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Goli Gummies Review – Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement

The benefits of Apple cider vinegar are well known, mostly for their reported weight loss properties. The thing is, if you have ever tried drinking Apple Cider Vinegar you know it’s not a pleasant experience.

This is why Goli Gummies Apple Cider Vinegar has been gaining widespread popularity (and from their Facebook marketing budget!), in fact in the US there is gummy mania at the moment.

Their visibility exploded when Goli was featured recently on the hugely popular Ellen Degeneres Show, where Ellen shares the “truth” of how delicious the gummies are.

The concept of taking a gummy instead of a capsule/pill or powder is a novel one – but can you really consume enough ACV in just a gummy to actually work? It feels like I am snacking on sweets to me, but I will take them for a few days and report back on my experience with Goli Gummies in my honest review.

My Goli Gummy purchase



Goli Gummies First Impressions

Claiming to be the World’s first Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy, I am keen to see if the claims match the product and so I ordered a bottle of Goli gummies to be shipped over to Malaysia where I live.

It took a few weeks to arrive and I was excited to see how this looked and importantly how it tasted.

Unboxing the Goli gummies was a good experience as the branding and packaging are really nice. You can see in the picture below what you get inside; your bottle of Goli, the introduction to Goli pamphlet, and why Goli is better than your traditional apple cider vinegar (ACV) supplement.

Unboxing goli gummies Apple Cidar Vinegar

Upon opening the bottle you can immediately smell an apple candy aroma that is actually pretty nice.

This was my first time taking a gummy supplement and I expected it to taste sweet. And was I right – Goli Gummy is very tasting, a bit too nice – but more on this a bit later.

Their marketing slogan of tasting the apple and not the vinegar is spot on!

Background on Goli Nutrition Inc.

The about us page gives a little background on the team behind Goli Gummies other than they are a “people-focused nutrition company”. The rest of the information goes off on the importance they place on their customer’s happiness whilst on their healthy journey.

Of course, using their Goli gummies gives you a little helping hand as they are an easy way to take and integrate into your daily life – sounds perfect eh?

Okay so cynicism aside, Goli Nutrition Inc is based in California and although we do not know the team behind it, they do have an advisory board of “top nutritional advisors”. These include Mia Syn (MS, RD), Dr. Nichol Korner-Bitensky (Ph.D.), and Dr. Heidi Regenass (MD).

The company takes social responsibility seriously too as each order support Vitamin Angels, a global organization that reduces malnutrition in children by giving them access to lifesaving vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin Angels is a superb organization that I also support through purchases of my SuperGreen TONIK greens superfood supplement.

Goli Gummy Ingredients

Goli Gummy supplement label

Each bottle of Goli Gummy contains 60 gummies, which depending on your daily consumption could last one month.

There are five main ingredients in each gummy, two of which are Vitamins B9 and B12.

The gummies are vegan, vegetarian, kosher and 100% gluten-free. So, pretty much anyone can take these include children (but the recommendation is only one per day).

Let’s check the Goli formula:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (5% acetic acid) (500mg) – The main reason for the popularity of apple cider vinegar is because of the health properties of the main active compound in vinegar, acetic acid. These include reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, and keeping blood sugar spikes at bay (see more about the benefits of ACV in the box below).
  • Organic Beetroot (40mcg) – Popular superfood that contains fiber, vitamins and minerals. There is a tiny amount in these gummies and so not really too sure of the benefits here.
  • Organic Pomegranate (40mcg) – Although they contain a generous amount of nutrients and bioactive plant compounds, the amounts are small and so unclear much, if any, benefit from having this inside.
  • Vitamin B9 (200mcg DFE / 120mcg Folic Acid) 50% daily value – This vitamin is also called folate or folic acid and plays an important role in human growth and development.
  • Vitamin B12 (1.2mcg) 50% Daily value – An essential vitamin that helps with energy and this in turn makes it easier to stick with your exercise and weight loss goals.

As to be expected, the main ingredient is the Apple Cider Vinegar at 500mg per gummy. Taking two gummies would provide 1,000 mg (1 gram) of ACV, which equates to 50mg of acetic acid – the amount considered to be 1 shot of ACV.

What’s so special about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular superfood that comes with a great series of health benefits. Although mostly known for its weight loss properties, ACV has been shown to aid digestion, contain detoxifying properties, and improve the skin. In fact, the probiotic features of ACV have turned it into a cult necessity for the wellness community.

The acetic acid in the apple cider vinegar is thought to have a direct role in controlling appetite and helps increase fat burning by helping to break down fat and increase the enzyme responsible for fat burning.

If you’re looking for more detailed information on the benefits of ACV then I suggest taking a look at this article on Healthline.

How to Take Goli Gummies

The Goli team recommended taking 2-4 gummies each day for optimal results. You can take more though, up to a maximum of 12 gummies per day.

There is not necessarily any best time to take your Goli Gummy, with the suggestion being to take between 2 and 6 per day whenever suits you best.

How Do Goli Gummies Taste?

Goli gummie Candy

Very yummy. The gummies really are delicious. They were a hit with my sweet tooth!

In fact, I found that it was super easy to eat 5-6 within a short amount of time.

Whilst this sounds great, the problem is if you’re consuming the maximum of up to 12 per day you will soon run out!

The other issue is the sugar content.

With each gummy having 1 gram of sugar, you can soon find you’re consuming 12 grams really easily. So, this isn’t going to suit some nutritional plans like the Keto diet.

Side Effects

There are unlikely to be any side effects from taking Goli gummies at the recommended dosage. Looking at the research it seems that side effects such as unpleasant digestive complaints, only seem to occur when consuming large amounts (see Healhline).

Common issues like tooth enamel and throat burns are not going to be the case when eating a gummy compared to drinking apple cider vinegar.

This is one the of main benefits of a gummy over apple cider vinegar drinks.

Do Goli Gummies Actually Work?

I only took Goli gummies for a few days and so I cannot tell myself if these worked or not.

Mention the science behind the weight loss benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and you are taken to one of most referenced study in 2009 that used 144 Japanese subjects.

This famous study took place over 12-weeks with 144 obese Japanese adults who were split into three groups. One group drank 15ml of vinegar, another 30ml of vinegar, whilst the remaining group consumed a placebo each day.

The study concluded that consuming 1 or 2 (15-30ml) tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to your diet can help weight loss. In addition, it can also reduce your body fat percentage, make you lose belly fat, and decrease your blood triglycerides.

When I look into a particular supplement I am always keen to compare actual studies proving actual benefits to the amounts seen in the supplement. On most occasions, there are insufficient ingredients in the supplement to match those seen in the studies.

I was keen to see if this is the case with Goli Gummies.

How Much Acetic Acid inside each Goli Gummy?

I wanted to know if enough acetic acid is inside Goli Gummies to match the amounts used in this study. Here are my calculations for this using the formula I found here.

250ml of vinegar12 grams of acetic acid
1ml of vinegar48mg of acetic acid
15 – 30 ml720mg – 1440mg of acetic acid

Each goli gummy: 500mg of vinegar = 25mg of acetic acid (5% of acetic acid)

The amount of acetic acid used in the study amounted to between 750 and 1,500mg, which is equivalent to 30-60 Goli gummies. So, if you’re looking for weight loss then to consume sufficient acetic acid as the study you would need to consume 1/2 bottle of ACV gummies.

Yes you are reading this right. 30 Goli gummies per day, crazy eh?

Doing some simple maths, I discovered that you would need to consume at least 30 Goli Gummies to match the amount of acetic acid used in the studies they quote on their website.

You would need to consume AT LEAST 30 Goli Gummies to have the amount of acetic acid found in the research they quoted – to get the benefits listed on their website!
[UPDATE FEBRUARY 2020] I have been contacted by Goli nutritional advisory board member, Dr. Nicol KORNER-BITENSKY, who pointed out an error with my maths. I am currently waiting for feedback on this so I can update my review.

Goli Customer Reviews

Social media is awash with Goli gummy testimonials. I can’t seem to escape from seeing Goli Ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The official website has a few testimonials, for example:

These Goli Gummies really are the whole package. Vegan, gluten-free, and tastes like apples. Best way to take apple cider vinegar. Henry.

I checked out Amazon reviews too (728 current reviews), here is a selection from customers:

The Goli Gummy is so good! I could not stand the apple cider vinegar shots I was taking. The taste was horrible! With Goli, I look forward every day to my gummies. Five stars

Every since the day I started using this product my appetite has increased, especially for sweets. Stopped using it and back to normal. Might just be me but….no thanks. Three stars

I was hoping it would help with digestion. I have almost finished the whole bottle and haven’t noticed any difference yet in any way. I was really hoping these would work as well as drinking ACV, but nothing yet. One star

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

There is a 30-day refund policy that applies to both unopened and opened bottles of Goli. You would need to contact them directly and ship the bottle back to them.

This only applies to orders placed directly from the official website.

Where to Buy Goli Gummies?

You can buy Goli gummies online from the official website.



Are Goli Gummies Worth the Price?

Each bottle of Goli Gummies costs $19 for 60 gummies and although there are 1, 3, or 5 bottle bundles available there is no discount for multi-tub purchases.

The big plus is the free worldwide shipping, which was very impressive considering they shipped my bottle all the way to Malaysia!

With each gummy costing 32 cents ($19/60) then taking up to 12 per day will cost you $3.84 per day, which then adds up to over $100 USD per month – making this a costly supplement.

taking up to 12 per day will cost you $3.84 per day, which then adds up to over $100 USD per month – making this a costly supplement.

So judging if Goli Gummies are worth the price really depends on your consumption habit. Take 2-4 per day as per the recommended optimal dosage and it’s a good value supplement costing $19-38 per month. Taking more each day, which is very easy to do, and you could be spending a small fortune on these yummy gummies!

Furthermore, if you want to consume enough acetic acid to have significant benefits you would need to swallow at least 1/2 tub of Goli each day – making this a VERY EXPENSIVE supplement indeed!

My Goli Gummies

The Bottom Line

The branding is great, tastes even better, and will certainly be a hit for many people looking for a sweet healthy treat.

If you regularly take Apple Cider Vinegar and struggle with the taste then I can really see the appeal of these gummies. Personally, I have never been too interested in taking apple cider vinegar so these aren’t for me. I prefer taking healthy greens to drink that I know has a good quantity of ingredients in a quick 30-seconds each day.

Goli gummies are super easy to take, a little too easy actually, and before long you’ll find your bottle empty and reaching for a new one. Remember, that if you want to consume enough acetic acid too, you’re going to need a LOT of bottles of Goli to hand!

It’s worth keeping in mind that many of ACV’s health and weight loss claims are not supported by science, and by no means a miracle cure but it certainly has a following in the health community.

It was great to give Goli Gummies a try, there is no doubt this supplement will be even more popular, and most likely kick-start a supplement gummy craze (if not already).


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    1. Prior to finding this article, my husband did the same math and it’s correct. You need to take 30 gummies to equal 1 tbsp.

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