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Alkamind Greens review

Alkamind Daily Greens Drink Review

Alkamind saves the time and worry of ensuring you get your daily greens by claiming to provide 5-servings of vegetables in 30 seconds.

The advertising is very much focused on neutralizing acid levels that the founder claims can help weight loss, boost energy levels, improve digestion, reduce aches and pains from inflammation, decrease reflux, etc.

Competition for an effective greens powder is high when there are so many great brands available. And so, to see if Alkamind daily greens stack up I took a deeper look into this supplement to find out how well this brand stands out.

Alkamind naked greens powder

First Impressions

What a tiny tub! In fact, the picture above may even be life-size, depending on your device you’re reading my review on.

The Alkamind greens tub appears to be 50% the size of most greens powder I have reviewed.

When checking out the serving size it’s clear why, as each scoop is a minuscule 4 grams per serving. This is by far the smallest serving for a greens powder I have reviewed.

What’s more, there are 21 ingredients packed into every 4 grams scoop, which immediately suggests to me that the ingredient amounts are likely to be incredibly low.

Background on Alkamind

Alkamind was founded in 2013 by Dr. Daryl Gioffre, the author of “Get off your Acid” and founder of the Gioffre Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Dr. Daryl is very much a proponent of reducing the acid-base balance of our bodies by changing your diet, where he recommends his cleanse recipes and also his daily greens supplement.

The organic greens formula was devised to “help the body’s natural ability to heal itself by equipping it to combat the corrosive physical impact of chronic, low-grade metabolic acidosis caused by everyday stress and hyper-acidic diets.”

I was slightly dubious just how much diet can really affect body pH, but the science is there to suggest significant changes are possible. Check out this paper – Plant-based dietary supplement increases urinary pH

Alkamind Daily Greens Ingredients

Each scoop of Alkamind greens contains a 4-gram blend of ingredients that are wrapped within two proprietary blends. The weight of each ingredient in the blend is not disclosed, we just know it contains 21 ingredients in total.

The first blend, the “Certified Organic Alkaline blend”, contains wheatgrass leaf, parsley, barley grass, oat grass, spinach, barley grass, broccoli, Alfafa juice, wheatgrass juice, kale, lemon juice powder, moringa leaf, cilantro, cabbage, dandelion leaf, celery seed, and turmeric.

The second blend, the “Organic Sprout blend”, contains 5 types of sprouts; flaxseed sprout, Alfafa sprout, Sesame Seed Sprout, and broccoli sprout.

Alkamind daily greens label

A real plus of this greens brand is that each ingredient is USDA and QAI Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, GMP, Kosher Certified, and vegan.

How Does Alkamind Daily Greens Drink Review Taste?

There are three flavors available; Citrus, Berry, and Naked. The naked flavor has no flavor added and according to the company has a nice refreshing Green Tea taste.

Having a choice of flavors is great as taste is very subjective. Feedback from consumers on greens supplements varies a lot according to how well they taste.

The taste of Alkamind greens varies significantly, with most people seem to be not a fan.

Side Effects

There are no stimulants or large ingredient amounts in this formula and so it’s very unlikely you will suffer from side effects.

As with all supplements though, if you’re taking any medication or have a pre-existing medical condition it’s best to seek medical advice first.

Does Alkamind Daily Greens Actually Work?

The first thing to mention is the scoop size is tiny when compared to other greens brands, many of which tend to be 10-12 grams in size.

Apart from the obvious point about how good value this is, which I go into below, I am curious to know the weight of each ingredient in the formula. Unfortunately, we see the dreaded proprietary blend again, which means we don’t get to see the actual ingredient amounts used.

As I have often commented when reviewing greens supplements (and I have reviewed MANY of them), wrapping ingredients in a blend means it’s impossible to know if each one is contained in the right amounts to make a difference.

Without knowing the individual ingredient dosages … any comparisons to scientific literature have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Each scoop of Alkamind greens they say equates to 5 Servings of Organic Greens. I am not really sure how they have worked that out, to be honest.

In terms of the claims made by the manufacturers, these are similar to other greens, such as more energy, weight loss, improved digestion, better skin, and better mental clarity.

Without knowing the individual ingredient dosages it’s impossible to know if they are included in the right amounts. As such, any comparisons to scientific literature has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Alkamind Daily Greens Customer Reviews

I took a quick look at the ratings on Amazon to gauge customer feedback on Alkamind greens.

Overall it’s fairly good with a current rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Let’s delve into a random mix of comments:

This is my second greens purchase. I love the taste and they are really helping me. I purchased Dr. Gioffre’s book and did the cleanse and I’m continuing on the meal plans and taking the greens and minerals. I feel better and I know that it’s a extra healthy boost I need once or twice a day. 5 star reviewer

It really does not taste good at all. I know it has great benefits but it is very hard to overcome the taste . I’ve tried it in water. I’ve tried it in yogurt. I’ve tried mixing it in smoothies. It is green. I’m going to continue to try, maybe drastically reducing the amount. Also, I expected a larger container. It seems very small, but there is a lot in it. The scoop is small so you only need a small amount, but its still hard to swallow. 3 star reviewer

It’s not tasty. I would rather chew on grass. 1 star reviewer

As it often the case with greens powders, taste major factor when deciding on a brand to get regularly. You can check out some of the best tasting greens supplements in my round-up here.

The other factor mentioned is the size of the canister and serving size is on the small size.

Money-back Guarantee / Returns Policy

After buying you have 30-days to decide if the product is for you. Unused and used portions of the canister

Customers are responsible for the return shipping costs and a $6.95 return processing fee.

Where to Buy Alkamind Daily Greens?

You can buy the range of Alkamind supplements from the official website or from

Is It Worth the Price?

A one-off purchase of one canister costs $39.95 with the option of subscribing to save 15% for the monthly price of $33.99.

There is a $5.95 shipping fee for all orders. This increases the overall cost of Alkamind Daily Greens making each serving work out to be $1.53 per scoop.

This is still reasonable for a greens powder as popular brands are often between $2-3 per daily serving.

Even though the cost is reasonable, you need to consider that the serving size (4 grams) is one of smallest I have seen for a greens powder.

In terms of value for money, you need to consider the small serving size of 4-grams. Considering brands like Athletic Greens, Organifi Green Juice, and SuperGreen TONIK, all have serving sizes of 10-12-grams (200-250% times larger than Alkamind greens!).

There are International fees to customers outside the US costs between $16 and $42 depending on how quickly you want your order to be delivered. There is also a separate $7 International handling fee, which I have never seen before on a checkout!

My Verdict

At first glance, I thought Alkamind Greens was a very cost-effective supplement that could be a great choice for improving your diet, especially if you’re lacking in veggies.

But when you consider the small serving size (it’s one of the smallest I have reviewed!) and the fact the ingredient amounts are not disclosed, I am not so sure this is money well spent.

Some of the ingredients in the formula are a great choice and have supporting evidence for their benefits, I am just not convinced they would be in the right dosages to make massive health benefits. Unless you’re daily nutritional is very poor, in which case there are still better options on the market.

Even with the low price, I am put off by the lack of a transparent ingredient label and small serving size means that Alkamind Greens is not on my list of “go-to” greens powders.

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