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Can Greens Powder Replace Vegetables? The Truth!

Are super greens powders capable of replacing real vegetables?

The green powders versus real vegetables is a highly debated topic, and a lot of people in the super greens world certainly believe that powdered greens are just as good as the real thing, with many brands claiming their greens formula will provide the same nutritional content as eating your 5-a-day.

There are lots of health benefits from super greens powders, in the fact that they provide people with a variety of essential micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, brands that claim their formula matches or outweighs the benefits of eating real vegetables really irritate me.

As someone that owns a super greens brand themselves, I know that super greens powder should be taken as a kind of nutritional insurance, and I think it’s too far to say that a super greens powder can replace vegetables completely.

However, there are reasons on both sides – why super greens powders are better than fresh vegetables and why fresh vegetables are better than super greens powders, so obviously, I’m going to take a look at both and then give you the truth!

Super Greens Formulas Over Vegetables

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people believe that the best super greens formulas are better than vegetables and could possibly replace vegetables.

Super Greens Formulas Are Easy To Consume

One of the main reasons many people prefer taking a super greens formula over-consuming vegetables is because they’re so easy to consume!

With a super greens formula, there’s no heading to the shops every day to buy fresh produce, you don’t have to cut it, prepare it and cook it. Instead, all you need to do is add a serving size of formula to a glass of water and consume.

For people that live especially busy lives, super greens formulas are a great way to make sure they’re not missing out on essential nutrients.

Super Greens Formulas Offer A Wide Range Of Nutrients

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you actually ate kale? Or spinach? Or added wheatgrass into your smoothie? Probably never!

Most people don’t go too crazy when it comes to actually buy and eating vegetables. Instead, they stick to the basics like carrots, beans, and peas!

Super greens formulas offer a wide range of new, exciting, and extremely potent ingredients that consumers would otherwise not have in their diets. Therefore, super greens formulas offer a wider range of nutrients than most people’s diets do.

You Can Use Super Greens Formulas When Cleansing and Fasting

Unlike vegetables that you actually eat, super greens formulas can be used during cleanses and fasts.

If you’re doing a cleanse or a detox, a super greens formula isn’t only a great way to get the nutrients you actually need into your system, but it’s also a light way to consume them, and you don’t have to eat anything!

People often use super greens formulas in conjunction with cleanses and detoxes, for this very reason – a simple, low calorie, and natural way to receive nutrition without having to eat.

In addition, if you’re someone that fasts, super greens formulas are a great way to ease back into eating once your fast is over. Of course, because super greens formulas still give you calories, you can’t use them during a fast, but they’re the perfect way to come off a fast because they’re so light and nutrient-rich.

Supergreen TONIk and vegetables

Vegetables Over Super Greens Formulas

Vegetables Are Packed With Nutrition

Although super greens formulas provide a wide range of nutrition, you need to make sure that you are actually consuming a super greens formula that contains sufficiently dosed ingredients, otherwise, there’s no point!

If you’re using a proprietary blend based formula or the formula you’re consuming is underdosed, you won’t actually be consuming the correct amount of nutrition.

However, when it comes to eating vegetables, you’re pretty much always going to be consuming a good amount of nutrition, because every bite is nutritious.

In addition, obviously, super greens formulas contain powdered vegetables, and the drying process can mean nutrients get lost, whereas when you actually eat a vegetable, it contains all its nutrients.

Vegetables Help You Feel Satiated

Eating vegetables isn’t only a necessity if you want to live a healthy life, but it also helps if you want to lose weight. Of course, super greens powders can help you to lose weight too, but actually eating vegetables makes you feel more satiated and therefore you’re less likely to overeat.

In addition, the fiber that comes from eating vegetables (that doesn’t exist to such a degree in super greens formulas) reduces bloating and aids bowel movements.

Vegetables Provide An Extensive List Of Health Benefits

There’s really no comparison to vegetables. Each vegetable provides an array of impressive health benefits, from lowering cholesterol and protecting against cancer to reducing inflammation and increasing mental clarity.

Without consuming vegetables, you would most likely experience a lot of digestive problems, your immune system would be incredibly low and you’d be prone to illnesses and diseases, you would be most likely have significant weight increases and feel sluggish and tired.

Broccoli and carots

The Perfect Diet – Combining Vegetables and Super Greens Formulas

Super Greens formulas should be looked at as a kind of nutritional insurance before you even have any food intake in the day.

This means that if you’re consuming a good super greens formula that actually provides a sufficient amount of nutrients every day, then you are making sure you have your daily dose of essential micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals before even consuming any food.

People shouldn’t rely on super greens formulas wholly to keep them healthy.

For example, taking a super greens formula isn’t going to keep you healthy if you’re eating junk food, missing fruit and vegetables from your diet and you’re consuming copious amounts of sugar and artificial products.

You should use a super greens formula, alongside having a healthy and balanced diet that includes a variety of vegetables and fruit. If you have a healthy diet and you’re consuming a super greens formula daily, you should have really great overall health and wellbeing!

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