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ProbioSlim Review

ProbioSlim Review: Probiotics Diet Supplement

ProbioSlim has a unique twist on the traditional probiotics supplement in that its primarily a diet supplement that claims to also help people shift stubborn fat.

I have been researching probiotic supplements recently and so this brand has caught my attention. Also, a visitor did ask if I can take a look at Force Factor ProbioSlim too.

Although, I very rarely review weight loss supplements though because I believe most of them have exaggerated claims with little science to support their claims. That said I have reviewed a similar product before, Bio X4, that also claims to be probiotic weight loss supplement.

So, here is my ProbioSlim review, where I take an in-depth look at this digestive diet supplement that claims to be the answer to gut health and a slim waist.

ProbioSlim Bottle

First Impression of ProbioSlim

Supplements combining weight loss and probiotics are not that common, which is surprising considering the link between digestive health and weight.

ProbioSlim combines both prebiotics and probiotics, a few fig and fruit extracts, alongside green tea extract, to help support digestive health as well as aiding weight loss.

From a quick glance at the label, the formula is not exactly mind-blowing, and I am unconvinced it would do much to encourage fat loss. Although the inclusion of patented probiotics compound this formula may help to re-address the balance of good bacteria in the gut.

Background on Force Factor LLC

Force Factor is a nutrition supplement company that claims to help unleash your full potential.

They are based in Pennsylvania in the United States, with also a presence in Canada and Australia, and have been in business since 2009 when two former Harvard University rowers founded the company.

The brand appears to be mostly aimed at guys as they stock a number of testosterone boosting supplements, alongside Nitric Oxide (N.O.) boosters, fat burners, male health, and probiotics.

I counted over 40 different brands in total!

Although the company has an outstanding rating on the Better Business Bureau, the makers of ProbioSlim (NutraClick) did receive warnings from the FTC in 2016 for deceptive billing practices in the form of automatically billing customers each month.

ProbioSlim Ingredients

ProbioSlim combines digestive and weight loss ingredients in one proprietary formula that’s called LS3664 Whole Health Superblend.

LS3664 Whole Health Superblend 544.00 mg:
LactoSpore Bacillus coagulant, Super EGCG Green Tea Leaf Extract (Camellia sinensis) (50% EGCG), Green Tea Leaf Extract(50% Caffeine), Kiwi Extract (fruit) (Actinidia deliciosa), Fig Extract (fruit) (Ficus carica), Papaya Extract (fruit) (Carica papaya), Chlorophysllin, Sodium Magnesium.

Now, the use of proprietary blends means we don’t get to know the exact breakdown of the formula and the weight of each ingredient. We just know the total weight of the formula, which is 541mg (the ingredient label is below).

ProbioSlim Ingredients label

How to take ProbioSlim?

It’s easy to take this supplement as each daily serving of ProbioSlim is two capsules. You take one capsule at breakfast, and one capsule with lunch. There are no additional recommendations so as you would take any supplement, we took these with water.

Side Effects

The supplement should be safe for most people but it’s worth mentioning the caffeine content here. It’s unclear how much caffeine is inside each capsule and so if you’re sensitive to this stimulant you may wish to be wary. You should also be mindful of over caffeine sources you consume during the day too.

Sometimes probiotics can cause mild digestive complaints too but these tend to be short-lived and occur if you’re not used to consuming them.

Does ProbioSlim Work?

Force Factor make strong claims with their ProbioSlim supplement, saying;

Combines one of the most efficacious and resilient probiotic strains with advanced weight management ingredients for holistic healthy living.

I am keen to assess just how effective ProbioSlim really is, so I take a look at the three main ingredients in the formula, the compound LactoSpore, Super EGCG Green Tea Leaf Complex, and caffeine in the form of another Green tea extract.

Probiotic bacteria

LactoSpore is a patented compound produced by Sabinsa Corporation which has been shown to ease symptoms associated with occasional diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating.

Whilst Sabinsa has studies confirming the significance of their patented probiotic compound, it’s not clear in what dosage that ProbioSlim uses and if how this compares to the original research.

Green tea leaf extract has been accredited with a number of health benefits but the most popular one has been helping weight loss, and the reason they are found is so many diet supplements (Source).

Looking closer at the research there are studies that show consuming a green tea extract capsule containing 50 mg of caffeine and 90 mg of EGCG can increase fat burning for 24-hours Source). This has led to support for the weight loss properties of these ingredients.

The effect on weight loss is not massive though and only shown when consuming green tea extract capsule and caffeine in certain dosages. We don’t know how much of these ingredients are present in the ProbioSlim formula.

For me, this highlights a big question mark on the effectiveness of this formula.

Rolled green tea leaves

The rest of the formula is mainly fiber, but considering the serving size, the amount of fiber is not likely to be that high.

To assess how well the ProbioSlim formula works we would need to know the ingredient weights within the blend and because they are not revealed it’s impossible to know for sure.

ProbioSlim Reviews

I took a look at the third-party reviews on Amazon to see how customers got on with ProbioSlim.

So far 849 customer ratings have given an overall 3.8 out of 5 stars for ProbioSlim, which isn’t too bad.

As is often the case with diet supplements, results are very mixed from customers. Here is a selection of some of the feedback.

If you have digestive issues AND want to lose weight … worth the money but be prepared to blow out your bathroom within an hour of eating. 5-star review

The hype did not match up to the product. I really have not seen a great difference since using it. 3-star review

After two weeks of taking these as directed and eating healthy, I have not lost any weight. 1-star review

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

The official website has a “money-back guarantee” badge in the footer but I struggled to find any information about the conditions.

Checking through the terms and conditions I could see that any return requests need to be authorized first by calling their phone number and only after receiving an RMA number can they be returned. As to how much money you get back is not clear.

Where to buy ProbioSlim?

You can buy ProbioSlim online from the official website and also from their Amazon store.

Other third-party retailers also stock Force Factor supplements, such as Walmart and GNC being popular options.

Is It Worth The Price?

The cost of one bottle of ProbioSlim is pretty steep, costing $69.99 for 60-capsules. That’s a whopping $2.33 per day working out to be over $1 per capsule!

For such an expensive supplement I would expect more and wouldn’t be willing to spend this amount of money.

On the plus side though it’s 30% cheaper than Bio X4 from Nucific!

My Verdict

I am not persuaded by the marketing of ProbioSlim and in my opinion, it’s simply too expensive for a formula we just don’t know how effectively it’s dosed.

The proprietary blend means we can’t be sure of effective dosages and I am not convinced the inclusion of green tea extract is going to shift the fat as claimed.

For the price, I would much prefer opting for either a dedicated probiotic or an all-round health supplement that provides nutrients to support a healthy diet.

As with most diet supplements I believe this is very much the case of over-marketing and under-delivering. ProbioSlim would not make it onto my supplement wish list.

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