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A Journey to Living Life on your Terms

By the age of 44 I am very happy to say that I am pretty much living the life I want.

I don’t have a boss. I am by many standards financially free. I have a fantastic wife and two kids…
And oh I live in a tropical paradise!

I am not saying this to brag, only to show that it is possible to structure your life to fit your dreams. In fact, it’s a demonstration that these don’t have to be dreams and they can become reality with the RIGHT INFORMATION and MINDSET.

How did I get there? You can read my journey clicking about me.

Let me set this straight, I AM NOT A GURU nor am I selling a “make money online course” for digital freedom. If you’re looking for this then there are plenty around (I may even review a few!).

This blog is so that I can keep on learning, develop new online businesses and offer real world insights for ANYONE struggling to take that initial step or if they are faltering on their journey.

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Interview with Howard Siow (Hedge Fund Manager)

I first met Howard when I got invited to play Poker one night with fellow expats in Malaysia. Although Howard ...
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Researching Super Greens Ingredients

There are many Super Green supplements on the market and in researching the 60 or so products found a number ...
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Choosing the Right Supplement Manufacturer

Given you want to create a blockbuster supplement, then it’s a fair bet you need to work with a top-class ...
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Identifying Customer Pain Points

Great marketing looks to create a compelling story to people that are looking for a solution and who really need ...
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Important Life Lessons Learnt 2018

Important Life Lessons Learnt in 2018

We’re into the first week of 2019 and I wanted to reflect on the lessons I learnt from last year ...
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My Customer Avatars Header

Creating and Defining My Customer Avatars

Customer Avatars are known by different terms; Marketing Persona, Buyer persona or my preference, Customer Avatar. Having a clear idea ...
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Super Greens Review Header

Super Greens Review – My Competitor Analysis

To really understand the different Super Greens on the market it’s crucial to analyse the competition, this is what I ...
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December 2018 Update

December 2018 Monthly Update

It’s been a productive month in terms of focusing on my new business, creating a healthy lifestyle Supplement Brand from ...
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Supplement Packaging Considerations

Nutritional Packaging Considerations – Tubs, Pouches or Sachets?

When you look online you can see Super Greens come in a variety of different packages, tubs, pouches and even ...
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My Story from Triathlete to Chronic Fatigue

My Story: Triathlete to Chronic Fatigue

I hated sport at secondary school. Running around a track, being harassed by teachers trying to force me to run ...
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An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter most.

Robin Sharma

Who am I? Click here to find out more about me and my background.

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