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YourSuper Skinny Protein Review

Your Super Skinny Protein Review

Your Super Skinny Protein is a superfood and plant-based protein powder. The formula contains moringa, spirulina, alfalfa, and two types of plant-based protein, with the branding claiming that the formula is supposed to help with weight loss and recovery post-workout.

The formula is available to a wide range of people since it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO, suitable for vegans and those on paleo diets. The formula is also USDA-certified organic.

The formula has become incredibly popular over the last few years, so I’m really keen to take a closer look and see if this superfood and protein mix really can provide benefits to the consumer.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this formula or you’re also intrigued to take a closer look at it, check out my full Your Super Skinny Protein review below.

Your Super Skinny Protein Tub

Your Super Skinny Protein First Impressions

The Your Super brand is incredibly impressive at an initial glance – the branding is wonderful, the brand story is inspirational, and the supplements look powerful.

I’m also incredibly impressed that the brand uses eco and ethical friendly containers and ingredients for their formulas.

The Skinny Protein looks interesting, especially since it’s a plant-based protein formula and has such a high number of positive reviews!

However, I’m slightly concerned about the fact that there’s very little information about the benefits of the formula and the amounts of the ingredients within it.

So, I’m certainly keen to take a much closer look at it and see how it fares.

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Background on Your Super

Your Super was founded in 2015 by couple Kristel de Groot and Michael Kuech. After Michael was diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 24, Kristel began to make homemade superfood powder mixes.

The couple realized how powerful the formulas were and decided to start the business to provide others with their potent mixes!

The company is B Corp certified, meaning it is a high-standard business in terms of social corporate responsibility. It’s also partnered with Action Against Hunger and with each product purchased, a life-saving food bar is provided to children in need.

Your Super Skinny Protein Benefits

Your Super doesn’t claim that the formula provides a wide range of benefits, it does state that it will help consumers to lose weight and speed up recovery time after workouts.

Although the brand does specifically single out the ingredients within the formula and provides information about the origins of each ingredient, there’s no information about the benefits associated with each ingredient, which is a shame.

Your Super Skinny Protein Ingredients

Your Super Skinny Protein contains just 5 ingredients in total. Unfortunately, there is no information about the amounts of any of the ingredients within the formula.

Therefore, it’s impossible to know if the formula will actually contain sufficiently dosed ingredients or not, and subsequently whether it will be effective or not.

However, I’ll be taking a much closer look at the efficacy of the formula later on in this review.

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients label.

Here is the complete list of the Your Super Skinny Protein ingredients:
  • Hemp Protein* (Romania), Pea Protein* (Spain), Moringa* (Tanzania), Spirulina* (Germany) and Alfalfa* Powder (Germany).
    *Organic Certified

Here is the supplement facts label:

Your Super Skinny Protein Label

How does Your Super Skinny Protein Taste?

There are no flavoring ingredients or sweeteners within the Your Super Skinny Protein formula. Therefore, the formula tastes quite pungent and bitter.

However, it’s not overpowering, so the taste can be hidden by other ingredients – pop it in a smoothie, juice, or milkshake if you’re not keen on the taste.

Side Effects

There are no side effects associated with the Your Super Skinny Protein formula, and the brand doesn’t provide information about who should and who shouldn’t consume the formula.

I would suggest that those who are taking medication, those with medical conditions, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before consumption.

Does Your Super Skinny Protein Work?

The Your Super Skinny Protein ingredients label is not transparent at all – there is no information about the amounts of any of the ingredients within the formula! Therefore, it’s absolutely impossible to work out the efficacy of the formula.

However, since we know the serving size of the formula, we can try and take a look at the ingredients within the formula that have standard recommended doses, in order to see if enough of each ingredient actually exists within the blend!

The formula is fairly low in the amount of protein.

The serving size of the formula is 15g. The recommended dose of spirulina is 1-3g, the recommended dose of moringa is 1.6 – 2.2g, and the recommended dose of alfalfa is 5-10g.

Therefore, the minimum standard recommended dose of the ingredients without the protein in the formula is 7.6g. If all of these ingredients were sufficiently dosed, this would mean there would only be 7.4g of protein in the formula.

Typically in protein powders, there is around 20-25g of protein. Therefore, the protein within this formula isn’t very substantial (and that’s if the other ingredients are sufficiently dosed!).

A much better alternative if you’re looking for a complete meal that contains a hefty source of protein is Ka’chava.

Overall, although there is a potential for the ingredients in the formula to be sufficiently dosed, the formula doesn’t actually provide a very substantial amount of protein.

In addition, since the ingredients label is not fully disclosed, it’s impossible to actually know for definite whether the formula will be effective.

Big scoop of protein

Your Super Skinny Protein Reviews

Although there’s a wide range of reviews of the Skinny Protein formula on the Your Super website, these reviews could be biased.

So, since the formula is available to buy on Amazon, we can take a look on there to see more honest, unbiased customer reviews.

There are 518 ratings on Amazon and overall, the formula scores 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

Let’s take a look at a selection of these reviews.

I love this protein powder because the ingredients are incredible! I’m a holistic health coach and look for a protein that has all essential amino acids with no fillers and no added sugar, gluten or dairy. I also love the fact that there are added superfoods to detoxify and support weight loss. The flavor is great in my morning smoothie too! 5-star review

Hate the taste, but a plus is that the powder is very fine and blendable, and not very griddy at all. I use the Skinny Protein in my green smoothies and the aftertaste is super weird and noticeable. I found that if I add a squeeze of honey it cuts the flavor a little bit more and is more drinkable. I can’t imagine using it with minimal ingredients, I definitely need stuff to cut the flavor. And even then I fight through it a little. 3-star review

I don’t understand how this product helps with anything. I’ve had several types and brands of protein and detox powders in the last few years. I add to smoothies as a morning meal. The taste is fine but there is absolutely no sense of satiation or filling quality that most powders have. I was hungry within the hour after the recommended serving. I’m active and fit but overindulged during the holidays. Was hoping this would help kick start a return to good habits, reduce cravings which it mentions as a feature- and lose a couple of pounds. I’m not at all impressed and will not be purchasing again. 1-star review

Money-Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

Your Super offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its products.

Where to buy Your Super Skinny Protein?

You can buy the formula from the Your Super website, from Amazon, and from Target.

Is It Worth The Price?

Skinny Protein formula is sold in tubs that contain 26 servings of formula and is sold either as a one-off purchase or a subscription.

One tub of Skinny Protein costs $39.90 on a one-off purchase, meaning the cost per serving works out at $1.53.

One tub of Skinny Protein costs $31.92 on a subscription option, meaning the cost per serving works out at $1.23.

Although the cost of the formula is fairly inexpensive, the fact that the ingredients label contains no information about the amounts of each ingredient within the formula and the amount of protein within the formula is undisclosed means that I don’t think it’s worth the price that it’s sold at.

My Final Verdict

Although I really like the Your Super brand, I’m unimpressed by the Skinny Protein formula.

The fact that the formula’s ingredients label has no information about the amounts of the ingredients in the blend is enough to put me off – I need to know how much of each ingredient exists within a formula if I’m going to consume it!

In addition, I’m still unsure how the formula is supposed to help with weight loss since the brand doesn’t provide a lot of information about the benefits associated with the formula.

In addition, the taste of the formula isn’t great.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful superfood formula and you want a dose of protein, I would recommend buying a fully disclosed protein formula and a fully disclosed superfood formula (both of which contain sufficiently dosed ingredients!) and mixing the two – this way, you’re guaranteed to benefit.

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