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RealDose RealReds Review

RealReds Review

RealReds is a popular super red formula produced by Dr. Steven Sisskind’s brand, RealDose.

The formula contains fruit, botanical extracts, and inulin, and the brand claims that the formula will help boost weight loss, support the digestive system, and protect the immune system.

Marketed as the ideal solution for staying trim and healthy, RealDose has been made so that it’s suitable for a wide range of people.

Therefore, the formula is gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO, and contains a selection of certified organic ingredients.

I’m really keen to take a closer look a the RealDose RealReds formula to see if it really packs a punch in the way that other potent, high-quality super reds formulas do!

If you’re thinking of purchasing the formula, or you’re also keen to take a closer look at it to see how it stands up against my rigorous test, check out my full RealDose RealReds review below.


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RealDose RealReds First Impressions

The RealDose website is packed with informative content, features integrated Youtube videos, is clear and is user-friendly!

Honestly, I’m not crazy about the branding of the site as it just looks a little old-school in my opinion and could do with a good update!

Looking at the RealReds formula, I’m actually quite impressed with the amount of informative content about the product, the benefits of the product, and the ingredient within it.

So, although I’m not head over heels for the branding of the product, it’s good to see such a large amount of descriptive content about the product!

I’m definitely looking forward to taking a closer look at the formula and really seeing what it’s made of.

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Background on RealDose Nutrition

RealDose Nutrition was founded in 2012 by Dr. Steven Sisskind. Sisskind’s goal when founding the company was to help people handle their weight and provide supplements that have properly dosed ingredients (this excites me a lot as I’m a stickler for sufficiently dosed ingredients and fully disclosed ingredients labels).

The most popular supplements produced by RealDose Nutrition are the RealDetox 7-day Support Kit and the Weight Loss Formula.

RealDose RealReds Benefits

RealDose provides a lot of information about the benefits associated with the formula, which is great to see.

The brand claims that the RealReds formula will support weight loss, reduce visible signs of aging, support digestive health, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and protect the body from free radicals.

The brand provides information about the benefits associated with specific ingredients, which again, is great to see and helps to inform potential customers!

For example, “Organic Blue Agave – Inulin is a type of naturally occurring fructooligosaccharide (FOS) found in fruits, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Its chemical structure lets it pass undigested through the small intestine to reach the colon… where it acts as a prebiotic to promote gut bacteria of the Bifidobacteria species”.

RealDose RealReds Ingredients

The RealReds formula contains only 9 ingredients, not including the flavoring ingredients, all of which are fully disclosed – this is super useful when it comes to working out the efficacy of the formula and supporting customers to trust in the brand.

Let’s take a look at the ingredient list!

Here is the complete list of the RealDose RealReds ingredients:

  • Organic Applactivdapp (Dried Apple Peel Powder) – 750mg
  • Cherrypure (Tart Cherry Skin Powder) (2% Proantocyanidins)- 480mg
  • Activin (Grape Seed Extract) (90% Total Polyphenpols) – 375mg
  • Wonderful Variety Pomegranate (Fruit Extract) (75% Total Polyphenols) – 200mg
  • Organic Vibrant Harvest (Strawberry Whole Fruit Powder) – 200mg
  • Aurorablue (Wildcrafted Blueberry Fruit Complex) (20% Total Flavonoids) – 150mg
  • Red Orange Complex (Orange Fruit & Peel Extract) (8.5% Flavanodes, 2.8% Anthocyanins, 1.8% Hydroxycinnamic Acids) – 100mg
  • Cellberry (Aronia Melanocarpa Fruit Extract) (10% Anthocyanins) – 45mg
  • Organic Agave Tequilana (Stem Ball Powder) (Min. 90% Inulin) – 5,080mg
  • Other Ingredients – Natural Flavors, Organic Guar Gum, Citric Acid, Silica, And Organic Stevia Leaf Extract.

Here is the supplement facts label:


How does RealDose RealReds Taste?

RealReds is naturally flavored and sweetened using stevia leaf extract. The taste of the formula is highly debated, with some loving the fruity sweet taste, and others thinking it’s completely unpalatable!

However, the majority of consumers seem to enjoy the light, fruity taste of this formula.

Side Effects

Although there are no side effect warnings associated with the formula, RealDose suggests that anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or on medication should consult a doctor before consumption.

The brand does state that the formula is safe for people over the age of 6 years old to take, but I would suggest consulting a doctor before adding this supplement into a child’s diet.

In addition, I would suggest consulting with a doctor before consuming a new supplement if you have a medical condition.

Does RealDose RealReds Work?

All of the ingredients within the RealReds formula are fully disclosed, even if they are powders from specific brands, meaning it should be relatively simple to work out the efficacy of the formula.

However, due to the fact that the majority of the ingredients within the formula don’t have standard recommended doses, it’s actually pretty tough to work out whether the formula will be effective at providing the benefits that the brand states it should.

Nonetheless, some of the ingredients within the formula do have recommended doses and therefore we can take a look at these and figure out if they’re sufficiently dosed.

Although most of the ingredients don’t have standard recommended doses, it seems as if a lot of the ingredients that do, are underdosed.

For example, the recommended dose of grape seed extract ranges between 150mg – 700mg, and with 375mg featuring in this formula, this ingredient is sufficiently dosed.

However, the recommended dose of tart cherry extract sits between 1,000mg – 2,000mg, and with only 480mg featuring in the formula, this ingredient may not be sufficiently dosed.

The same goes for the blueberry extract within the formula, with the recommended dose sitting between 400mg-800mg, with the amount in the formula only amounting to 150mg.

Overall, although most of the ingredients don’t have standard recommended doses, it seems as if a lot of the ingredients that do, are underdosed.

Therefore, the formula may or may not provide the claimed health benefits to the consumer – it’s impossible to come to a clear conclusion!

RealDose RealReds Reviews

RealDose RealReds isn’t available on Amazon, which is where I typically look for unbiased customer reviews.

However, the RealDose website does have over 180 customer reviews, and whilst they may be biased due to the brand’s ability to delete negative reviews, there are actually a couple of reviews that aren’t 5-stars!

So, we’re going to have to take a look on the RealDose website for customer reviews on the RealReds formula.

Overall, the formula has 181 customer reviews and scores an overall rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars.

So, let’s take a look at some of them!

Since using Real Reds my immune system is much stronger. I used to catch cold at least a couple of times each year but since I started adding Real Reds to my daily smoothie, I haven’t been sick in the last three years! I love how I am getting the benefits of fruits in my diet without all the calories. I highly recommend Real Reds to my friends, especially when they need to boost their immunity. 5-star reviewer

Has taken me a while to get used to the taste. It is a fruit punch-kool-aid flavor that I don’t care for with an after-taste left in the mouth. I ordered two for my sister. She liked the previous flavor better that was more strawberry-like. She did not like this newer one either. 3-star reviewer

There’s something really bitter in this drink that I can’t quite identify. When I opened the jar, it smelled like strawberry koolaid, and I had high hopes for this drink. I dumped a scoop full and some cold water into a small magic bullet and blended it for about 4 seconds so it was well blended and there were no lumps. It smelled good enough, but the flavor was just about unpalatable. I probably won’t be drinking the rest of this, I may put it in green smoothies, but since the ingredients don’t specify organic, why would I put this in an all-organic green smoothie? As for the price, I can’t get behind that at all. 2-star reviewer

Money-Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

RealDose offers a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Where to buy RealDose RealReds?

You can buy RealReds from the RealDose website and from Walmart.

Is It Worth The Price?

RealReds is sold in tubs that contain 30 servings of formula, and you can either buy tubs on a one-time purchase or on a subscription option.

You can also either buy one tub, three tubs, or six tubs – the more you buy, the cheaper the cost per tub!
So, let’s take a look at some of these prices.

One tub on a one-time purchase costs $67.00, meaning the cost per serving works out at $2.33

One tub on a subscription costs $53.60, meaning the cost per serving works out at $1.79.

The cheapest option of all works out at a cost per serving of $1.60, and this is the price you can get if you buy 6 tubs on a subscription option.

This is quite a high price for a formula that most likely to contain some ingredients that aren’t sufficiently dosed, especially at the one-time cost per serving of $2.33.

At this price, I honestly don’t think this price is worth it.

However, at a cost per serving of $1.60, I think the formula is worth it! Although, to get the formula down to this price you do have to purchase 6 tubs and sign up for a subscription, which is obviously a huge investment.

My Final Verdict

Initially, I felt really impressed by the formula, even from a brand that didn’t really grab my attention (due to pretty weak, old-school branding), and I grew more excited when I saw that the formula had a fully disclosed ingredients label.

However, there are a few concerns that I have about the product that ultimately explain why I wouldn’t purchase this super red formula.

My first concern is that some of the ingredients within the formula aren’t sufficiently dosed, and for a brand that calls itself ‘RealDose’ this seemed a little ironic.

My second concern is that the ingredients within the formula all come from specific pure supplement companies, and although this isn’t a problem as such, it does leave you questioning how potent these ingredients really are.

Finally, I feel as if the one-off purchase price is way too expensive for a formula like this.

I would personally choose to look elsewhere for a more potent, sufficiently dosed super reds formula.

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