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Experiments @ LifeHacker Guy

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I wanted a way to record trying out new things, tiny experiments that I (and you) could try in my daily life. All in the name of self-improvement.

Everything from mixing up my diet to productivity hacks are on the list. So check out the experiments below.

Latest Experiments

Did I quit personal shopping for 30 days?

Did I Stop Shopping for 30-days?

Ever since I was old enough to have a job as a kid, I have saved up money and then ...
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90-day fat belly challenge final

Fat Belly Challenge – Final Update (Day 90 ish)

This is the final post from my fat belly challenge where I have spent the last 90-days trying to lose ...
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90-day Fat Belly Challenge Day 60 Update

Fat Belly Challenge Diary (Day 60 Update)

This is the second update for my 90-day fat belly challenge where I am looking to implement long-standing changes to ...
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Fat belly challenge day 30 update

Fat Belly Challenge Diary – Day 30 Update

After 30-days of being on the intermittent fasting meal plan and monitoring my sleep with the Oura ring, have I ...
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90-day fat belly challenge

My 90-Day Fat Belly Challenge

As you can see from the picture in the header image above, I am sporting a rather fetching one-pack with ...
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NO porn, NO masturbation challenge

30 Days No porn No Masturbation

When mentioning this challenge to friends of mine over a coffee I immediately got one of the following two questions: ...
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Have an idea for an experiment? Please do let me know of anything you have tried that has worked for you – I am keen to learn and discover new approaches to life!

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Hi, I'm Adam the founder of the LifeHacker Guy.
I have a First Class Honours degree in Sports Science from Brighton University, specialising in exercise physiology and nutrition. In my youth I was a competitive Triathlete and long-distance runner placing top 10 in most triathlon races I completed. Since suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I moved into web development, after a couple of years I then moved onto developing a number of online businesses. I've recently taken a sabbatical and I'm now looking to make big changes in my life, hopefully this may resonate with you - join me in my journey!