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BPN Strong Greens Review

Strong Greens is a superfood powder supplement that has been formulated to improve the way you perform and feel by filling the gaps in your diet.

Although I am not now a competitive athlete, I was keen to take a look at BPN’s Greens as some people have said it’s a cheaper alternative to Athletic Greens powder.

Created by ex-US Army Infantry Officer Nick Bare who created a successful supplements company, Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN).

Does Strong Greens live up to its Strong claims? I check out this superfood aimed at athletes looking for better health and performance in my full review.

BPN Strong Greens tub

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Strong Greens First Impressions

At first glance of the container, you can tell it’s aimed at the active market. The Bare Performance Nutrition range of supplements is focused on athletes looking to improve their performance through sports nutrition.

This makes sense considering the name of this superfood powder, Strong Greens.

The supplement is straight forward makes only one claim and that it’s the best superfood for athletes.

Can you supercharge your daily life with this superfood powerhouse? Read on to find out.

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Background on Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN)

Founded in 2012 Bare Performance Nutrition now turns over $6 million per year. An impressive feat for what is a small operation of one founder and 5 staff.

The company focuses mostly on sports performance nutritional supplements, such as pre-workout, pump enhancers, whey protein, BCAAs, etc. But they now also have a range of health supplements, such as greens superfoods, red superfoods, multi-vitamin, and joint support.

I enjoyed reading the back story of how Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) got started by Nick Bare who at the time was serving as an active duty Infantry Officer in the US Army.

You can read the full story of how Nick got started on StarterStory here (well worth checking this out).

Nick does a great job of introducing their Strong Greens powder supplement in this video:

BPN Strong Greens Ingredients

Each scoop of Strong Greens is around 8 grams and so each tub contains 30-servings.

In contrast to many greens powders, BPN has focused on fewer ingredients instead of bundling lots of ingredients into their formula. This could be also because the serving size is smaller than most greens powders on the market that use 10-12 gram scoop sizes though.

BPN Strong Greens supplement label

I counted 18 ingredients in total in the formula, of which 11 of the ingredients are included in what they refer to as the “Greens Balance Alkalising Blend”, a proprietary blend amounting to 2,500mg.

We don’t get to see the ingredient amounts of the proprietary formula and although its the main bulk of the formula only amounts to 2,500mg in total.

Greens Balance Alkalising Blend (2,500mg)

Alfafa grass, Wheatgrass, Barley, Lemon, Gotu Kola, Kale, Astragalus, Spirulina, Bitter Melon, Oat Grass, Chlorella.

Other 7 ingredients detailed on the label

Organic Wheatgrass ( 1,500mg), Organic Coconut Water Powder (500mg), Beet Juice (250mg), Organic Chlorella (200mg), Organic Turmeric (200mg) and Organic Ashwagandha (100mf).

How Does BPN Strong Greens Taste?

It’s easy to prepare BPN greens just mix one serving (1 scoop) into 8-10 oz of cold water and consume once a day. If you’re not keen to mix with water you can also mix with juice, smoothies, or protein shakes.

Strong Greens is available in two flavors, Lemon and Mixed Berry. With other greens powders, I have tried I find that berry flavors tend to work better than lemon, which always reminds me of cold lemsip flu drink (for non-UK visitors, think sickly lemon taste).

In terms of taste, it seems this is the main reason why customers do not like BPN Strong Greens. You can check out the customer reviews below but in summary, the taste could be an issue for some people.

Side Effects

It’s very unlikely you will experience bad side effects with this greens supplement. The product is tested and so unless you are taking medication or suffer a pre-existing medical condition, then you may wish to first check with your doctor.

Does BPN Strong Greens Actually Work?

The serving size is smaller than some of its competitors like Athletic Greens and SuperGreen TONIK but by no means the smallest (finger pointing at your Green Detox!).

I really didn’t like the fact that not all the ingredients are revealed in the formula.

So, the Greens Balance Alkalising Blend contains 11 ingredients, but we can’t see these individual ingredient amounts as it means we have no idea how much is inside.

There is little doubt that SOME of the ingredients will certainly be underdosed. A good example is Spirulina that the science tells us we need between 1-8 grams per day to have an effect and make a difference to our health (check the excellent article by Healthline).

That said the other ingredient amounts are revealed.

Chorella and Ashwagandha root seemed a little underdosed though considering other formulas contain much more than BPN Strong Greens.

It’s likely that Strong Greens will help anyone with a poor diet to get some much-needed vitamins/minerals and other greens into their daily diet.

BPN Strong Greens Customer Reviews

I will give a cross-section of the reviews from Amazon and those on the official website.

This product is incredible, given my schedule, this is one of the fastest ways I can take in some vital nutrients before I get out of the house. It’s amazing! I am on my second jar. KKlarens

At first the taste was a bit gross to me, I added it in orange juice and it was enough for me to handle…The taste gets a bit getting used to but the outcome is very much worth it.5 Star Amazon Customer

Absolutely terrible taste. I’m not a picky eater, but this ruins all smoothies/shakes, etc. I wouldn’t waste money on this again.1 star amazon

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

There is no money-back guarantee on offer. As is legally required there is a returns policy that states you have 30-days to return your order if not satisfied.

This ONLY APPLIES to unopened tubs though, so you won’t be able to try and return if not happy.

Where to Buy BPN Strong Greens

You can buy from the official website here or from Amazon. If you’re an Amazon Prime member then definitely better to select Amazon

Is It Worth the Price?

A single tub of Strong Greens costs $39.99 for a one-month supply. A monthly subscription tub is also available that is a little cheaper at $35.99, giving you a 10% saving.

The per-serving cost is really good, at less than $1.33 per day assuming you only take one serving per day.

The Bottom Line

I really like the fact that more of the ingredient amounts are shown in this greens supplement. Most brands bury the ingredients into a proprietary blend, BPN Strong Greens do this too with their alkalizing blend.

This begs the question, is the right dosage inside? Who knows!

There is no refund for opened tubs so once purchased and tried then you pretty much cannot return your order. This is not uncommon and seems to be fairly standard for most brands. You can find brands that are confident in their product that offer money-back guarantees though.

On the plus side, the cost is really budget-friendly and for around $1.30 per day, you can get a reasonable amount of greens in your diet. As long as your diet is okay this could very well fill the gaps in your daily nutrition.

In summary, it’s a good product that may help people looking for a product that doesn’t break the bank. I question how strong it actually is though, as there are more powerful greens formulas around that pack a better punch!

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  1. A scoop of Strong Greens, a scoop of Strong Reds, in water with ice. It’s not bad in my opinion. If it’s too strong in flavor, should probably try using more water.

    Only on my first tub, about 20 days in. Use it at least 5 days/week. Been pretty happy. Been drinking it in the morning instead of coffee (most days), but I still drink tea (green or black) with lemon and honey almost daily. I find the BPN stack gives me a nice energy boost, nothing crazy. I think I sleep better with it too at the end of the day, but lots of factors wrapped up in that. I think I’m going to try 1st Phorm next and maybe SuperGreen TONIK after that. I wish TONIK had a low-cost trial pack with like 3 servings.

    1. I really like getting feedback from customers who have been using it for a while, so thanks Booker for taking the time to comment here. Great to hear BPN is working out for you.
      You can see that most supplements have a money-back guarantee that takes a lot of the risk out of purchasing. I would have to check 1st Phorm but SuperGreen TONIK gives you one-year to give the product a try.

  2. I tried BPN Strong greens a while ago, just adding a squeeze of lemon.. to say the taste was horrible. Today though I tried it with a scoop of Strong Reds by BPN and a scoop of their In-Focus product, and even though I could still taste the Strong Greens, it made it bearable, tasting the other flavours of the Strong Reds and In-Focus, once I’d consumed the drink it was ok. I am going to persist with this three scoop combo, as I want to get used to it, and hopefully after time it will become enjoyable.

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