA, and B vitamins (required dosage of 1-8g per day – Examine)
  • Cracked-cell chlorella – great source of chlorophyll, lots of health benefits
  • Alfalafa juice powder – another great source of chlorophyll, contains lots of Vitamin C, may reduce bad cholesterol levels
  • Barley grass powder – high in vitamins and minerals, another great source of chlorophyll
  • Goji berry juice powder – rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy phytosterols and eye sight-protecting carotenoids
  • Vanilla – potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant polyphenols, also adds flavour
  • Cinnamon – unique healing abilities with anti-clotting and antimicrobial activity
  • Maca – organic adaptogen, similar to ginseng, great for energy, recovery, libido, and stress-busting (required dosage of 1.5-3g per day – Examine. The taste of Maca root is fairly unpleasant – if you have ever tried this on its own well done! )

Some of the recommended daily dosages have been outlined, others were less clear how much per day is recommended.

For more in-depth information about popular super green ingredients check out my article.

Each serving of Yuri Energy Greens is 7.8g which is a little less than some of the other popular greens on the market (such as Athletic Greens, Green Vibrance etc). Considering there are much fewer ingredients in this brand then this smaller portion is probably not an issue of ingredient amounts.

The ingredient profile is a proprietary blend and the ingredient amounts of each one of the 8 ingredients are not disclosed.

So, whilst it’s great to know the ingredients have been carefully selected and are 100% organic, it would be good to know how much is inside.

This is my ONLY issue with Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens, unfortunately, though it’s a fairly major one!

Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens is 100% USDA certified organic. Having only 8 ingredients means it is much easier to achieve this status.

How Does Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens Taste?

I have yet to taste Energy Greens but according to Yuri, who tested it out on his three sons, it tastes amazing. Yuri spent a lot of time in his own kitchen getting the taste right and so (according to him) it is unlike most other green powder drinks on the market.

In fact, he backs this up with an amazing “taste it and love it” money-back guarantee.

You can mix it with 250ml (8oz) of water or add to your favorite green smoothie.

Side Effects

Apart from consulting your physician if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, there is no mention of side effects.

A few of the ingredients may not be suitable for everyone though.

Does Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens Work?

According to Yuri his Energy Greens supplement:

TOP 8 most nutrient-dense superfoods in the world made the cut – and every single one of the superfoods comes in significant amounts that have been shown to help enhance health… protect against disease… and provide natural energy and well-being. Yuri Elkaim.

Everything about this greens powder screams ‘this is going to work’. The product isn’t over-marketed and is not gimmicky (I am thinking chocolate greens drink here!), but there is one niggling doubt in my mind.

The use of a proprietary blend and the lack of a fully transparent (measured) ingredient label.

Whilst the claim is that each ingredient is provided in “significant amounts” we don’t know for sure and have to completely rely on Yuri for this.

I would much prefer seeing the FULL ingredient list on the label for complete peace of mind.

So do I think Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens can work?

On balance I would most likely think yes, but I have no evidence to support this other than a gut feeling. If that’s enough then this could be the Greens Supplement for you.

Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens Customer Reviews

The official site has a number of testimonials, most of which are videos. This is great as it’s much more likely they are genuine (though of course not completely guaranteed).

It would be good to see reviews on third party sites too, but I was unable to find any.

Examples of what customers had to say about Energy Greens:

By far the best tasting greens on the market! Keith Yackey, Nevada, USA

Yuri’s Energy Greens helped me cut out coffee, and get rid of my chronic fatigue!
Lisa, Louisiana, USA

If you’re looking for the best Organic Greens powder on the market then look no further than Yuri’s Energy Greens!
Ann, Ontario, Canada

A quick point to highlight is there aren’t any dates on the reviews either, not that this a big deal, but we don’t know how recent they are.

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Yuri Elkhaim has one of the best money-back guarantees I have seen in a Super Greens product – a full one-year money-back guarantee!

This is VERY impressive and clearly Yuri stands behind his product 100%.

Where to Buy Yuri Elkaim Energy Greens?

I could only find Yuri Energy Greens supplement through the official website and not through his Amazon store where he sells his books (All-Day Energy Diet and All-Day Fat Burning Diet).

There are a few websites that look to be owned and operated by Yuri and his team. These all point back to the official e-commerce site where you can make your desired purchase.

A real plus is the fact that there is international shipping to what looks like most countries on the planet!

Is It Worth the Price?

Yuri GreensYuri’s Super greens supplement is on the premium side with prices of $65 – $80 for a single jar. There are discounts available for buying multiple jars at a time, for example buy 3 jars and you will receive a 13% discount and for 6 jars you get 25% discount plus a free cook book.

You can also have your 1, 3, or 6 jars automatically sent to you every 30 days. I can’t imagine why anyone would be ordering 6 jars every month!

Every order receives a free color guide with 21 green smoothie recipes.

Considering that there are only 8 ingredients in this greens powder, I do think it’s a little overpriced, especially as we cant be sure of the ingredient amounts.

The recommended dosage is to take 2-3 servings per day. To be fair there are 45 servings in each jar, but if you do decide to take 3 servings per day one jar will ONLY LAST 15 days!

Would you be keen on paying $120USD+ per month for one month’s supply? I don’t think I would.

Essentially you’re paying for the smaller batch runs and claims of better ingredient sourcing.

The Bottom Line

I will say it again, I can’t help but be impressed with Yuri’s Energy Greens supplement. The guy comes across as very genuine and his story gives you a real sense of confidence in his product.

I really like the fact this supplement takes a less-is-more approach to ingredients.

That said, I am disappointed that there is no ingredient label transparency. Considering how easy this is to do, I find it incredibly frustrating that more supplement companies do this!

For me, this is one of my favorite Super Greens brands but the lack of full ingredient transparency lets it down. Paying what could be over $100 per month for the “best results” is a little steep too.

My journey to find the ultimate Super Greens supplement to take continues.

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  1. Why doe Amazon sell some of Your products but not the energy greens? it’s easier to use my amazon card for this purchase.

  2. Hi I’m back – I decided to take a chance and order this product. I’m planning to return it because I generally found it too sweet and the cinnamon and vanilla powder overwhelming. That said, if you’re looking for something that will almost entirely mask the taste of the greens this may be for you.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for the feedback. I can speak from experience having tried over 10 super greens in the last few months that taste is a difficult one. It must be a challenge for the manufacturers too with taste being so individual.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment here – very much appreciated!


  3. This was very helpful. My biggest concern is also that I don’t see any comments from third party carriers. Also I haven’t seen any comments/report of how easy it is to truly get the refund if you ask for it.

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