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Nanogreens review

NanoGreens Review (Fruit and Veggie Supplement)

Nanogreens tubDo you know what you should be eating every day?

I ask this because I tend to think it’s common knowledge that most people are aware of how their diet might be lacking. But do we really know what we should be looking to eat every day and what food groups should be consumed at every meal for optimal health?

If we ask those around us they might say something like ‘five-a-day’ with regards to fruit and veggies, or broadly know about protein, carbohydrates, and fat, but it is fair to say that there is absolutely an overwhelming amount of information available.

I thought with this Nanogreens review I would look at the basics of what we actually need to consume, rather than taking the advice of super greens manufacturers and decide for myself whether I think this product is bringing me closer to what my body actually needs in a day. After all, I’m already fairly convinced about the need for superfoods and super greens in the diet, but sometimes I don’t think it hurts to get back to basics.

Supergreens and superfoods blends claim to help you to fill any nutritional deficit in your diet by powdering the vegetables and fruits and delivering these in an easy-to-take form. But is this enough?

First Impressions

I’m looking at Nanogreens because it states on the product page ‘did you know that we need 3 times as many vegetables today to make up for the nutrients lacking in our soil?’. This is a point I’m not actually prepared to argue in this particular review, but it goes to show how we are bombarded with sales pitches and ‘evidence’ which is contrived to make us buy things.

did you know that we need 3 times as many vegetables today to make up for the nutrients lacking in our soil?

Just being aware of this helps me to decide whether or not I am going to look at the ingredients of the product in a positive or negative light.

Is there ever going to be enough inside one scoop of super greens powder to make up for not only the portions of veggies I should be having but now the three-times-more?

How confused am I now about what I should be eating and what I should be supplementing?!

The Biopharma Scientific Nanogreens page on their website displays a large image of the tub so you know what to look for. There are some product information and details about how to enjoy the drink. It also says that ‘we make sure that your body absorbs the nutrients’ so I’m interested to see how they do this, by what interesting new technology are they setting themselves ahead of the competition?

Background on Biopharma Scientific

Biopharma Scientific is a wellness company that makes products founded on ‘science-based nutrition’. The line of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements such as energy-boosters is all, they say, formulated with ingredients with integrity. This is because they are 3rd-party tested and non-GMO. I like to hear this, so I want to find out more about this integrity.

Biopharma Scientific is looking to create products that will help stem the tide of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. With the idea that eating everything in nature (albeit in a consumer-friendly form), they believe they are doing their bit for the health and wellbeing of people everywhere.

BioPharma Scientific supplements

With this in mind, Biopharma has created the ‘Core4’ complete system of wellness products which covers ‘complete nutrition’ in four products – greens, protein, fish oil, and NanoWellness. Their featured and most popular product appears to be Nanogreens.

The range of products includes whey protein powders (in various flavors), blood sugar control products, ‘reds’ and minerals capsules, weight control, flax products, probiotics, and fish oil. They seem to have most ‘wellness’ areas covered.

Nanogreens Ingredients

The ingredients are listed in proprietary blends as follows:

Greens blend (2400mg)

  • Barley grass juice, Spirulina, Chlorella

Phytonutrient blend (360mg)

  • Green Tea extract, Silybin (Milk Thistle), Grape Seed extract, blueberry, Cranberry, Raspberry, Tart Cherry, Pine Bark extract, Organic Broccoli, Tomato, Organic Carrot, Organic Spinach, Organic Kale, Bilberry, Elderberry, Pomegranate, Blackberry

Fruit and Vegetable Blend (930mg)

  • Apple, Carrot, Mango, Lemon, Sweet Potato, Peach, Parsley, Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, Leek, Cabbage, Beet, Cranberry.

Other ingredients

  • Quercetin/Rutin (160mg), Organic Rice Bran Soluble (2715mg), Raspberry Extract (50mg), Organic Aloe Vera Powder Extract (30mg), Organic Acerola Cherry Powder (175mg), Green Tea Extract, White Tea Extract (100mg), Polygonum Cuspidatum (70mg), Oat Bet Glucan (2500mg), Cinnamon Blend (50mg), Milk Thistle (50mg), Marigold Extract (50mg), Dunaliella Salina (100mg), Enzymes (40mg), Lecithin (1250mg), Lycopene Extract-10% (25mg), Organic Lemon Peel Powder (25mg), Organic Quinoa Sprout (90mg), Artichoke Extract (20mg), Organic Atlantic Kelp Powder (20mg), Stevia Leaf Crystals (200mg)

The sugar content of this product is also higher than normal for greens superfood products at around 3g compared to 1g or less.

Nanogreens supplement label

How Does Nanogreens Taste?

Nanogreens comes in green apple and strawberry flavor options which are intended to mask some of the less pleasant flavors of greens drinks (the veggie and grass ingredients can sometimes not be to everyone’s tastes).

There’s also a formulation that includes probiotics if you wanted to take even more of an all-in-one product. Flavored products are usually slightly more pleasant to drink than unflavored so I imagine this is a pleasant product to drink.

Side Effects

As with any new product taken for the first time, you should check the ingredients listing to see if there is anything likely to disagree with your system.

You also might experience a small amount of digestive discomfort simply from the portion of plant ingredients and the 6g fiber in the formulation.

Does Nanogreens Actually Work?

The ‘supersorb technology’ appears to be a formulation of plant fats which ‘surround’ the ingredients (they call it liposomal encapsulation) which supposedly protects the compounds from the harsh acidic environment of the stomach and enables them to be absorbed better in the intestine.

This is an interesting science. Many super greens powders include plant enzymes and fiber (as this one does) to actually aid digestion and break down of plant compounds, but this would seemingly be trying to do the opposite? At any rate, I find it a little annoyingly simplified science and I wonder how much truth there is in it.

Anyway, back to the actual ingredients. The serving size is 12g.

So cramming the huge amount of ingredients into one scoop doesn’t leave for very big portions of the heavyweight ingredients. By this, I mean that some of the ingredients I look for in a super greens blend are more likely to give benefits than others (based on scientific studies) and therefore I like to see the optimal dose given in a product.

..huge amount of ingredients into one scoop doesn’t leave for very big portions of the heavyweight ingredients

For example, it is recommended that for Spirulina you take between 1-8g (source). I just don’t think Nanogreens delivers this because they hide the amounts in a proprietary blend. Telling us their greens blend is 2400mg with three ingredients isn’t enough information for me.

Similarly, Milk thistle is known to be a powerful antioxidant, but this blend only includes 50mg whereas the usual dose is around 150-200mg (source).

There is a large portion of lecithin (1250mg) in comparison to the proportion of other ingredients, and oat beta-glucan (2500mg) and rice bran (2715mg) will also take up a large proportion of the serving.

Greens Plus Customer Reviews

I’ll provide a cross-section of reviews from those left on Amazon:

My daily must have5 stars

Huge price increase3 stars

47% oat and rice bran2 stars

do not buy this. No longer what it used to be – horrible taste, separates when add water1 star

This product has cost me a lot of money and I was extremely disappointed to discover most of the ingredients are simply filler1 star

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Biopharma Scientific offers a 30-day money-back guarantee provided you have already received your RMA number from them.

Where to Buy Nanogreens?

You can buy Nanogreens online or on Amazon.

Is It Worth the Price?

At $54.95 for 30 (12g scoop) servings, this is a mid-price product, but with a large number of ingredients and some reviewers claiming that much of it is filler, you have to decide if it represents good value for money.

For me, the use of proprietary blends is a disappointment. I don’t really need to take something that isn’t clear about ingredients when I know there are other options on the market. I’ve done a fair amount of research into different products and I also find the sugar content of Nanogreens a little high for my liking. I’d prefer to see around 1g sugar for a wellness product where the serving size is 12g.

I also find the sugar content of Nanogreens a little high for my liking. I’d prefer to see around 1g sugar for a wellness product.

While the flavor options are interesting and the price isn’t too steep, the formulation includes some interesting filler ingredients, including Oat Beta Glucan which isn’t a common one for superfoods blends. I just don’t think they’ve been honest about the amounts they give.

The Bottom Line

The basic principle of ‘eating from nature’ and making this easier for people by powdering and freeze-drying is a neat and compelling idea. In terms of how it actually translates into this product has me confused.

With all the stylish marketing and the science-talk around how ingredients are ‘delivered’ to the digestive system, I feel like they’ve lost the principle of just including a good amount of powerful plant products that other competitor brands may be doing better and with more transparency in their labeling.

Nanogreens won’t be making the competition green with envy at this rate. I also believe that my own personal greens powder (see below) is a better solution if you’re looking for a more power greens supplement that is 100% transparent about ingredients and their amounts.

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on doing this. Since you have chronic fatigue syndrome what you have accomplished is quite a feat ! I am going to put your product on my list of new products to try.
    It looks like I’m a bit older than you, I have self diagnosed myself with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and essential tremor. I feel the underlying problem is herpes 6 and heavy-metal toxicity most likely mercury. The most progress recently for me has been trying a product named VIVI virox and Hawaiian Pharm passion flower glycerin tincture. I’ve been using the nano greens to mop of heavy metals and waste products from the viral die off. I do take extra Spirulina and alfalfa to help a body as well as celery juice.
    You are an inspiration!!

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