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November 2019 monthly goals and investment update

November 2019 Monthly Update

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Me at the Malaysian BeachIt’s that time of the month again when I take a quick look back over the previous month. I look at how money I have invested is doing and how productive I have been with my personal goals.

No real changes this month except for a few more stocks bought and sold.

I decided against buying a commercial UK property with my friend and to stick with my policy of firstly opting for REITs over physical property, and secondly not getting into business with friends.

Of course, the UK property decision may change depending on prices after the UK Election and BREXIT outcome next year.

So, let’s kick off with how my investments have been doing in November 2019.

Investment Portfolio Update

With the shares I have purchased doing okay counterbalancing the dip in Gold and significant drop in cryptocurrency prices I saw my net worth down slightly by 1% from last month.

SaxoSelect Trading Account

I made a few additional stock purchases this month as I wanted to buy more dividend growth stocks.

So, what did I buy?

  • Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) – A solid oil stock that generates a good dividend yield
  • Wells Fargo (WFC) – Decent dividend and looks to be under-priced according to price-to-book value.

I received dividend payments recently and the withholding tax from US and Canada is off putting, so I may look to find alternative options that are exempt from tax.

I also decided to sell my BT shares as they started to drop and so took a few percent hit on these. The lesson here is not to just look at the dividend but on the strength of the company’s books. BT really doesn’t look to be in a good position at all.

Looking back over this year at my stocks 80% of them are up but considering most of these have been purchased for their dividends I am up.


A very volatile time for crypto last month.

Bitcoin has dropped from the low $9k to $6,600 on the 23rd November – a massive 29% drop. If I wasn’t holding for the longer-term my heart would have skipped more than a few beats.

If I wasn’t holding for the longer-term my heart would have skipped more than a few beats.

The price is now hovering around the $7,500 mark at the time of writing my update.

Prices are not back to where they were in October yet and so I am seeing 15% decrease in my Cryptocurrency net worth from last month.

Art of FX – Steady Growth

Growth has slowed last month but nevertheless since starting my account with Art of FX I have seen 26% gain in 19 months.

Gold – Steady

Gold has lost some ground this month dropping to around $1463 per ounce. So, as a direct result my Gold investment is down a little from last month but still up like 15% from when I originally purchased them.

I thought about buying some more but decided to invest the money into a few more stocks instead.

Although a friend of mine recommended Gold ETFs I have so far only invested in physical Gold coins stored in Bullion Star in Singapore.

Goal Progress for November 2019

My Oura Ring reviewMy health goals were really poor to be honest.

I wanted to improve sleep time and to get an average of 85% for sleep efficiency as measured by my Oura ring (cool tech if you want a wearable tracker).

I really struggle getting consistently 7-8 hours each night. Considering the very real impact of sleep deprivation for health and cognitive ability this is something I need to focus on.

An amazing book on sleep that I recommend everyone reading is “Why we sleep” by Mathew Walker – check it out here on Amazon.

I am finding the intermittent fasting schedule to work well for me. Not only am I able to keep consistent weight (even losing another kilogram!) but it fits with my lifestyle really well.

If you can keep to a dietary regime that you enjoy and isn’t a struggle then it’s super simple to fellow and make part of your lifestyle.

I have invested some money into more music equipment last month and will be looking to get back into this. In fact, I have started already learning the software I need to get going.

Monthly Supplement Giveaway

Starting from today I will be doing a monthly giveaway for my supplement –

Everyone who has signed up as a subscriber to this site will eligible to win one tub of SuperGreen TONIK each month.

Cool eh?

I will be have reaching out to a reader selected at random in the next few days and will update this post once I have confirmed the winner.

So, if you’re not yet signed up (I only need your email address!) then use the sliding pop-up on the site to sign up.

November 2019 Summary

CMSEO 2019 Thai girls line up

I enjoyed a week in Chiang Mai, Thailand last month for the annual SEO Conference (check out my 2018 review). So, as is becoming a ritual now, I took a picture of the attractive ladies who help at the event.

It’s amusing to see how look it takes my mother-in-law to notice the picture on Facebook and to inform either me directly or my wife, who then comments to me about it. My wife is amazingly cool about this, much to my friend’s bemusement, and knows it’s in fun.

I am doing a few trips to Thailand this month and about to head off to the Affiliate World Asia event this week. In contrast to the SEO event, this is mostly about paid advertising on Facebook and Google for either affiliates or e-commerce merchants.

It’s a very different style of event both in terms of size, presentations and people that go there. It’s not as casual as Chiang Mai but I still find it useful.

In terms of my supplement business this is growing month by month and was helped with some nice sales from my Black (Green) Friday campaign last week.

I have bigger plans for 2020 now that I have laid down the foundation this year – so watch this space!

So, until next time, have an awesome month and see you soon.

* We do not in any way claim that you can earn any money from investing, speculating or trading in any of the investments outlined above. All the information on this site is for educational purposes only. Trading & investing in some of the investments above carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. We would recommend always speaking to a professional for guidance if in doubt.

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