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Kylea Health - Total Living Greens Drink

Total Living Drink Greens Review – Is It Worth The Price?

Written by Adam

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Whether looking for an energy boost or to achieve your day’s worth of full nutrient needs, taking super greens can be the best and quickest way to ‘insure’ your body against poor health and undernourishment.

As I have already discovered there is a plethora of choice on the Super Greens Drink market, and my research has led me to sample and investigate a number of blends.

Kylea Total Living Greens Drink is a blend which claims a ‘nine-products-in-one whole-food super-food formula’. The blend also claims to contain the nutritional equivalent of 7-10 servings of raw fruit and vegetables. Alongside these two heavy claims, they have also included a good portion of protein (11-12g per serving), which is great if you are looking to up your protein intake.

This seems to be a good product, so I wanted to delve a little deeper.

First Impressions

Kylea Health - Total Living Greens DrinkThe packaging for Total Living Drink Greens looks striking, with its green logo on a black background it is certainly eye-catching. There is a huge amount of information on the pack and the website also seems to be really heavy on the information.

However (and this is something I always look for in a product), I immediately ask myself whether the company is transparent about the blend or whether they are using a proprietary blend.

Looking at the ingredients list I was a little disappointed. The suggested serving size is quite large (at 40g, about 5-10g bigger than competitors suggest) and about 11-12g of this is taken up with protein.

I was also disappointed to see that within the sub-blends, Kylea have not been very transparent with the exact amounts of each ingredient included.

Background on Kylea Health

When considering drinking super greens mixes for health there are a few different angles people usually look for: general health support, specific nutritional needs (such as more energy, higher servings of certain nutrients, brain or immuno-support etc).

Kylea Health are about helping people ‘feel better’.

This is a general health claim, and not one which I can really see much support for.

The website has a bold testimonials section in their About Us area (including a personal endorsement by Jerry Rose, President of the Total Living Network), however I honestly found it hard to find out anything other than generic health and wellbeing information.

I’d have really liked to see a much more honest background story with some personal history in order to feel more in touch with the Kylea brand.

The company also offer a few other complimentary supplements that can help support immunity (max immunity), colon health (Colon & Intestinal cleanse) and a red berry version called Total Living Drink Berry.

Kylea Health Supplements

Total Living Drink Greens Ingredients

The claims of nutrient-dense blend which initially caught my eye needs further unpacking. There are a few suggestions that the formula has been changed, and I’m not sure how this new formula differs from the old.

I can only assume that the formula has been improved, but how – not sure.

Total Living Greens Drink supplement facts label

I’m also not sure it’s possible to find out exactly what goes into the greens blend, as the only ingredients listed in their ‘natural vegetable and fruit formula’ are as follows:

Alfalfa juice powder, Spirulina, Fenugreek, Barley juice powder, Broccoli juice powder,
Lecithin, Chlorella, Brown rice bran, Wheat grass juice powder, Apple juice powder, Bitter melon, Pineapple, Dulse, Luo Han Guo fruit concentrate.

This amounts to 15,330mg – a significant part of the serving size!

But they don’t disclose the precise amounts of each ingredient.

So if you are expecting to achieve your daily intake of, say, Chlorella, how are you to know that this includes enough? Also, if the serving size is 40g, this seems a very low amount of these key ingredients to be including in a Green blend.

I wonder why it is that they haven’t wanted to be so transparent about the formulation of their fruit and vegetables blend.

Kylea are more transparent about their ‘all natural herbal formula’ within the Kylea Greens blend which includes amounts per ingredient, so I wonder why it is that they haven’t wanted to be so transparent about the formulation of their fruit and vegetables blend.

How Does Total Living Drink Greens Taste?

The reviews on the amazon pages are a little more insightful than some brands when it comes to taste.

This not only has the better nutrition of the ones I’ve tried, it also tastes much better. It definitely has a more pronounced fruity flavor. Fairly good energy and overall well being.

This green drink tastes really good and I have noticed a difference in the way I feel. It made my hair grow faster too!

As with most people taking Super Greens Drink powders there is always personal taste to take into account, but I would say that on balance people seem to like the taste of the Kylea Total Living Drink Greens formula.

Side Effects

It’s a bit less clear whether there would – or could – be any side effects to taking this particular blend. Total Living Drink Greens is quite high in both protein (11-12g per serving) of mostly pea protein, which could cause digestive issues if you are prone to trouble in this area after taking protein drinks.

There is also a probiotic blend, which may or may not assist, again depending on whether your system is used to taking such product.

Does Total Living Drink Greens Work?

As I’ve already mentioned there is quite a lot going on with the blend in Total Living Drink Greens.

The blend is proprietary, so it’s hard to say what the overall effect could be. I looked at a lot of the customer reviews to see if there was a specific health benefit, as it seems clear the branding concerns itself with – in particular – the protein content.

If your diet is consistently poor and you’re not getting the daily nutrients required then taking a greens drink like this one from Kylea Health could help be your nutritional insurance.

Total Living Drink Greens Customer Reviews

There are plenty of reviews on the Kylea site which seem to give a really balanced view.

A few customers seem to be a bit disappointed with increased prices, but nevertheless customers are loyal and have been returning their custom.

I’ve been a long time fan of Kylea. For years I purchased several containers at once and had all my family taking it. Everyone keeps asking for it, but we had to consider other options because of the increase in price. We will probably come back.
I highly recommend it for so many good reasons, one it helps you grow beautiful hair and the best part is that even the color comes back. I can go on and on….Good product.

Some customers also report improvements in specific health concerns, such as joint pain:

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and just ordered the second packet. I feel a general overall health with lots of energy. I also think this drink has helped with some stiffness and joint soreness. I stopped taking Advil at night. So far I give this an A+.

Some of the reviews on Amazon are a little more negative about the price point, but I suppose it is up to the purchaser to take a balanced view as to whether they are getting their money’s worth due to health effects or other perceived benefits from the product.

Money Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

There is a returns policy which states customers can receive a refund on a product (one time purchase only, and only on one product) if returned within 30 days. This seems fair and it looks as though some reviewers have been happy with the service.

Where to Buy Total Living Drink Greens?

You can buy Total Living Drink Greens online at the official website and on

Is It Worth the Price?

A one-time purchase of the Total Living Drink Greens is $99 (US). There is a ‘subscribe and save’ price of $84.55, 15% discount, where you can choose to have your next order delivered after 30,45, 60 or 90 days.

Paying almost $100 per monthly supply seems a lot of money, but they do include a lot of ingredients for your buck.

Initially paying almost $100 per monthly supply seems a lot of money, but they do include a lot of ingredients for your buck. The problem is it’s not clear exactly how much you’re really getting of each ingredient. This brings into question how much value you’re really getting from Total Living Drink Greens.

As with all my reviews, it’s hard to say but with this one I think probably not.

Kylea are a brand that claims to include a lot in their blend. So there are many ingredients. But what if you’re the sort of person who needs to know exactly what they are consuming?

The Bottom Line

As I am discovering there is a huge amount of choice in the market.

Super Greens are almost as varied in their blends and formulations as any other kind of pre-made powdered nutrient drink (protein drinks etc), however it is really important to know what goes into something that you are drinking every day.

Why would you spend money on something that claims so much but really isn’t particularly transparent about what goes into it?

Competition is tough in the super greens supplement space, and to really stand out you need a product that stands out. I think Kylea Health have done a great job in providing a different formula from most and including a good protein portion. However, the very high price point and the fact there is no full disclosure labelling it doesn’t quite make the cut for me.

I think I’ll save my money for a product where I can really trust their claims.

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