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KOS Daily Greens review

KOS Organic Daily Greens Review

KOS Daily Greens is another plant-based superfood supplement they claim is not only nutritious but super tasty too!

Their boutique of responsibly sourced and artificial ingredient-free superfood supplements have been developed to “to reboot your interior” and fight the food-borne fatigue of the modern western diet.

With the very trendy message of getting more plants into your diet, the KOS Greens superfood blend aims to give you your daily veggies in a tasty easy to consume the drink.

I have seen KOS superfoods a few times now and really excited to see what this greens supplement is all about. Let’s check it out in my full review.

KOS Daily Greens blend tub

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KOS Organic Greens First Impressions

The brand is really cool and has a real sense of fun with the use of amazing artwork on the website and supplement tubs.

The illustrations of the vegetables are superb!

The brand breathes live into what can be a fairly bland marketing experience when researching and reviewing the number of greens superfoods that I have.

So, great work to the branding guys at KOS!

For one of the best about pages I have seen on any supplement store, you should check out the “about KOS”.

Background on Kos Naturals, LLC

KOS Naturals LLC was launched in 2018 and is based in Goleta, California.

They produce a number of supplements from plant proteins, daily reds, and greens blends. They also have an extensive range of what they refer to as “functional ingredients” in the form of single-ingredient powders.

These include; coconut milk powder, spirulina, inulin, beetroot, lion’s mane, cacao, maca root, Ashwagandha root, matcha, red reishi, cordyceps, wheatgrass, Rhodiola, moringa, acai juice, chlorella, chia seed, flaxseed, cinnamon bark, and barley grass.

KOS also have money-saving bundle prices of their popular products.

KOS Organic Daily Greens Ingredients

Each serving of 1 scoop is 9.5 grams and contains 13 organic ingredients.

These include the usual super greens that can be found in KOS, such as Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Kale, and Broccoli, etc.

The formula is split into four proprietary blends, so we don’t get to see the individual ingredient weights within the blends. This is disappointing as we will never know if the ingredients are in the right amounts, but more on this later.

KOS Greens Supplement Facts:

  • KOS Organic Algae Superfood Blend (250mg): Organic Chlorella Powder, Organic Spirulina.
  • KOS Organic Alkalizing Greens Blend (3500mg): Organic Wheatgrass juice powder, Organic Wheatgrass whole powder, and Organic Oat Grass whole powder.
  • KOS Organic Alkalizing Fruit and Veggie Blend (3250mg): Organic Lemon juice powder, Organic cabbage powder, Organic Kale Powder, Organic Broccoli, Organic Apple Powder, and Organic Green Bell powder.
  • KOS Organic Digestive Prebiotic Blend (2000mg): Organic Prebiotic Fiber (isomaltooligo-saccharide) and Organic Acacia Gum.

The product is USDA Organic certified meaning that over 95% of the ingredients in the formula are organic. The formula is also GMO-free and Vegan friendly.

KOS Greens Supplement facts

How Does KOS Daily Greens Taste?

KOS Greens is available in a green sorbet flavor which is derived from plants.

To sweeten the taste, they use two natural sweeteners in the form of monk fruit and stevia leaf extract. These are popular sweeteners to make greens more palatable and tastes like chopped up grass.

Checking out feedback from real customers it seems that the taste is not too popular though, and it seems it could be too much on the sweet side.

So, if you are looking for a natural tasting unsweetened daily green this may not be for you. Bear in mind though that taste is highly subjective.

Side Effects

There is close to zero chance of any long-term side effects when taking KOS greens blends. Of course, if you’re taking medication or have any existing medical condition then it makes sense to seek medical advice before any over the counter supplement.

Does KOS Daily Greens Actually Work?

When I assess the chance of a greens superfood supplement having any health benefits I look straight at the ingredients, and importantly their amounts.

This task is made almost impossible when proprietary blends are used as the full breakdown of the ingredients is undisclosed.

KOS employs the same practice here, so we only know the weight of each proprietary blend.

What we can know for sure though is that the Algae Superfood Blend is definitely underdosed.

It’s impossible to tell if the ingredients in the Alkalizing Greens Blend, Alkalizing Fruit and Veggie Blend, and Digestive Prebiotic Blend, but they are in at least decent amounts, for example, over 2 grams and less than 7 ingredients in total per blend.

What we can know for sure though is that the Algae Superfood Blend is definitely underdosed.

Why? Well because the evidence shows that the typical dosages required for Spirulina is between 1-8 grams per day. This blend is only 250mg and that’s for both Spirulina and Chlorella!

My only other criticism is that most, but certainly not all, greens powders show the breakdown of vitamins and minerals on the label, I was surprised to see that KOS greens don’t.

Apart from trace minerals, no vitamin amounts are listed.

KOS Daily Greens Customer Reviews

Checking out the feedback from customers on Amazon and KOS Greens gets a very good 4.5 stars out of 5 ratings. What is clear from spending time reading the feedback is the very mixed reaction to the taste.

It seems many of the customers giving it a 5-star rating weren’t too keen on the taste but either got used to it or put up with it knowing the product could be good for them.

Here is a cross-section of the Amazon reviews.

I love KOS organic red blends. I have been using it everyday for the past 4 days and already feel a difference in my energy. The taste is a little gritty in water but not over powering, we are going to try smoothies soon. To describe the taste it’s like sugarless koolaid. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone looking to boost your energy and add some nutrients to your diet.5 star reviewer

After you drink this a few times it is less harsh to get down, but at no point when I get thirsty do I crave this taste over a nice cold glass of alkaline water. So this has not become an enjoyable flavor to taste. I do though enjoy the benefits I get when I drink it. It does give me better energy and make me feel better inside after I have been drinking this daily.3 star reviewer

I don’t know how I missed the fact this monk fruit and stevia, but it is the first thing I noticed when I tasted it. The taste/aftertaste of these sweeteners is all I notice. I even tried using the mix in a smoothie in an effort to mask that taste; however, nothing I tried could cover the taste of the sweeteners. As someone who couldn’t tolerate artificial sweeteners and find “natural sweeteners” (other than sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc) unpalatable due to their overwhelming sweetness and horrible aftertaste,1 star reviewer

There are currently over 200 reviews from customers on the official website too.

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Each purchase through the official website comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy KOS Daily Greens?

You can buy the complete range of KOS supplements from the official website and from their Amazon store.

Is It Worth the Price?

Each tub of daily greens is a very reasonable $35.99 and if you opt for the monthly subscription option can save 20%, further reducing the monthly cost to $28.79.

For an 8.5-gram serving size and a daily cost of between $0.95 and $1.20, this is incredibly good as most of the popular greens cost at least $2 per day.

Be mindful though that shipping is charged extra at $6.29, which does up the daily serving cost.

The official KOS website only currently ships to customers living in the US.

My Verdict

I am a big fan of the company and the brand, they stand out amongst the competition.

The price is great too and will certainly be a popular choice amongst consumers looking for a cost-effective greens superfood supplement.

I like the fact that the focus is very much on fewer ingredients than cramming the formula with lots of ingredients. That said, whilst there are some great ingredients in the formula, the use of proprietary formulas and under-dosing of some of the ingredients means that the supplement may not quite as effective as suggested.

When also factoring the questions over the taste, then KOS Daily Greens blend doesn’t quite make it into my recommended greens suggestions.

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