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I regular review products from supplements to gadgets and write about my experience here.

Boku Superfood review

Boku Superfood Review

Scholars disagree on the first rule of marketing, but to me, a consumer of literally hundreds of products who makes ...
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Organify Red Juice Review

Organifi Red Juice Review

Want to increase the oxygen in your blood cells? Then eat beetroot! Or, even better, don’t eat actual whole beetroot, ...
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ActivatedYou Morning Complete Review

ActivatedYou Morning Complete Review

On my adventures in Super Greens I have read a number of product reviews that mention prebiotics and probiotics so ...
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Vitamineral Green Review

Vitamineral Green Review

If I were a hippy (which I’m not!), I’d definitely be looking for some new-agey supergreens and I think I ...
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PreBioThrive Review

Gundy MD Prebiothrive Review

I decided to take a look at some products which claim to support the digestive system through the use of ...
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Synergy Super Greens Review

Synergy Naturals Super Greens Review

On a recent trip back to the UK I came across Synergy Natural Super Greens in my local supermarket (Tesco ...
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Gundy MD Primal Plants review

Gundy MD Primal Plants Review

Whilst researching super greens for myself I came across Primal Plants by Gundy MD. It's a little different to most ...
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8 Greens (8G) Review

8 Greens Review (Effervescent Superfood Tablets)

One thing that is certain to grab the attention of customers is great reviews, write-ups and testimonials. At first glance ...
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macrolife naturals review header

MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens Review

I’ve been looking into super greens blends for a while now and am yet to find the brand and blend ...
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Arbonne Greens Balance review

Arbonne Greens Balance Review

I first heard about Arbonne when a friend of mine gave me a tub of Arbonne Greens balance to try ...
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