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Coronavirus and life in Malaysia

Coronavirus and Life in Malaysia

This is the second time I have written this post. My first attempt was much more of a fluff piece […]

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Too comfortable? Killer for your productivity

Too Comfortable: Why this can be a Killer for Productivity

We are all striving for a comfortable and stress-free lifestyle. The irony is when you get there it really is […]

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Malaysia or Thailand for residency

Why I prefer Malaysia to Thailand (mostly) for Residency

First off, I should say that I am a huge fan on both countries and have travelled and lived in […]

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My Importing Thai goods to the UK story

My Experience Exporting Goods from Thailand to the UK

Have you ever walked around the markets in South-East Asia thinking, boy this stuff is so cheap I could sell […]

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Armin van Buuren Bangkok Neon Countdown 2019

New Year with Armin van Buuren – Neon Countdown 2019

Are you a fan of Armin van Buuren? I have been now for over 10-years but have never got around […]

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What Did I Learn in 2019?

What I Learn’t in 2019 and What this Means for 2020

What a great year, but boy has it flown past. I really can’t believe we’re just a few days away […]

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Best buys of 2019

My Best Buys of 2019 – Favourite Products and Services

The main reason for this blog is because I am looking to make big improvements in both my personal and […]

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2-day fasting experience

My First Two-Day Fasting Experience – 40-hours Without Food

Mention to anyone you have just completed a two-day fast and the reaction is pretty much the same. Why? What […]

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I suck at most things

I Suck at Most Things

I live a pretty good life by most people’s standards. I am not super wealthy but my family and I […]

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Sextortion email

I Received a Sextortion Email – DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

I received an interesting email in my mailbox this week. Like you I am used to receiving the odd, “I […]

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Holly Butcher Inspirational message on living your life

How to Live your Life from a 27 year-old Girl About to Die

I never normally repost content I see online but recently scrolling on Facebook I saw my friend shared the post. […]

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One-year anniversary

One Year Anniversary of Life Hacker Guy!

A big announcement today – we’re one year old! It all started from my very first blog post, exactly one-year […]

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90-day Fat Belly Challenge Day 60 Update

Fat Belly Challenge Diary (Day 60 Update)

This is the second update for my 90-day fat belly challenge where I am looking to implement long-standing changes to […]

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Are supplements BS?

Are Supplements All BS? Do Supplements Really Work or Are They Just Hype?

Are you a fan of taking supplements? Do you believe there is a magical pill or powder out there that’s […]

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Quit drinking alcohol header

Why I Have Stopped Drinking Alcohol

I have been thinking about this for sometime now but I have decided to quit drinking even though I’m not […]

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Fat belly challenge day 30 update

Fat Belly Challenge Diary – Day 30 Update

After 30-days of being on the intermittent fasting meal plan and monitoring my sleep with the Oura ring, have I […]

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90-day fat belly challenge

My 90-Day Fat Belly Challenge

As you can see from the picture in the header image above, I am sporting a rather fetching one-pack with […]

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Business Partnerships over the years

What I Learnt from Working with Business Partners

For many years I worked on my own and enjoyed the flexibility of having no one to answer too, other […]

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Best Nootropics supplement guide

Best Nootropics Supplements Guide 2020 – Want to be More Productive and Smarter?

Do you struggle getting stuff done? Or maybe you great at starting a new task only to find your mind […]

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What is my vision header

What is My Vision?

This question I have struggled with for years now. I believe only two times in my life have I had […]

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Flag Theory

Why I Like the Flag Theory and You Should Too

The flag theory has gained popularity in recent years due to the explosion of nomad workers. Whether it’s to prolong […]

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Keeping and maintaining focus

Maintaining Focus When Doing Pretty Much Anything

If you’re anything like me you will read one to two sentences and find your mind wandering or be checking […]

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Best Books 2019 read so far

Best Books Read in 2019 (so far)

Do you ever read an amazing book only to place it on the shelf and a few weeks later forget […]

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When I was a sperm donor

When I Was A Professional Sperm Donor

I have done a number of jobs in my life and talk about how I made money online over the […]

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Bungee Workout in Malaysia

Trying my first Bungee Workout in Malaysia

I was invited by the lovely guys at Common Ground coworking, where I spend most of my time working, to […]

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Malaysian Expat Living - Pros and Cons

Living Life as an Expat in Malaysia: Pros and Cons

My family and I have spent now over 2 1/2 years living in Malaysia. We absolutely love it. Every day […]

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common Ground Coworking Space

Why Every Solopreneur Should Try Coworking Spaces

For years I enjoyed the fact I worked at home. I never had to do the daily grind of the […]

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Thai Meditation Temple Stay

What I Realised Staying in a Thai Monastery 20 Years Ago

A few recent trips to Thailand have reminded me of the amazing experiences I had backpacking in South-east Asia over […]

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Which Superhero are you?

Which Superhero are You?

This is a little light-hearted post as I must confess, I am a fan of Superheroes. Actually, not all of […]

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Why Do I Take Super Greens?

Why Take a Super Greens Supplement?

Years ago, I would randomly go on a health mission, I would visit my local supplement store and purchased 2-3 […]

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Making Money Online Header

How I Made My Money Online

Since I was just 12 years old I have worked in many jobs. These have been; multiple paper rounds, sales […]

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Male Grooming Header

I Shaved My Balls!

A somewhat unusual post from me here, one that I am sure will trigger mixed responses. But hey this blog […]

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Introvert or Extrovert header

Am I an Introvert or Extrovert?

Recently I have had three interesting conversations with completely different people, who don’t know each other, and they live in […]

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Important Life Lessons Learnt 2018

Important Life Lessons Learnt in 2018

We’re into the first week of 2019 and I wanted to reflect on the lessons I learnt from last year. […]

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My Story from Triathlete to Chronic Fatigue

My Story: Triathlete to Chronic Fatigue

I hated sport at secondary school. Running around a track, being harassed by teachers trying to force me to run […]

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Supplement Company Lies Header

Supplement Companies Are Lying To Us

Spending money on a subpar supplement that produces little or no result is a waste of time. Yet many of […]

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Why my marriage works

Why My Marriage Works (Mostly)

When I was younger I couldn’t imagine being married. Period. The prospect of being with one person for the rest […]

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My Bucket list Header

My Bucket List

Recently was checking out a friend’s web page and I saw that he had a “Bucket list”. It was an […]

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Best books of 2018

Best Books Read in 2018 So Far

I am making it a mission to read more books and spend less time consuming Netflix and watching endless YouTube […]

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Life Hacker Guy Manifesto

Life Hacker Guy Manifesto

Recently I have been thinking about what values support this blog and what “moral” rudder would act as guide throughout […]

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Feedback from family and friends

Feedback from Family and Friends

I have recently finished reading the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod as I have been looking for tips on improving […]

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Are you a fan of tim ferriss?

Is Tim Ferriss Like Marmite?

That’s right, you read this right – is Tim Ferriss like Marmite? You either love or hate him! (Brits will […]

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Blogs Worth Following

10 Blogs Worth Following

Where do you get inspiration online? I reveal the 10 blogs I regularly read to give me tips on work and life. Let me know you’re favourite. […]

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